Monday, November 21, 2005

I SAW IT ON TV: TV roundup

So far, this season has been very hit or miss for me, with some great episodes and clever new wrinkles/developments in the plot, but there's also been a few downright worthless episodes.
Mostly, I really think they need to ditch the flashbacks, I was worried they wouldn't going into the new season, but I guess that's why we got a whole new batch of characters, to feed the flashback formula...

Last week we learned a little bit about the others, with the infiltrator turning out to be Goodwin, who originally claimed to be from the Peace Core, and supposedly revealing that they take "the good people".


This has been one of the better seasons, with some good twists (as usual) and a decent cast. With perhaps the best twist being the hidden individual immunity, that was found and used by Gary. I'm pulling for Gary, the former NFL quarterback, (I think it's cool how he's pulling off his big cover up) so I'm glad he keeps escaping the torch snuff...


The first season of Rome just concluded, and it was solid throughout, but it took until the last few episodes to really get into it. Some great casting, writing, and production, as usual for HBO.


The fifth season is in full gear, and after a somewhat slow start, Larry David is up to his usual zannieness. Last episode we were treated to the small penis vs. large vagina debate...

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