Friday, October 08, 2010

Zombie Tramp and Super Real Graphics updates

Well, I was supposed to be in New York this weekend for the big New York Comic-Con, but fate conspired against that. So instead I'm spending some much needed time updating publishing and business things...

To that end, for those who've seen me promoting Zombie Tramp over the last year, you probably know I'm officially publishing that book by my friend Dan Mendoza, as a graphic novel collecting his entire series, and that it's due out in the next month (most likely in comic shops in early November). I can report that the book is printed and came out looking great! I'll be sure and update the sites once we have the release date more firmed up.

However, for those who've picked up the series from us at conventions, in single issues, many are looking for the third and final issue of the book in that format. If you don't want to double dip and pick up the entire series in one book (with extras), that's certainly understandable. So, if you are in need of issue 3, we now have that available from the SRG store in digital PDF download for only $1.99.
And with the third book being 36 pages of sexy zombie chaos, that's some pretty good value for your money!

If you must hold a copy of the third single in your hands, hold out a bit longer, and Dan will have those available via ComiXpress (and again, I'll update the sites with that info as well).

Stay tuned for more updates, including developments with Super Real Digital!

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