Wednesday, April 29, 2009

SUPER REAL NOTES: Double-sized finale special

Yesterday I talked about the Super Real graphic novel, that you can currently pre-order for later this summer, which includes the entire series, but some of you may be wondering about the final issues that haven't come out yet?

Well, I'm happy to say fans of the book who don't necessarily want to buy the graphic novel, can get the climax of our genetically powered reality TV tale this summer as well. The final two issues will be available as one over-sized 48 page book, Super Real: Cast Change, either in comic book shops via Haven Distribution, or directly from Super Real Graphics, both in print or PDF download (more info on this option to come)!

Here's the book info:
48 pages, b&w, mature readers - $6.99
Pre order now – May Haven Comics! Catalog

Our reality show cast were promised million dollar payouts for participation, but now a bold change to the show’s format via a controversial new cast member has them reeling... If their fifteen minutes of fame, and cash reward are cut short, will anyone survive?!?
It’s all out war in this brand new super-sized conclusion to the popular independent series that mashes-up pop culture with comic book mayhem, and features a character inspired by the most popular man on Earth - Barack Obama, who completes the book’s trinity of Presidential likenesses (with Bush and Cheney already in place as the show’s producers)!

This is not a marketing stunt dear readers, this is the only conclusion our tale could possibly have!! Don’t miss it!!!

Your local comic book retailer will have a copy of the Haven Distribution catalog, Comics!, in May (and you should be able to have them order you a copy), but you can also order it yourself directly from Haven if you like (there are tons of cool independent retailers listed in the catalog, but it is new, this is the first issue):
The catalog can be pre-ordered through It's shown on the front page of the cart once you login (you can use guest/guest to see it).

Super Real: Cast Change will be an advance order item in the catalog, so I'll give an update once the book is available (early summer). And again, you can get the issue on it's own, or as part of the graphic novel, later in the summer.

Check out and stay tuned for more info at the book's site HERE


nicole falk said...

congrats man this looks great!

Jason Martin said...

Thanks Nicole!