Friday, May 27, 2005

I SAW IT ON TV: Lost goes out with a bang! Literally...

This past Wednesday evening saw the 2 hour season finale of the breakaway hit show of the year, LOST. According to the ABC LOST website, it'll be rerun this Saturday (the 28th) if for some reason you missed it (you didn't really watch the American Idol finale did you?!).

The show had some genuine surprises, and laughs, and did tie up some plot threads and side stories nicely, while leading to more drama and questions to explore next season. I love how the backstories for all the main players came together in the final episodes, and lead up to the fateful flight. But some of my favorite scenes were the explosive ones, the sweaty dynamite mishap, and the awesome scene where Sayid helps Charlie with his wound! All leading up to the blowing of the hatch, with Hurly screaming "bad numbers!!! Bad numbers!!" To cool.

So, the finale was great, incredible TV, but this season, and any other will be for naught if we don't eventually get some kind of resolution to the questions and mysteries. The producers must insure Lost doesn't become the new X-Files, and sacrifice story for stretched out ratings.

As for any guesses at to just what is playing out here... SPOILER WARNING... why are the "others" after children? Is it as they've hinted that Walt, the groups only child (aside from the newborn), has the ability to manifest things from his imagination (ala the polar bear from the comic book, even featured again on the plane in the last episode), and the "others" are aware of this and that's why they covet and steal children and babies?? And just what is up with that smoke and mirror, mechanical t-rex?? It's almost like they're on a theme park (Jurassic even) island, with the tree monster, and pirate ship...

So yeah, season one closed with style, and I'm very much looking forward to season two!

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