Saturday, January 02, 2010

Meanwhile at the Movies... Yomato?!?

Could us children of the 80's that were fortunate enough to be enchanted by a little Japanese anime called Star Blazers (in the states) be lucky enough to get a live action version in the 21st century?!?!

It appears so...

Star Blazers and the Leiji Matsumoto style were HUGE influences on me... right as indie comics were exploding, and books like Cerebus were broadening my mind, anime was the forbidden fruit... it was so cool, yet mostly inaccessible in the states at the time.

Anyway, outside the artistic inspirations, the epic cosmic storyline of Star Blazers, full of space ships (most prominently, and most awesomely, a reconditioned battleship), fighters, robots, and aliens was sweet sweet candy to my pre-pubescent mind!

Robotech may have been cooler when it came out, but Derek Wildstar, and the Yamoto's journey to deep within the Gamilion empire left a far more lasting impression.

Looks like there's a movie website HERE

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Edward Pun said...

My brain just melted. Yee-ha!