Friday, July 31, 2009

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Pulp Girls and Wolves

Still digging out from Comic-Con (and Wizard Comic-Con is only 6 days away!!)...

I put a brief con recap on my DeviantArt journal, but there were a couple web updates today to share...

1) Pulp Girls (as well as Dan Mendoza's Zombie Tramp) got some love over on the Comic Monsters website, a cool destination if you dig horror, and comics, natch ;)
Check that out HERE

2) debuts the new ongoing Wolves of Odin webcomic sequel to the SRG Presents: Wolves of Odin OGN from last November, starting today!
Check out the updates HERE

Monday, July 20, 2009


Hey everyone!

Been real busy finishing up the Super Real graphic novel and final issue special, it's coming together very well... and also getting my new project, Pulp Girls, ready to debut at the big summer cons. Which brings me to...

I'll be exhibiting Super Real Graphics at booth 5331 in the independent publisher area at San Diego Comic-Con for the entire show, 7/22-7/26

That's right, this year I've moved over from small press, to a full booth (no promises for next year though)!!!

At the booth with me will be:

Dan Mendoza - artist - Super Real, Pulp Girls
Dave Dwonch (Friday and Saturday) - creator - SRG Presents Gnome
Grant Gould (Thursday-Sunday, first hour of each day) - creator - SRG Presents Wolves of Odin
Jerry Gaylord (limited times) - artist - Super Real, Pulp Girls
and maybe John (Super Ugly) Williams - cover artist - Gnome and G4TV SDCC correspondent... if we're lucky (for all you star fuckers out there!) ;)

And maybe some other folks, it'll be a bit of a revolving door of SRG friends.

We'll have:

A special pre-sale offer for the Super Real graphic novel (see below for details)
SRG Presents Gnome and Wolves of Odin
and my new project debuting at the show, Pulp Girls

Pulp Girls info

If you can't make the show, the Pulp Girls con books are available via the website too here
Check that out, it's really cool stuff man!

All artists, including myself, can of course also do sketch commissions and signings.

Hope to see you at the show!

Next stop... Wizard World Chicago!


Since the books aren't ready for the big show, I'm having a special offer for those who haven't already signed up for it with their shops (which I'll also offer for a limited time via the site for those who can't make the show).
If you pre-pay for your copy of the book, you'll get:
The book shipped to you, free shipping
A pre-sale only sketch plate, with an original character sketch
And a free copy of either SRG Presents Gnome, or Wolves of Odin

Saturday, July 18, 2009


My new project, that I've been developing over the last year, Pulp Girls, is debuting next week at San Diego Comic-Con!

But just what is Pulp Girls?

Well, besides being really cool and exciting, let me give you a better idea...

Pulp Girls is a collection of concepts - inspired from grindhouse cinema, pulp heroes, and similar genre roots - in small cliffhanger style format, all with a female-centric twist.
In your face, fun, dangerous, colorful, short, and sweet.

Ever since the release of the Grindhouse double-feature, there's been a shift in the pop-art/comic world, and a move to the more subversive genre fare that inspired that film. And while it didn't set any box office records, it's impact can be seen everywhere in comics, from the pulpy books on the rise, to the retro color effects and cover designs seen industry wide.
Pulp Girls is a celebration of that spirit, taking it to another level.
The artists, concepts, characters, and themes all share a similar drive, that provides for both unique stories and art, that also complement each other perfectly!
Rock'n'roll midnight movie serials.

The project features many talented creators, from across the globe...
England, Ireland, Germany, Norway, France, Mexico, and of course, the good ol' U S of A!
Just to name a few.

Creators like:
The Boo (Transformers Animated), Jerry Gaylord (ID Comics), Grant Gould (Star Wars the Clone Wars online), Josh Howard (Dead@17), Jason Martin (Super Real), Dan Mendoza (Zombie Tramp), Hector Sevilla (Marvel Assistant-Sized Spectacular), Nate Stockman, Bob Strang, Justin Wayne, and many more!

Basically, the same contemporary, colorful, animated house style I employ with Super Real Graphics.

Pulp Girls will be debuting at San Diego Comic-Con 2009, at the Super Real Graphics booth, 5331 (in the independent publishers area at the front of the hall).

We'll have a limited edition 2009 convention book that showcases the upcoming series available at the show, while supplies last.

The books are limited to 250 copies, and are an over-sized 8.5x11" perfect bound format, in full color, and feature 72 pages of Pulp Girls content!

They're $20 each (plus US shipping), come with a sketch, and you can pre-oder a limited number of them now if you can't make it to the show, right here via PayPal:


The 09 convention books have several of our complete serials, early versions of others, as well as some teasers, and pinups, in addition to an art section from our cover artist, the astonishing Bob Strang.
It’s really like an art book with comics, and as such, the book will make a great addition to both your reading stack, and your bookshelf!
We truly have some amazing artists, characters, and stories featured here.

Stay tuned to for more details on the developing project soon!
There's much more on the way!!
Jason Martin
(Super Real Graphics - Pulp Girls creator/editor)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Grant Gould, rockstar!

Grant Gould, creator of SRG Presents Wolves of Odin, has a super fan, Jarmo from Finland...
He's super because he does things like taking the time to create 4 minute YouTube videos promoting Grant, and not only that, half the video showcases Wolves of Odin. So, check it out, because of course Wolves is cool, but ya know, so is Grant, and you can peek at his awesome 2009 sketchbook and some of his other non Wolves artwork!!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

SUPER REAL NOTES: SRG Gnome cover artist on ATTACK OF THE SHOW, named SDCC correspondent!!!

The first SRG Presents volume, Gnome - by Dave Dwonch, sported a cover by his friend, bay area rapper/artist, Super Ugly (aka John Williams). We all just did a room share for Heroes con, and John had submitted for G TV's SDCC 09 guest correspondent contest... "Dark Horse Pop Culture Fanatic"

Turns out John was announced as the winner live on ATTACK OF THE SHOW today!!!

Congrats Ugly!!!!

So, John should be doing some of the on camera work for G4/AOTS during their hours of live Comic-Con coverage... NICE!

You can find John/Ugly's art HERE
and music HERE

Dave and John also do a pod cast, The Geek Savants, for which I was a guest during Heroes con... check out the podcast HERE

That's right kids, comic book dreams really do come true!!!
Now let's get some SRG love on G4 baby!!!!!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Meanwhile at the Movies... Inglourious new trailer

In case ya didn't know, I got a giant man-sized crush on Tarantino... I appreciate visionary creators, and he definitely changed the landscape of film. So, of course I'm stoked for the August release of Inglourious Basterds!!!

The Harry one was kind enough to post this new international trailer for the film, so I thought I'd go ahead and pay it forward...