Friday, March 26, 2010

ARTWORK: Dead@17 sketch cards UPDATE

My first sketch card work since Marvel Masterpieces is for 5finity's Dead@17 series (based on Josh Howard's comic series of the same name), which came out on 3/15.

I did 24 cards for the set, and got 2 return cards to keep/sell.

The first return card has already sold on eBay, this card, featuring main character Nara in her schoolgirl outfit with axe, from the original series...

But my second card is currently on eBay.

My next set will be for 5finity's P'ups: Pin-ups & Puppies featuring Mandy and Skoots, which comes out 5/15!

UPDATE - My last card has been reworked (see above updated pic) and relisted!!!

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