Wednesday, July 25, 2007

SDCC 07 update 1: Pre-Show booth action

San Diego Comic-Con International kicks off this evening with it's Wednesday night preview from 5:30 til 9PM, but before any attendee's can get in, all of the exhibitors, artists, and convention contractors get things set up.

As I made my way in through the hall this year, I was more impressed than ever with some of the massive booth displays. As you know, Comic-Con has become a pop culture festival more and more, and the mainstream booths seem to be getting bigger and better each year.

Here are a slew of shots from just some of the highlights, or pernsonal interests of mine from the floor, as things are finalized...
Here's the giant (about 30' wide) Pirates of the Carribean (black pearl?) replica that we saw being trucked in on the news the other night...
Across from it is the always impressive SCI-FI booth...
A life-size Jabba The Hutt (who apparaently talks too!)
and more Star Wars coolness, including this giant animated-style Leia... and life-size Yoda kicking ass (from the Clone Wars movies)

Mordor(?), from The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, the polar bear creature from The Golden Compass (all 8' tall and real as life!), some Spartan armor from 300 you can purchase and wear around the house (or possibly the office?), Frankenberry (if only they had Booberry!)and a World of Warcrack (er Warcraft) elfin chick!

And then click on these images to get larger views of Marvel's booth (yes, they have an actual booth at Comic-Con this year!), a hasbro booth that's actually a full on store recreated on the con floor, the really cool G4 tech-TV who'll be broadcasting live from the con on Friday and Saturday, a giant bad ass Cherry Darling (Planet Terror/Grindhouse), the swanky 60's Batmobile from the TV series, a giant 30ish foot tall WB watertower, and entire booth for the NBC TV series Heroes, still under construction, complete with giant apocaliyptic mural on the floor!!!

So now I've finished lunch and it's back to the con to open things up and let the chaos begin!!

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