Thursday, July 27, 2006

CON SWAG: San Diego Comic Con 06 #1

I always try and list the cool stuff I pick up at shows on TSL, to share in the hidden treasures of the cons, but I often don't make it through my list... This time, I'll try and put a scan and quick note about stuff, with links for all to learn more.

First up is Sideshow Monkey Volume One - The Art of David Hartman David Hartman has an active Deviant Art page that showcases his passion for horror centric pin up artwork, and since I was amazed by his work, I'd vowed to pick up a sketchbook at the con. It took til the closing minutes of Sunday, and the last "display" copy of the sold out first volume, but I got one in my hands.

It's oversized and chocked full of full color pages of pinups, with a large sketch section in the back, all for $30.
David's worked with Rob Zombie (who does the forward) as well as various hollywood jobs. His work, while dark in scope, is always vibrant in color or approach.

You can see more of his work at his website or his deviant art page

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