Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Vampblade issue 1 is out today!

My new comic book series, Vampblade, hits stores today.

Created, written, and colored by me, with artwork by Winston Young, Vampblade is an over-the-top schlock fest of kink/gore/fun coming your way monthly if you can handle it!

In the back of the issue I talk about the character's rather long path to her own series. And for those interested, I have listed all the books that I still have from that write-up on eBay. You can see my listings HERE

Which includes the first ever appearance of the character, in Super Real VS The Comic Book Industry (2007)
And her first solo book, the 2010 SDCC Pulp Girls: Vampblade preview book (of which only about 100 were printed, and I only have a couple copies left)

You can also just hit the Vampblade tag here on this blog to see past posts with the character.

The book has been tons of fun to work on, and like everything I do, it aims to have lowbrow fun in as creative a fashion as possible. Please check it out!