Thursday, July 28, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: SDCC from me to you 5

Even though the next con, Wizard World Chicago (see me in artist alley 9169), is almost upon us, I'm still sharing some of the goods from San Diego.

We've already talked about that crazy manga kid (crazy cool), Felipe Smith's MBQ. Go to your local bookshop and grab that badboy!

And we peeked in on SHARKNIFE. Corey Lewis's truly inspired restaurant defending, monster smashing, fight comic. Also available in finer book shops.

Now it's time to talk about another book.
An art book.
But before you get all glazed over at the thought of some art history tome, filled with portraits and murals, this is a cool art book...
This is the latest limited art book from professional illustrator Celia Calle!

Volume No.2 "Pseudo"
If you're not familiar with the name, you might know the work. She did some comic covers for Marvel and Vertigo a couple years back, and her pro work is for some of the biggest in the biz.

Celia's got a style all of her own. A sexy, soft, inky, angular approach that moves all over the page. Looking at her work is kind of like viewing liquid mercury paintings of sexy girls, and guys. I also find her style similar to my all time fave, Peter Chung. Perhaps I need to find her influences...

Any way. Celia has been selling her stuff at San Diego Comic-Con since I've been going (this was my third year), and it was high time I picked up a book. I became an instant admirer the first time I saw the advance cover for Mekanix #1, Kitty Pride never looked so cool. The book I picked up is actually her second volume of illustrations. It's got 12 pages in a big over-sized, thick, rich, paper stock format. It's kind of like buying 12 prints for only $25.

I'd love to scan in some of the pages, but I don't want to damage the book on my user-un-friendly scanner. If you haven't seen her work, just do yourself a favor and check out her website HERE

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