Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Out in stores today, a brand new series written and co-created by me, and featuring artwork from the always amazing Winston Young - Amalgama: Space Zombie!

Now in her own Danger Doll universe series, Amalgama is a mash-up of fan favorites Zombie Tramp, Vampblade, and DollFace - with the powers of all three iconic characters - genetically engineered and thrust into space. She’s a drop dead sexy apex predator on an undead killing spree full of non-stop explosive sci-fi grindhouse action.

"This is an undiscovered gem by the mainstream and it's beyond time that it broke through so folks will stand up and take notice."
Reading With A Flight Ring

"super fun, charming, intriguing, and one of a kind"

You can get the series in comic book shops each month, or digitally on ComiXology

Thursday, October 03, 2019

This weekend only... NOT AT THE BIG CON

For the third year in a row I will not be at the big show in New York :(
So I've decided to have my own special little con...

And just what am I doing?

FIRST - SWISS ARMY WOMAN 2019 PREVIEW BOOK (limited edition)
Since I'm ramping up to launch my next Kickstarter (very very soon) for SWISS ARMY WOMAN, I thought I'd do a new preview book for that (since the 2018 SDCC preview book is long sold out)!

2019 preview book - KICKSTARTER coming soon!
This will be a new run of 25 copies, same as the last preview book (so those that have that don't need it).The main difference being, of the 8 preview pages, 5 are now in color (last time they were all black and white). Plus some other minor difference (like different extras).
Once again the books are over-sized, heavy gauge, super glossy and 12 pages for $25ea

Message me on one of my socials, email me, or pick it up from my store HERE

I'll also be offering all of my back issues for a reduced price THIS WEEKEND ONLY!
Since I don't have to pay to ship them and lug them around and what not, instead of charging my normal $8 a book (with buy 4 get 1 free), I'll be charging just $5 each!! And still buy 4 get 1 free!
What a deal!!
That's cover price (or less)!! (I know??)


This weekend only, and supplies are limited.
So take a look and let me know if you want anything.
(And you can always add anything from my eBay or store to the list - see links at top of page for those!)

Hell, I may even do some sketch covers and offer those up!
It's the first (and hopefully last) N@TBCINYC, so lets have some fun!
(Though surely not as much fun as those at the actual show) :(