Saturday, July 08, 2006



As I mentioned in yesterday's notes, the full court press, last minute blitz, for Comic Con preperation is in full swing, with the production of the first Super Real flash trailer. Well, I also recently sent out a print job to the new POD (print on demand) service Ka-Blam.

I'd always intended to do a preview book for San Diego, however I thought it would be focused on the top secret project I've alluded to here on TSL, turns out it's now a flip book. With one side focused on the top secret upcoming Super Real project, and the other now featuring a preview of Super Real issue 3.

Since the promotion I've alluded to with Diamond has drug the release date of issue 3 out past the con, which I'd always assumed I'd have available in time for the show, I went ahead and split the preview book between the two.

So, if you are one of the thousands of folks attending, be sure and snag a copy of the preview book. Not only does it feature previews of two upcoming, top rate Super Real books, it's very limited. Only 100 copies made.

Back to Ka-Blam, so far I'm very impressed with them. I'd used ComiXpress in the past, and still recommend them, but they've struggled with turn times in the past and Ka-Blam offers a 10 business day turnaround, so I had to go with them. Also, I've seen books printed by them at recent shows, and they've virtually the same (high quality) as ComiXpress, and both companies offer the same pricing.

As far as printers go, they've been perhaps the best in responsiveness and customer service, a real highlight, as all my experience with any level of comic book printer has been mostly to the contrary...

Now it's up for them to deliver and have the books there on time, and in the right order. As long as they come through there, I'll be sure and keep recommending them!

So just what are the details on the SDCC Preview Book, and this secret project??

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