Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The guest/creator room of the con.
This past weekend I journeyed about 6 hours East/Northeast of home for the 5th annual Spokane Comicon, in Spokane Washington. I'd heard about the show for a few years but hadn't traveled out until this year.

Since it was a bit of a trek, and worked best with at least one night at a hotel, I threw in with a couple friends and past convention travel buddies, Randy Kintz and Jack Stepp. Also, since I got a new phone recently, I tried to take more pictures to share online. I just put up my pics in a Facebook photo album, HERE, but I'm pretty terrible at remembering to use the camera, so I unfortunately didn't take any shots of the town itself, which was surprisingly large (second biggest in Washington) and also pretty cool.

The show itself was well run, and a solid low level show, having both a lot of varied dealers, and artist/guests, plus a fair amount of traffic. For NW natives, it was pretty much on par with the Portland Comic Book Show. I would've like to have sold more Zombie Tramp stuff, and books in general, but I sold quite a few prints and did pretty well.

Aside from the con, the show also hosted a Drink N Draw event the night before at Cyrus OLeary's, with the special guests of the show being Dave Johnson and Dan Panosian, who also happen to be originators of the popular Drink and Draw Social Club in LA. I hadn't truly gone to a Drink n Draw before, so it was fun to sit in on one of those, as I find the two activities compliment each other quite nicely ;)

My Tarman sketch from the event.
Hopefully the show continues to grow, because they put on a good event, and I'd like to return, it's just unfortunately a bit of a reach in these days of inflated gas prices, so the bigger it gets, the better.

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