Friday, October 13, 2006


Hey it's Friday the 13th!!! My lucky day... yes I said lucky, that's because after weeks of waiting, and calling, and emailing, so on and so forth, I finally got some copies of issue 3! The extra copies of issue 3 are finally en route, and the handful I had overnighted actually showed up this AM (you know, almost a month after they were printed...)That means that all the copies sold through the website (and the contest winners) will be shipping tomorrow (sorry again for the wait folks), and I'll start getting out review copies and comps over the next week.

Not to mention, I actually got to see covers B and C printed up... everything looks great! If you've been waiting for me to change the preorder status in the store, or been thinking about picking up some of the other issues or covers, now's the time to shop away, I can always use the support! ;)

Also, as far as I know, the incentive covers never shipped via Diamond, as they didn't show receiving the full qty back on 9/20, and we finally got the remainder delivered to them today as well. So, if you're waiting on those via comic shops they might make it out next week... (and hey man, those Felipe covers are the shit!!! Well worth the wait :)


It's official, the Super Real Special: Super Real VS The Comic Book Industry is on Diamond's schedule for February!
I submitted my solicit information this week for the first ever Super Real Special, so that means it will be in the December Previews catalog, in comic shops for preorder last week of November.

I changed up the covers at the last minute. Diamond seemed eager to promote the book somewhat since it features interior work by the fine Mr. Mahfood, so I used the cover art he'd done earlier this year that I was going to use as a variant on the regular series for the 1 in 5 variant on the special.
Did I mention how cool the special is going to be?!?
Yeah, I think I have... you've gotta see this one folks, it's gonna be cool.


Yes, I did mention a contest up above... In case you missed it, Monday I had a little Super Real Special cover art themed contest that had 2 lucky winners scoring copies of the issue 3 variant covers.

And, in case you played and didn't see who won, our winners were:
Joel Danford - 1st place - a complete set of issue 3 covers
Brant Fowler - runner up - a copy of the Felipe Smith incentive cover C!!

Thanks for playing and keep your eyes peeled for another contest here soon!



joeldanford said...


Thanks again, Jason!!

Jason Martin said...

You bet, books'll ship tomorrow.

Thanks for playin along!

H.C.Noel said...

Glad you finally got your issues! See...the 13th isn't that unlucky, people!

Jason Berek-Lewis said...

BRANT won! Hahaha! Good to see one of my buds getting something great coming his way. BTW Jason, the review should be up on Broken Frontier soon, I'll send you the link as soon as it is up.