Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wondercon this weekend!

I'm on the road early Thursday AM to head south for the bay area and San Francisco Wondercon (where they'll have this snazzy Iron Man 2 print)!

This will be my fifth year doing the show I think, and I always look forward to it, it's a great show (run by the fine folks that do San Diego Comic-Con).

Last year I carpooled with a great group of artist friends, but none of them were able to make it back to the show this year, so now I'm doing the trip with some new friends.

I'll be in artist alley (space 71), selling books (the Super Real graphic novel, SRG Presents, Pulp Girls, Zombie Tramp, and more), doing sketches, selling prints, and having a good time!

Here are some sketches I did two weeks ago at Emerald City con!

And here's a new fan art collaboration I'll have as well.

In addition to all that, I'm also bringing down a portrait my friend Javier Hernandez did of our Chihuahua, Choco, as he's doing a gallery show in San Fran the same weekend!

It should be a busy few days, and fun! :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

ARTWORK: Dead@17 sketch cards UPDATE

My first sketch card work since Marvel Masterpieces is for 5finity's Dead@17 series (based on Josh Howard's comic series of the same name), which came out on 3/15.

I did 24 cards for the set, and got 2 return cards to keep/sell.

The first return card has already sold on eBay, this card, featuring main character Nara in her schoolgirl outfit with axe, from the original series...

But my second card is currently on eBay.

My next set will be for 5finity's P'ups: Pin-ups & Puppies featuring Mandy and Skoots, which comes out 5/15!

UPDATE - My last card has been reworked (see above updated pic) and relisted!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Couple cool things I saw recently...

1) My buddy Ed Pun's art blog, he's got several massive posts from the recent (epic) Emerald City Comicon, giving a great feel for the show, with pics of the hall, costumes, art, and swag! Check it out HERE

ECCC was phenomenal this year, and Ed's blog is pretty darn swell in general too!

(I'll be posting my own sketches from the show here shortly!)

2) Friend of a friend and all around cool creator, Otis Frampton, is someone I've had an eye on for a while, as his art has really evolved and he's also a one man multi-media artist guru inspiration... well he recently launched a new webcomic, PLANET NOWHERE, and not surprisingly, it's VERY GOOD! Check that out HERE and see what I mean!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SUPER REAL NOTES: Graphic Novel recommended by AICN!

Just posted this AM on Aint It Cool News, the Super Real GN/TP gets reviewed HERE

They've supported the book all along, and reading the full story has only reinforced their recommendation,
"If there’s one thing that I know about SUPER REAL is that it’s a book that is about having fun with its premise and it’s a book where the creator’s enthusiasm for his own project just bleeds off of the page. Martin’s passion is infectious and it’s pretty much what makes SUPER REAL the enjoyable read that it is."
And going on to say,
"just know that SUPER REAL is well worth your time and money"

You can jump to their full review HERE

Friday, March 12, 2010

Emerald City Comiccon this weekend!

I'll be in Seattle this weekend for the NW's greatest comic book event, Emerald City Comicon (they've even got Stan "the man" Lee this year, oh my!).

I'll be in artist alley table, B-20, doing sketches, and selling the hot off the press Super Real graphic novels, prints, SRG books, Pulp Girls convention books, Zombie Tramp comics, sketchbooks, and also, selling the Super Real Graphic novels (they're so pretty)!

I'll also have my friend, and insanely talented artist, Yassir Rasan, at the table with me, and my friends, the Metcalf's, will be hosting me for the event, offering up the use of their luxurious leather couch (and here's an insiders tip, Mr. Metcalf, another Jason btw, has a basement studio straight out of Mallrats)!!!

Hope to see you at the show!
(Did I mention I've got some graphic novels to sell ya?) ;)

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Shogun Trooper!

For all you kids out there who aren't old enough to have owned a Shogun Warrior in your youth... you life must suk!

For the rest of us, this is brilliant.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

SUPER REAL NOTES: GN recommended by BleedingCool!

As you know, the Super Real GN is due in comic book shops starting this week and next (see below for full info), and I found out the morning that Rich Johnston's buzzworthy comic site,, features the book on their new "shipping forecast" column, where they highlight the 10 coolest books due out for the week!!

Super Real TPB by Jason Martin with just as smidgen of Josh Howard and Jim Mahfood, this mashup of reality TV and superheroics is raw, brash, terribly sexual and rather fun.

Check out the full column HERE

Thanks Rich!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

SUPER REAL NOTES: Graphic Novel out this week!

The long wait is officially over, the Super Real graphic novel is out this week!! It's on Diamond's ship list for this Wednesday, 3/10, but it might be til 3/17 before it hits all regions...
I also have copies of the book on hand, and am filling all remaining preorders today!

SUPER REAL graphic novel:
- 254 high gloss, heavy gauge pages
- 9x6" sleek and readable trim size
- all with an amazing $18.99 introductory price point!

My self published series comes to it's dramatic conclusion within this new book's 232 pages of story - collecting the previously published first five issues, plus the two new over-sized final issues (also available individually in print and digital) - all in one cover-to-cover, genre bending, sensory offending, genetically enhanced reality TV tale!

Critically favored, and co-starring guest artists like Jim Mahfood, and Josh Howard, Super Real is the next big thing... to add to your bookshelf!!!

Pick it up starting Wednesday 3/10 in comic book shops via Diamond Order Code NOV090909
Now in the website store or via

And view more info HERE, and previews HERE

ARTWORK: Dead@17 sketch cards

The fine folks at 5finity (makers of premium collectors sketch cards) are releasing a card set for Josh Howard's Dead@17 on 3/15, and I did cards for the set.

Here's a peek at two cards I did...

And I'll have 2 return cards to sell for this set (one of which is the card pictured above on the left).

I'll post more info on this once I have it.

I'll also be doing a couple more sets for 5finity coming up!

Here's a peek at some of Josh's cards:

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Zombie Tramp bites back!

My buddy Dan Mendoza, who did pages for Super Real VS The Movie Industry special and my upcoming Pulp Girls project, does his own demented book, Zombie Tramp. You may have seen it at the summer cons, or on the SRG website before, as he debuted issue number 1 last year to much success. I've since joined in with him on the book, and made Zombie Tramp the first book in part of my SR Distro model, where creator published books are offered via myself directly at cons and online, to help increase sales on self published gems like Dan's. And now we've just released the second issue of the three book series, so take a look at the book and order some online, or watch for them from me at the shows!

It's very much in keeping with what I publish, and something you'll dig if you like cute girls, zombies, blood or violence in your comics...

ZOMBIE TRAMP Issue 2 of 3
24 PAGES (of story)
FULL (three) COLOR
Mature Readers

Find out what becomes of Janey now that she's zombified, and in the hands of... The Zombie Queen!?!?

Available now from SR DISTRO in the SRG store or directly at conventions (see schedule on right sidebar)

- Offering the best in creator pub'd comics!

Monday, March 01, 2010

SUPER REAL NOTES: Graphic Novel done!

Okay, production on the graphic novel (and it's 82 new pages) has been done for a couple weeks, BUT, the book has also been printed, AND delivered to Diamond. So that means, there's nothing (barring an act of god) to keep it from reaching store shelves within a couple weeks!!

So, it's DONE.

What seems like longer than I can remember, has actually been a year long process, as the book was originally solicited for July 2009, which means I set it up with Diamond last March. Then, entering last summer, as the new content was clearly going to run twice as long as expected, I was forced to re solicit, for January. And, as you know, January has come and gone, and now indeed February. However, close to twelve months of sweat, stress, and fears later, I'm supremely relieved to have this book done. The Super Real graphic novel not only represents a good part of the last year of my life, but also a better chunk of this century, as I started creating the book around 2000 - forming a group super hero style concept, and beginning to rediscover my abandoned artistic abilities, and in earnest in 2003, when I put together a preview ash can and did my first comic convention, the 2003 San Diego Comic-Con.

A lot has happened, and changed since July of 2003. Comic-Con for instance, only had attendance of around 63,000 at the time, and only occupied about 3/4 of the con hall. Since then it's doubled and been capped in attendance, and has long burst at the facilities seems. The first preview night all those years ago, I met a producer from a studio who was keen to develop Super Real, and have since talked with a few other Hollywood types. The book I thought I'd put out bi-monthly later that year, didn't officially come out until almost 2 and a half years later, when Super Real was finally set up with Diamond. With it's first issue coming out in November of 2005, and each subsequent issue taking longer to release, until the fifth book, the second special issue, came out in January of 2008.

That's right, five issues, the last of which was barely published in 2008, making it more than two years since the last appearance in comic shops! A one year hiatus for the series, followed by a one year production for the graphic novel (and new content/series conclusion)...
Of course, November of last year saw a direct edition of the new sixth issue, and in a couple weeks, we'll see the final seventh issue released directly by me as well (both books available in print or digital).

So November 2005 to March 2010, almost five years for seven issues (or 230 pages, the equivalent to roughly 10 standard size comic issues). I could have never expected a production schedule like that back all those years ago, but irregardless, the story I set out tell, about a group of irresponsible 20-somethings, given special abilities that run wild, is what I ultimately accomplished. All while learning about this rapidly changing industry, polishing my craft, and keeping a part time job and pursuing a myriad of other creative efforts.

For those that have followed along all this time, you have my eternal gratitude, and for those that will discover Super Real now that it's reborn as a graphic novel, with 232 pages of story (again, 82 of which are brand new), slightly retouched dialogue, and colorized VS the comic industry special pages, welcome!

I'll update as soon as possible with official street dates, but the book will most likely be in comic shops on 3/17, and available from me in person at Emerald City Comicon and via the website, starting 3/14.

For those that have been waiting for preorders with the limited sketch plates, they will begin shipping in the next week.
For those who want to get the sketch plate edition (limited to 100 copies), you can still place a preorder, or pick up a sketch plate edition from me at cons (see con schedule on right sidebar), while supplies last!

And as I mentioned, for those just looking to get the single issues, six is available now in print and digital PDF, and the issue seven PDF can be found now, with the print version by month's end.

Stay tuned for more info!