Thursday, May 29, 2008

SUPER REAL NOTES - Personal Sketch Cards

Haven't posted much lately, been real busy, working on many things, but if you have checked in here lately, you know I've been doing sketch cards. Both for Marvel Masterpieces, and also custom cards to sell.

Well, I recently took some of the custom cards I'd done, and created mini prints, actual card size (2.5x3.5"). A set of 15 different cards featuring an assortment of movie and comic characters, each with my info on the back and card number, to make a little collectible set to sell and give cards away with commissions and such.

Here's a look at the first set (side pic)

I'm selling the complete set of 15 cards for $7.50ea (shipping included).
If you're interested in picking up a set, just PayPal funds to or email me.

I'll try and return soon with a full display of the Marvel Masterpieces series 2 cards I did (all 200)...

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