Monday, March 28, 2011

YETi remixed

I posted briefly a couple weeks back leading up to Emerald City Comicon about a new book I'd created, but I didn't have much of a chance to preview or talk about, so I thought I'd go ahead and do that now.

As I mentioned, it's actually a short story that I created back in 2007 for the Josh Howard Presents SASQUATCH anthology, published by Viper Comics. The anthology featured many comic creators working from stories inspired by Sasquatch, Bigfoot, The Abominable Snowman, etc, and mine was simply titled, YETi. There was no editorial mandate for style, tone, or scope, each artist had free reign to do anything they'd like story wise, from comedy to horror, sci-fi or whatever. So I took advantage of that and did something that on the surface appeared to be fairly in line with the Sasquatch theme, but was actually only very loosely tied to it (without giving away too much of the story). It was a decidedly sci-fi, and cartoony approach, and about 180 degrees from what I was doing with Super Real. So I had a lot of fun with it, and always intended to do more with the concept and story.

Fast forward to 2011, and I felt the time was right to work on Yeti once more, if only to update the work and make it available in stand alone form, as I'd only previously had it available in the anthology, which while that was a great book, it was quite sizable and had a cover price of over $20. Since I only had 10 pages in the massive book, I really wanted Yeti to have it's own little book to offer along with all my other work at shows and online. However, as the artwork was created in quite a different fashion, I also wanted to take the opportunity to rework it somewhat, and get it more in line with what I now envisioned stylistically. So we have the new book, with the original 10 page story intact, but with completely reworked colors, and other minor updates.

A panel from the original (top), and the new updated ("remixed") version (bottom)...

The book now is brighter, and more graphic, two elements I can't seem to keep away from with my art... and by graphic, I mean graphics based visuals, not tone of content... and though my work does tend to delve into graphic story content, YETi does traffic in some graphic violence, but it's decidedly more cartoonish!

With the change of tone, and focus on a cuter and cartoonier style and character, the book received a good amount of attention from the fairer sex in it's debut at Emerald City con, something I'm happy to find, because while I love to create good girl and pin-up style artwork, I don't always enjoy the fact that that can be off-putting to a good portion of the potential audience. However, if you're a fan of that aspect of my work, Yeti isn't quite devoid of those things either. Again, without giving away too much, as the first story has a bit of a twist/reveal aspect to it, Yeti does have more to offer than just a cute furry Chewbacca-Schmoo-Mogwai-vinyl mash-up creature aesthetic... I've always loved the big furry sidekicks of sci-fi and cartoons, so this is my love letter to those, a fun and vibrant blast of comic book joy!

So, that should be enough teasing and peeking at the book. If you want to know just what it's all about, you have to pick up a copy and read it... and now you can do that! If you'd like your own copy of this full color 12 page book that I hand make on nice shiny 8.5x5.5" paper, you'll have to send me $5 (shipping included - for the US). The books are pretty limited, but as each pressing sells out, I'll make a new one (with the pressing noted in the indicia). That means if you want to get some of the first batch of Yeti's, you better act fast!
Digital copy, or upcoming second pressing cover

I've also created a PDF file you can download, if you prefer to go digital for your YETi consumption...

Here's the PayPal info/link for those:

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PDF download - $.99

You can also check out more on YETi at it's brand new site (with more to come), where I plan to offer other goodies like prints and t-shirts etc. Just click HERE

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