Monday, April 27, 2009

SUPER REAL NOTES: Super Real Graphic Novel preorder/info

SUPER REAL – graphic novel
220 pages, full color, 6x9, mature readers - $18.99
Pre order now – May Diamond Previews Catalog, page 280 via DCD#MAY09 1018

Collects the complete independent series recommended by Newsarama, Aint It Cool News, Comics Buyers Guide and many more. Super Real follows five people who sign million dollar contracts to get genetically enhanced for a reality show based on comic book superheroes. An over the top mash-up of reality TV and comic book fiction, that’s like Survivor with superpowers, or The Real World meets The X-Men!
Find out what happens when our cast goes beyond reality.
Features guest artwork from Jim Mahfood, Josh Howard, and more.

That's right!! The entire series gets the book treatment! And you can preorder your copy now!!!

The Super Real graphic novel collects the complete series, which includes the unreleased double-sized final issue, and all five previously released issues, in one 220 plus page, full color volume!

The entire Super Real epic, in one handy book, for you to keep and treasure ;)

Real World meets X-Men, with a dash of Star Wars, a hint of politics, Street Fighter for spice, and a bit of the old ultra-violence!!

Be sure to let your local comic book retailer know to order you a copy.
Spread the word.
More details to come!
(Including information on those previously unreleased issues!!)


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