Thursday, August 30, 2007

SUPER REAL SPECIAL: VS The Movie Industry / PREVIEW 2 - Dennis Budd / PART 2

Yesterday we started our behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming November releasing SUPER REAL VS THE MOVIE INDUSTRY SPECIAL with a look at the first of our four guest artists, Dennis Budd, and his character design sheets for his section (Holly vs a Tarantino-themed mob).

Today, we'll pick up right where we left off, with the rest of Dennis' designs, this time for the villains.

If you think Tarantino films, no shortage of iconic villains and characters spring to mind... from Samuel L's career launching turn as Jules in Pulp fiction and it's "gimp", or Ving Rhames' Marsellus Wallace, to Kill Bill's Kato inspired Crazy 88's, and Go Go Yabari the mace wielding Japanese school girl, Tarantino knows how to dream up crazy cool bad guys and not so good guys. Mr. Pink anyone? So, it seemed natural to lineup a mob of such goons, all inspired by QT's big screen misfits, and pit them against our number one girl Holly. I won't say any more, but it's going to be a fun ride!

First up we have Dennis' take on our S&M monster, that he calls simply "Pat the gimp".
Next are the made-for-reality-TV versions of the Crazy 88's, the Loco 22's... I thought, hey luchador mask wearing Mexican themed get-ups would make for a great stand-in here, and Dennis ran with it (plus, 88 goons is a lot to ask someone to draw, hell 22 goons is a lot to ask someone to draw!!)...
Next up we have Dennis' stab at some likenesses that might bounce around the scene... recognize anyone?
As you can see, BONUS!, Dennis is proficient with capturing likenesses!!!

And finally, we have the show stopper... My take on Go Go, re-imagined as a cross between Go Go Yabari, and Stuntman Mike... A small Asian girl, but sporting a big facial scar and some old-school skates... that Dennis dubbed, KAGO BAAI (Basket Case), how appropriate!!!
Dennis played around a bit here, trying to work with me to find the right mix...
So there you have it!
Look like fun?!? :)
Well, that's just a small taste of what's to come, in just one section of this massive tale! There's still 4 more artists covering Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Zombie/horror, and much much more!!!!

I'm sure having seen these teases, many questions spring to mind, such as...
Will Holly take out these QT-fueled miscreants?
Will they take out a piece of her first?
Will Dennis be able to juggle so many whacked-out characters?!?

Stay tuned dear reader, for much more behind-the-scenes fun!


Javier Hernandez said...

Whooaah! I been checking out Dennis Budd's takes on your characters here and I gotta say Mister Dude, you got a winner on your hands! Really Jason, his stuff looks real nice. It's cool to see other people's takes on your characters.

Sounds like your having a ball with this new project! Looking forward to it, man!

Edward Pun said...

I second that! Budd's character sheets looks fantastic!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone's work.