Friday, April 15, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: The competion mounts...

One of the drawbacks to working on your own self-published creator-owned property is the length of time it can take to get off the ground, especially if your creation is tied into pop culture. Back when I came up with the idea for Super Real, it was novel and new, untapped by comics. In the subsequent years, my story and ideas have developed so much so, that even though the concept itself is no longer unique, the series has enough going for it own it’s own merits that it's not an issue.

The latest reality TV comic book creation comes from Marvel, The New Warriors, and to be honest I don’t know much at all about it. I know it’s written by Zeb Wells, and has some fabulous looking art and designs by rising star Skottie Young, but apart from that all I know is they take The New Warriors and apply them to some kind of reality TV setup. I’m on board to check it out when it arrives, and really look forward to it the more I see of Skottie’s art. I know from what I have seen, as with other reality TV-centric comics, it’s more akin to straightforward super heroes with reality TV themes (similar to Todd Nauck’s Wildgaurd), as opposed to Super Real’s more reality based approach (one that still hasn’t been played out in comics to my knowledge). So, it’s no big cause for alarm I suppose.

Newsarama just ran a feature on it, check that out HERE

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