Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mutant Girl Squad vs Norwegian Ninjas!

From the latest TWITCH rundown on AICN

Each month gives a rundown of not-to-be-missed upcoming international genre movies that are hard to come by in the states...

This installment was very well stocked (so be sure and check the full listing), here are some of the more amazing looking films:

Mutant Girl Squad - from the directors of Tokyo Gore Police, Machine Girl, and Versus!


And another Japanese must see is ALIEN VS NINJA (or AVN)...
which is just what it sounds like!

LA PANTERA NEGRA (The Black Panther) - No, it's not another Marvel comic book movie, but a Mexican noir featuring cryogenically frozen mariachi, cat suited femes, and the occasionaly UFO...

Next up is an amazing global anime we caught a glimpse of last time, REDLINE... here's another glimpse...

Now how bout a NORWEGIAN NINJA chaser?

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