Sunday, December 03, 2006


Wow, it's already December!!
Things are progressing nicely on the Super Real Special, and issue number 4.
I did another tweak on the main cover for the special (I just can't help myself), but I think it finally completes that (although I've thought that a couple times before, this time I really do)!!

What do you think?

I did more with the background, and tilted the image a bit to make it more dynamic and visually exciting. I'm diggin it!

I also just got the originals from Jim Mahfood for his section in the special, all six pages of them, via the post. I'd actually forgotten all about them, so it was a nice surprise. As much as I like the art and want to keep it (it's so awesome!), I could really use some cash, so I'm tempted to try and sell them. Being that the books not even out yet, I doubt there's a really big market for them though. Which is for the best. I'd love to get some extra cash some day soon and start framing all the original artwork I get from others for the book!

I've been working this weekend on the cover for issue 4, as I need to decide if I'll solicit it for April 07 by this week (the Diamond April shipping Previews submission cut off is Thursday). I'd tentatively planned a more aggressive schedule for next year, essentially bi-monthly, but I don't want to get behind like I did this year again... plus, even with an April solicit, there's still at least a 6 month gap between issues 3 and 4 (but there would only be 2 months between the special and number 4).
We'll see.

This morning when I got into my email, I had a surprise bunch of emails from an artist submitting works... I don't request submissions, but still occasionally get them (and always enjoy looking at them), usually from foreign lands. This time I think the artist, Richard Ramirez, is from Puerto Rico (or somewhere in Central America perhaps...)

Since his style doesn't really suit anything I do, I thought I'd share a couple works here ;)

He seems to like drawing sharks and the sea (check out his Namor)!!
Anyone interested in seeing more of his work, just comment me and I'll get you his email. :)

Also, Super Real got the review treatment this week on, where the four reviewers each gave their thoughts on issue 3. While issues 1 and 2 scored some of the highest grades on the site, issue 3 was rated at 3 and 1/4 stars, with the biggest complaint being the frequency of release (one of the better aspects to be criticized on, and one I'm working to remedy).

Check out the full review HERE

That's all for now, except to say, Clerks II was awesome!!

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