Thursday, May 05, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Alias, caught behind enemy lines...

Alias Enterprises released a press release announcing the due date for it's first books, since the date was a little differnt than announced, and Newsarama provided them a chance to explain.
The bottom line is, the books are a bit behind, but due next week, because of numerous issues, mainly to do with overseas printing. The comments on the thread range from positive to negative, as expected. Then a link was thrown HERE, to a much more heated exchange...

Let me just say, as a potential self publisher, I fully understand the need to look far and wide for printing. Low run black and white, and especially color, comic printing is very costly. You can easily pay out more than you can recoup, or end up with next to no margin once Diamond gets their cut. It just happens that I, and most publishers from what I hear, am looking into using the same printer Alias uses, so I hate to hear they're having problems because of it. But the printer is overseas, and the leadtimes are longer, and more prone to bigger delays.

Hopefully this all gets worked out, I know there are a lot of creators who's efforts are tied to this launch, beyond the publishers.

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