Wednesday, April 29, 2009

SUPER REAL NOTES: Double-sized finale special

Yesterday I talked about the Super Real graphic novel, that you can currently pre-order for later this summer, which includes the entire series, but some of you may be wondering about the final issues that haven't come out yet?

Well, I'm happy to say fans of the book who don't necessarily want to buy the graphic novel, can get the climax of our genetically powered reality TV tale this summer as well. The final two issues will be available as one over-sized 48 page book, Super Real: Cast Change, either in comic book shops via Haven Distribution, or directly from Super Real Graphics, both in print or PDF download (more info on this option to come)!

Here's the book info:
48 pages, b&w, mature readers - $6.99
Pre order now – May Haven Comics! Catalog

Our reality show cast were promised million dollar payouts for participation, but now a bold change to the show’s format via a controversial new cast member has them reeling... If their fifteen minutes of fame, and cash reward are cut short, will anyone survive?!?
It’s all out war in this brand new super-sized conclusion to the popular independent series that mashes-up pop culture with comic book mayhem, and features a character inspired by the most popular man on Earth - Barack Obama, who completes the book’s trinity of Presidential likenesses (with Bush and Cheney already in place as the show’s producers)!

This is not a marketing stunt dear readers, this is the only conclusion our tale could possibly have!! Don’t miss it!!!

Your local comic book retailer will have a copy of the Haven Distribution catalog, Comics!, in May (and you should be able to have them order you a copy), but you can also order it yourself directly from Haven if you like (there are tons of cool independent retailers listed in the catalog, but it is new, this is the first issue):
The catalog can be pre-ordered through It's shown on the front page of the cart once you login (you can use guest/guest to see it).

Super Real: Cast Change will be an advance order item in the catalog, so I'll give an update once the book is available (early summer). And again, you can get the issue on it's own, or as part of the graphic novel, later in the summer.

Check out and stay tuned for more info at the book's site HERE

Monday, April 27, 2009

SUPER REAL NOTES: Super Real Graphic Novel preorder/info

SUPER REAL – graphic novel
220 pages, full color, 6x9, mature readers - $18.99
Pre order now – May Diamond Previews Catalog, page 280 via DCD#MAY09 1018

Collects the complete independent series recommended by Newsarama, Aint It Cool News, Comics Buyers Guide and many more. Super Real follows five people who sign million dollar contracts to get genetically enhanced for a reality show based on comic book superheroes. An over the top mash-up of reality TV and comic book fiction, that’s like Survivor with superpowers, or The Real World meets The X-Men!
Find out what happens when our cast goes beyond reality.
Features guest artwork from Jim Mahfood, Josh Howard, and more.

That's right!! The entire series gets the book treatment! And you can preorder your copy now!!!

The Super Real graphic novel collects the complete series, which includes the unreleased double-sized final issue, and all five previously released issues, in one 220 plus page, full color volume!

The entire Super Real epic, in one handy book, for you to keep and treasure ;)

Real World meets X-Men, with a dash of Star Wars, a hint of politics, Street Fighter for spice, and a bit of the old ultra-violence!!

Be sure to let your local comic book retailer know to order you a copy.
Spread the word.
More details to come!
(Including information on those previously unreleased issues!!)


Monday, April 20, 2009

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: new Sony Notebook - comics reader?

Apparently it’s reallyyyy slow, and yeah, it’s like $900 dollars… otherwise the new 8" screen Sony Netbook looks awfully close to the killer comic reading machine!
Watch the AOTS vid, or check out their notes on it HERE


Thursday, April 16, 2009

COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Wise Intelligence

Wise Intelligence #1
By Ryan McLelland, Adam Talley, with Ian Harker

Ryan McLelland, whom you might recognize from around comics in the past few years, among other things, he’s had a column on, contributes reviews for, and also started a series called Philly with Arcana Comics.

Back in the day, Ryan wrote about making his comic Wise Intelligence as part of his indie comics column on Newsarama, and actually created an issue of the book years back. This however, is a new first issue for Wise Intelligence, billed as number 1 or 3, which features a main story (of standard comic length) by McLelland and Talley, and a short comedic backup by Harker (as well as some extra inside and back cover art by other artists).

WI is the college days slice of life tales of four dudes, making their way through higher learning… you know, how to fit school around drinking and girls? Having never gone to college myself, I can always enjoy a peek at all the stuff I missed out on, and I can still easily relate to the young college age male, and their pursuits; video games, beer, girls, and the various versions of the post high school guys one can know and be buds with. Here, McLelland simply aims to capture those youthful days, and exploits on the comic page, and for that he does fairly well.

His cast ring true, and his stories feel genuine, and artist Adam Talley brings a fun comic strip style approach to the mix, which helps keeps things in the light vibe McLelland is working for. However, Talley isn’t quite up to the task of making it really come to life beyond the perfunctory, and it can be difficult telling the similar college bros and gals apart. Also, there’s nothing extraordinary about these stories. No high concept using the college buddies to jump off from. It’s all played very straight. There’s not even modern Superbad-raunch-humor-with-heart at play here, or crazy off-the-wall debauchery to take things to another level. So ultimately, I think that’s WI’s fatal flaw. Because if you’re going to build a comic around something as simple as four college guys, it needs an artist to really bring it to life and sell it, and unfortunately Talley is not at that level. Which is a shame, because the guest artwork, on the inside cover for instance, gives us a taste of what WI truly needs.

But, don’t get me wrong, if you’re looking for an earnest tale of college life, from the young male perspective, WI is a solid read. And perhaps McLelland has more wrinkles waiting in future installments, or Talley can continue to evolve and improve, because he’s got a solid foundation to work with. It just needs a little extra something, either in story, or art.

Give Wise Intelligence a look if college life appeals to you, either from the outsider perspective of not having experienced it yourself, or for the first hand look back on simpler, youthful times.


Friday, April 03, 2009

SUPER REAL NOTES: ECCC this weekend!


I'll be at the world famous Emerald City Comicon this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, in rainy dreary Seattle, exhibiting in the artist alley! Come by, say hey, and look over prints, sketchbooks, comics, art, or get a sketch!

This was a con sketch preorder for my version of the James Jean golden age Sally Jupiter pinup from the Watchmen movie...

I'm looking forward to it!