Wednesday, September 05, 2007

SUPER REAL SPECIAL: VS The Movie Industry / PREVIEW 3 - Jerry Gaylord / PART 1

After an extended break for the holiday weekend (hopefully the last distraction for a great long time, cuz I need to get some serious work done), I'm back with another preview from the new special, SUPER REAL VS THE MOVIE INDUSTRY.

This time we'll look to another one of the 4 big guest artists, Jerry Gaylord.
Jerry is the driving force behind ID (Identiy) Comics, a comic company/studio based out of the D.C. area. They have some top notch talent lined up and working out some crazy cool comics, including Jerry's own HYPERBOY. Hyperboy is a bit of Invincible with an Antarctic Press sensibility. A pure fun, old-fashioned superhero book, with vibrant artwork. I first met the ID crew at Wizard World Philly '06, and picked up all their preview books and first issues, but have gotten to know most of the crew in the year+ since then (even meeting them all again at Pittsburgh Con this April).

Jerry and I hit it off and he'd previously done a pinup for me, so when I started putting together the new special, he was one of the first people I asked to participate. I'm glad he did, especially after seeing the amazing pages Jerry turned in.

I'm not going to show any pages here today, but I will share a couple character studies he did... They're of Mike (participant 2), and Kit (participant 3), as his section features those two characters teamed up in a scene inspired by the original, and 30 year classic, Star Wars. Jerry also happens to be a big time Star Wars fan (my kind of man), so he claims to have had a blast doing 9 pages of some detailed Star Warsy compactor scene fun!

As you can see, Jerry uses one of those hybrid styles, with lots of influences, mainly animated, and also, his background as a caricature artist shows in the vivid facial expressions and lively body language! His pages are very energetic and expressive indeed (as you'll soon see)!!

ID Comics are cooking up something new that they're set to debut at this weekend's big Baltimore Comic-Con. So check them out there, or stay tuned for more info, they're truly an outfit to watch.

Speaking of watching out for more work from The Franchize (Jerry's name from Deviant Art), be sure and tune in tomorrow for the first glimpse at some of his penciled pages... they're eye-popping cool!!
(Click the links to peep his DA gallery page, and ID website)


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