Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Tales From Netflix are DVD reviews, where I tell you if a DVD is worth putting in your Netflix rental queue, moving it to the top, burying it at the bottom, or not even bothering in the first place.
This is a new format, instead of updating with single reviews for DVDs I've watched via Netflix, I'll put out one list of reviews per week. This way, instead of skipping reviews for movies I don't feel like talking about, I can give a quick word for all of them, and get you the appropriate Netflix queue levels!

CURSED - Unrated/Uncut
Cursed is the latest horror flick from genre innovator Wes Craven. Cursed felt very much like it was striving for the same successful formula of the first Scream film, but it misses that mark by a wide amount. You have the Hollywood backdrop standing in for the horror cliches, Shannon Elizabeth for the opening death sequence instead of Drew Barrymore, and even Scott Baio filling in for the Fonz.

What you don't get is a good movie. Instead you get a very predictable, incredibly obvious script. The only highlights of the film are the sequence when Mya is being chased by the Werewolf in the parking garage elevator, and the brief scene with Craig Kilborn.

Don't put this one in your queue.
Oh yeah, and one of the main characters is a high school nerd, so of course his bedroom is littered with comic books!

DEBS is a DVD I came across in an online review section, that I'd otherwise never heard of. The concept being that the SAT's are used to cull an elite percetage of those predispositioned to spying, and in this case focusing on group of the girls finishing up the schooling that the chosen must complete. Basically, yet another spin on the spy genre, and more on the spoof side.

There is nothing groundbreaking to be found, but the concept, charcters, actors, and set up are all fun. Otherwise the movie really flounders, with next to no plot. If you are inclined to fun characters, schoolgirls, spy genre, etc., it's still a worthwhile view. It also features a pretty decent soundtrack.

Put DEBS in the middle of your queue.

Hostage is a return to familiar territory for Bruce Willis, the cop-with-family-in-danger genre. This time, instead of saving a high rise, or airport, or city, Willis must save families from a home invasion hostage situation.

The first half of the movie plays out well, and has quite a few clever twists, but from that point on it gets more and more ridiculous until by the end, it's laugh out loud bad.

I think they could've saved this one and had a smart simple little movie if they'd played for a more straightforward resolution, and cut out about a half hour of the bullshit ending. It's too bad, could've been a good little movie...

Put Hostage in the bottom of your queue.

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