Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I SAW IT ON TV: Reality round-up

One of the perks of having a small TV in my office now, is I can have it on while I work, so consequently I've been seeing more reality fare.

THERE AND BACK - MTV - This one has surprised me, it's actually been a decent watch. Of course that it deals with a young man's struggle to balance real life (domestic/financial) and an upstart personal creative endeavor is naturally something I can connect with, but Ashley Parker Angel comes of as genuine even in the face of what must be some staged (or at least production driven) situations. Not bad.

GAUNTLET 2 (REAL WORLD/ROAD RULES) - MTV - This season of the MTV reality show stars head-to-head money grab has been better. Mostly because they finally got rid of some of the "regualars" who'd become infinitely annoying. This week's epsisode exposes the main flaw of the season, when Beth declined to compete in a heated "beach brawl". Clearly the host (and production) frown on this behavior, but it's happened time and again, where contestants simply bow out instead of throw down in the gauntlet. And this after MTV promted the heck out of the cast's growing disdain for Beth. Let down.

FLAVOR OF LOVE - VH1 - I don't generally put this on, even when flipping around for something, but have caught some of this hoochy momma Flavor Flave version of The Bachelor. Basically, the casting is such that most if not all of the girls are questionable, and the last episode, it really pays off with a face spitting and hair-grabbin camera-bustin cat fight...

AMERICAN IDOL - FOX - Yes, I'll admit, I've watched most of this season. It started off, as I said earlier, just putting something on in the office for background, but this season seems to really have some good/interesting talent (which seemed lacking since season 2, the last time I watched) and I now, embarassingly, look forward to it. Curse you Idol!!! That one dude with the chin-strap is pretty good...

SURVIVOR - CBS - Never miss it. This season "Exile Island" has been pretty good. Hasn't stood out yet. Always with new wrinkles though in format to keep things fresh. And where else can you find a woman afraid of leaves, and an obnoxious dude quitting 2 packs a day cold turkey island style?

REAL WORLD - MTV - This one starts tonight. I'd likely give up completely on this if not for the "office tv" factor, but this cast looks like they could be interesting. If not, there's 3 hurricanes pointed at them over the course of the season, so there's that...

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