Monday, February 06, 2012

TEE DESIGN: A game of previews 5

Okay, so last week I was showing and talking about the steps in creating my latest tee design, a fan art for Game of Thrones and the breakout character (of the show, I've not read the books), Tyrion Lannister, the impish sibling of the ruthless and powerful Lannister clan, played devilishly well by Peter Dinklage.

Last week I left off with the flat colors, and talked about how much work is done in the last stage, the shading. So here's a look at the image, now with shading and highlights...
I also made some adjustments to the line work, shortening his face/jaw, and increasing his grin. You'll also notice the color dots in the image, those are the colors used in the full design. There are six colors, as most t-shirt sites require as few as six colors in a design. However, this is really a five color design, as I didn't end up using the pink color, except for the pits of the eyes...

Speaking of eyes, keep your peeled shortly for the finished shirt design and info on where you can pick it up!


Javier Hernandez said...


I followed this over from DeviantArt. Was curious about your process.

First off, even though I don't know anything about the show or actor, this is an amazing drawing! I may have missed something before, but this style, with the bold, thick line work, is looking really sharp! I'm more used to your looser comic book and sketch cards style, so it's really cool to see this.

And the coloring is excellent, even more so considering the limitations you have to work with.

There is some solid growth in your work over the last couple of years, sir. Very inspiring!

Jason Martin said...

Thanks man.
I'm tryin... ;)
I really need to get at least a tablet... mousing out graphic style work is for the birds :)

Javier Hernandez said...

Then, I'm a bird, too!!!

My mouse IS my stylus pen and tablet!!!