Sunday, June 12, 2005

I WATCH ANIME: Ghost in the Shell SAC concludes

As mentioned here before, I've been watching the first series of Shirow's Production I.G television version of Ghost in the Shell, Stand Alone Complex.

Just like the title suggests, the series is rather complex. The core plot running through it, is perhaps even denser than the side episodes, and the sixth and final DVD collection from the first series is 3 episodes completely focused on that "Laughing Man" plot thread.

And just as the themes of this sci-fi series are cerebral in nature, we're treated to an almost entirely cerebral wrap-up. There is a bit of mechanized action and fighting tossed in, but it's really a sidebar to the situations built over the series playing out and coming to somewhat of a resolution.

And just as I've commented before, in regards to the animation, the quality in the final episodes is the same. At it's core, it's incredibly solid, and richly detailed, but at times the characters loosen up a bit too much, and even our main character, female cyborg Major Motoko Kusanagi, can range in depiction and quality too much. That's really my only qualm with the series at all. If the animation weren't so crisp and striking at times, I wouldn't even mention it, but I'd really like them to focus more effort on depicting at least the main character consistently.

Ghost in the Shell SAC is a phenomenal series, and beyond appealing to sci-fi or anime fans, it has such a strong focus on story, and complex ideas and situations, that it can really appeal to fans of police procedurals, or action TV. A very wide cross-section of folks. Try the first disc if you haven't, you're in for a treat!

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