Monday, March 01, 2010

SUPER REAL NOTES: Graphic Novel done!

Okay, production on the graphic novel (and it's 82 new pages) has been done for a couple weeks, BUT, the book has also been printed, AND delivered to Diamond. So that means, there's nothing (barring an act of god) to keep it from reaching store shelves within a couple weeks!!

So, it's DONE.

What seems like longer than I can remember, has actually been a year long process, as the book was originally solicited for July 2009, which means I set it up with Diamond last March. Then, entering last summer, as the new content was clearly going to run twice as long as expected, I was forced to re solicit, for January. And, as you know, January has come and gone, and now indeed February. However, close to twelve months of sweat, stress, and fears later, I'm supremely relieved to have this book done. The Super Real graphic novel not only represents a good part of the last year of my life, but also a better chunk of this century, as I started creating the book around 2000 - forming a group super hero style concept, and beginning to rediscover my abandoned artistic abilities, and in earnest in 2003, when I put together a preview ash can and did my first comic convention, the 2003 San Diego Comic-Con.

A lot has happened, and changed since July of 2003. Comic-Con for instance, only had attendance of around 63,000 at the time, and only occupied about 3/4 of the con hall. Since then it's doubled and been capped in attendance, and has long burst at the facilities seems. The first preview night all those years ago, I met a producer from a studio who was keen to develop Super Real, and have since talked with a few other Hollywood types. The book I thought I'd put out bi-monthly later that year, didn't officially come out until almost 2 and a half years later, when Super Real was finally set up with Diamond. With it's first issue coming out in November of 2005, and each subsequent issue taking longer to release, until the fifth book, the second special issue, came out in January of 2008.

That's right, five issues, the last of which was barely published in 2008, making it more than two years since the last appearance in comic shops! A one year hiatus for the series, followed by a one year production for the graphic novel (and new content/series conclusion)...
Of course, November of last year saw a direct edition of the new sixth issue, and in a couple weeks, we'll see the final seventh issue released directly by me as well (both books available in print or digital).

So November 2005 to March 2010, almost five years for seven issues (or 230 pages, the equivalent to roughly 10 standard size comic issues). I could have never expected a production schedule like that back all those years ago, but irregardless, the story I set out tell, about a group of irresponsible 20-somethings, given special abilities that run wild, is what I ultimately accomplished. All while learning about this rapidly changing industry, polishing my craft, and keeping a part time job and pursuing a myriad of other creative efforts.

For those that have followed along all this time, you have my eternal gratitude, and for those that will discover Super Real now that it's reborn as a graphic novel, with 232 pages of story (again, 82 of which are brand new), slightly retouched dialogue, and colorized VS the comic industry special pages, welcome!

I'll update as soon as possible with official street dates, but the book will most likely be in comic shops on 3/17, and available from me in person at Emerald City Comicon and via the website, starting 3/14.

For those that have been waiting for preorders with the limited sketch plates, they will begin shipping in the next week.
For those who want to get the sketch plate edition (limited to 100 copies), you can still place a preorder, or pick up a sketch plate edition from me at cons (see con schedule on right sidebar), while supplies last!

And as I mentioned, for those just looking to get the single issues, six is available now in print and digital PDF, and the issue seven PDF can be found now, with the print version by month's end.

Stay tuned for more info!

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