Tuesday, March 13, 2007


If you regularly follow comics but not Rich Joshnston's column on CBR, LYING IN THE GUTTERS, what's wrong with you?
Yes it's a gossip column, but Rich has been doing it for years and is plugged into the industry like no other, and aside from "gossip" there's always plenty of good solid content.

Take this week for example, short but sweet, there were still a couple of salacious items:

He's got another link to Todd Allen, author of THE ECONOMICS OF WEBCOMICS, and his summation of the Captain America media blitz, which really boils down the failures of the market to capture sales from this mainstream media event (as it often fails on every occasion).
Check that out HERE
It's a good read.

There's also a spiffy preview to what could be a HUGE new book from master writer Warren Ellis, BLACK SUMMER. What looks to be Ellis's evolution of The Authority via Avatar, likely in the next issue of Previews.
I'll be sure and put this on my pull list, you may as well too, or you'll just end up chasing copies after the fact...

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