Based in Beaverton, Oregon, comic book creator Jason Martin has worked in and around the comic book industry for over 10 years. Working both behind the scenes as a publisher, and as a creative in every aspect of comics.

Specializing in offbeat pop culture inspired fare, Jason first created and published his own comic book series, Super Real, and then published works for other creators under his own Super Real Graphics imprint. Jason currently works with Action Lab Entertainment and manages their mature readers comic book line, Action Lab: Danger Zone. Recent works of his own include the ongoing monthly series Vampblade, as well as PRINCE-S STARthief, and Night of the 80s Undead, and he also currently co-writes the popular Zombie Tramp ongoing series and Danger Doll Squad mini-series.

Jason has also worked as a freelance artist and has done work for clients such as Adult  Swim, Upper Deck, and Topps

When at home with his wife and chihuahua, they spend countless hours watching TV and movies, and Jason loves drawing those latest pop culture inspirations, often creating fan art for many of them to share online.

Full comic book credits:

DANGER DOLL SQUAD (2017-present): Writer
VAMPBLADE (2016-present): Creator, Writer, Colorist - VAMPBLADE FAN PAGE
PRINCE-S STARTHIEF (2015-present): Creator, Writer, Letterer
ZOMBIE TRAMP (2014-present): Co-writer, Colorist (2014-2015)
NIGHT OF THE 80S UNDEAD (2013): Creator, Writer, Colorist
SUPER REAL (2005-2010): Creator, Writer, Artist