Wednesday, April 05, 2006


This time out, instead of highlighting books new in shops this week that aren't from the big 2, I thought I'd highlight content around the web that highlights those books:


The IDC is a win win for me. I'm an independent publisher, and a lifelong fan of comics of every size, shape, color (or not), style, format, or language. The Independents Day Campaign is a movement created to gather supporters of independent comic books, an opportunity to bring more attention to a wider array of books than what typically garners the lions share of the industries focus. Some have expressed concerns about the direction of the movement (there isn't one yet), or the scope (feeling that it's only as strong as it's weakest link - there's some truth to that, but I see it the other way, it's about giving everything a chance to shine, and letting the marketplace find some treasures that stand out, to them). There will always be books that deserve more sales, and hopefully the IDC can help facilitate that.

Whether it's a network for all of the disparate people on columns and blogs to join together and make more impact, a tool for retailers and readers to preview the full range of products offered every month, or an event along the lines of FCBD highlighting independent publishers, all of the above, or possibly, something entirely different. Regardless, it can make a positive change for the market, and speaking as someone who's independently publishing in this market, it is a much needed effort.

This is a great site that does a daily review of an independent book, with a comprehensive approach that breaks the book down from three points of view, and offers a collective rating.

Also, the site hosts links to previews of independent titles.

Any fan of four color variety should tune in here for some assistance.


WAGW is an ongoing column on by Ronee Garcia that lately has focused it's attention on the small press. This week's column is a rundown of books from the recent STAPLE convention.

Last week she featured the upcoming independent breakout book, Zoom Suit.


Columnist Brant Fowler takes a weekly look at independent fair over in his spot. Tune in each week for some reviews and talk about independent publishing.


Over on, columnist Dan Head shares some independent books he finds worth our attention every week.

This isn't a comprehensive list folks, I'm sure I've forgotten some I check out myself (my apologies), and I'm sure there are plenty I'm not aware of... Please feel free to post some comments if you know of any places on the web that fit this list, and I'll be sure and update next time out! In the meantime, get out there and check these places out, and discover some new graphic treasures!


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