Tuesday, July 22, 2014

San Diego Comic-Con 2014

Lucky number 11 for me.
Been exhibiting since 2003, it was in fact, my first show ever. Almost had a movie deal the first night. The show long ago doubled in size from what it was that first year for me, and has become such a giant chaotic beast, but I still love it. So many good times and good friends had and made.
I'll be in the small press area again, space L16.
This year I'm lucky enough to table next to my good friend and partner-in-crime Dave Dwonch.
Yep, look out San Diego convention center!!!
I'll have some brand new fan art prints, and most all of the Danger Zone books. As well as the debuting in mere hours Zombie Tramp issue number 1 - co-written by yours truly (and colored, and lettered).
So now I'm off to some last minute items and then in the air first thing tomorrow AM for sunny San Diego.
See you there!