Thursday, December 28, 2006


Again, looking back at the year as we approach 2007, I realize I haven't talked about anime in a long while...

For the most part, I haven't watched too much, thus the lack of commenting, but I did go through a few viewings I haven't mentioned...

GHOST IN THE SHELL: STAND ALONE COMPLEX: 2nd GIG - I've mentioned this many times, best anime series by far, but never talked about the second season finale.

The last few discs were simply spellbinding. As the season wound down to the final few episodes of the 26 part season, everything came together and rewarded you for following along all the intense plotting and developments over the course of the run. Testing the Major and Section 9 to the fullest, and even costing them some casualties.

One of the best television shows going, up there with Battlestar, the best of HBO, Lost and anything else you throw out!

TRINITY BLOOD - Started airing recently on Cartoon Network, and I've watched the first few episodes. The production of the show is great, and the concept, a near future where the Vatican does battle with vampires who've taken hold of Earth, is solid. The main character, a hero priest from the Vatican who has the ability to transform into a super powerful vampire himself, is otherwise pretty weak to root for. That's made up for with the ever unfolding cast of characters in service with him however.
So far, I'll go ahead with...

BLEACH - The other recent anime to get a start on Cartoon Network was Bleach. The popular Shonen Jump manga series gets translated into anime, and as a fan of the manga, I have to say I was disappointed. I only watched the first couple episodes, but since I haven't read past the first volume of the manga, and the production of the anime was pretty weak, I opted out fast.

JINKI: EXTEND - This was available from Anime Network on-demand, so I watched the first two episodes. Standard anime mecha fair, this time with a young girl pilot dropped into a world of giant robots she'd only ever dreamed of, as they're suddenly her destiny.

Not great, but solid production, and enjoyable enough to check out more (and it is just starting, so perhaps it does so slowly)...

GUYVER - The new updated series started recently on Anime Network as well. I watched episode one, and it was okay. Solid production, but the themes and concept are very familiar. I might check out more...

I really need to make more time for anime in 2007!

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