Monday, November 30, 2009

SUPER REAL NOTES: issue 6 preview 1

While we wait for the graphic novel to come out in January, those following in single issue format can pick up the first giant-sized part of the two part finale, issue number 6, which is available now (in print and digital from the website), and with the final part, issue 7, set to release in late December.

So, besides the first 8 pages which have been previewed on the website and around the web, I thought I'd share some art from key pages of the issue (that also don't give too much away). Here's the first, page 12...

A good side by side shot of our cast on what may be their final genetically enhanced reality show challenge!!

**Don't forget you can still pre-order the graphic novel via comic shops/Diamond# NOV090909, with a huge discount via, or directly via!