Saturday, April 05, 2008

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Cool stuff!

If in your poking around the infinite sprawl of interwebs you haven't glimpsed some of the artist blogs giving peeks at upcoming new projects, then perhaps I can help...

My good buddy Javier Hernandez will up here in Portland for the April 26-27th Stumptown Comics Fest, and he'll have a new creation in tow... Known for his indy comic turned indy movie, El Muerto the Aztec Zombie, Jav's got a new character of equal creatively blended intrigue, the forthcoming Demolition Dove!
Demo Dove looks to be a perfect blending of the pop culture zeitgeist, grindhouse/pulp inspired concepts (a concoction I'm currently brewing myself), with a timely reflection of American politics. Now politics is the great divider, but it seems the Jav-Man is savvy enough to know this, and appears to be approaching them from a higher level non-partisan view. We shall see. Either way, I, and many others are intrigued about this new creation.

You can check out more on Demolition Dove at Javier's blog HERE

Then over at Josh Howard's blog, he's put up a tease of his upcoming work (following his popular ongoing runs of Dead@17, as well as other creations like Black Harvest, or Lost Books of Eve), T-Bird and Throttle. While not much has been revealed yet, the book does look to be Josh's first efforts in a more superpowered direction (and maybe even blending in some of his love of the Transformers franchise?)... As with anything he does, I can't wait to check it out!

There's something so special, and inherently wholly unique from seeing new creator owned works brought to life as comics, so I can't help but share in my excitement!

And if you know of any upcoming creator owned works being teased out there that have you excited, be sure and let me know!

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