Friday, January 05, 2007

I WATCH ANIME: IFC anime tonight

Ninja clan battle fest Basilisk, and gun toting girl killers Gunslinger Girl anime both debut on cable channel IFC tonight starting at 11pm!

I'd been tempted to pick up the Basilisk mangas, after seeing good reviews for those, but having also heard great things about the anime, I was instead thinking of going that route. Then hearing it will broadcast on IFC (the Independent Film Channel), settles any dilemma there...
A quick look at the expansive Basilisk website reveals that the production on it does look incredible - the character designs and animation are amazing!!
It could be the coolest thing since Ninja Scroll...

Gunslinger Girl looks interesting, if for no other reason than it's a more mature looking anime (not the cutesy mainstream kind)...

(Cute anime kids sure, but they're shredding people with semi-automatic weaponry!)

BTW, AFRO SAMURAI, which started last night on SpikeTV, was 10 kinds of cool!!!
(I haven't actually counted out 10 reasons why, but I'm sure there's at least that many and then some!!)

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