Monday, August 29, 2005


G0dland is good comics.

Not just cause it harkens back to legendary themes and art from the medium's storied past, while keeping an eye, and a spin on the story for today.
Not just because Casey's writing is imaginative and fun, and full of ideas that work on multiple levels.
And not just because Scioli succeeds in channeling comic master Jack "The King" Kirby.

But for all of those things, playing together. And more!
Like the vibrant colors.
The trademark Casey design package.
The cool characters.

G0dland is good comics, and we're only two issues in.

Sure it borrows heavily from comics past, but it's a heavy dose of the best stuff, and with enough new to make it entirely worthwhile all on it's own.
Check this book out if you haven't.
It deserves a shot!

I SAW IT ON TV: Entourage VS The Comeback

HBO TV is hands down, the best TV.
Let's pit two current top notch shows against each other...

In this corner we have: The Comeback

and in this corner: Entourage

The Comeback, is Lisa Kudrow masterfully sucking you into the life of her fictional reality show star/actress, Valerie Cherish.
A funny, absorbing look into the world of sitcoms, and the folks that bring them to life. At times it truly is hard to watch Kudrow's character struggle through existence, but it's only a testament to her acting.
The show is filled with big time moments that happen on you out of nowhere, just like life. It's great stuff.

Entourage. Well, you don't need me to tell you how good this show is, it's heating up quite a bit and building quite a buzz. And deservedly so.
The second season, poised to wrap up next week, has taken it to new heights. Every episode sings by in a flurry of deadpan dialogue and scripting. The cast are impeccable.

Be sure and tune into these and see for yourself, or if you don't have HBO, catch them on DVD. Especially Entourage.

Sunday, August 28, 2005


Yes, it's time, time for another trip through DVD-land, time for...
Tales From Netflix!!!
DVD reviews, where I tell you exactly where you should put a disc in your Netflix rental queue - placing it at the top, burying it at the bottom, or not even bothering in the first place.

We've got quite a line-up this week, so let's start it off with...

We likely would've never come across Frog-g-g had it not been for "Frog-g-g's" presence at the San Diego Comic-Con, and I'm not sure that's a good thing.

Frog-g-g was as you'd suspect, a b-movie at best, and a shade campy, but it didn't really flourish in any capacity, cheese or otherwise. So what you're left with is just a bad movie all around, with some all-to-brief hilarious scenes with Frog-g-g (I suspect if you summed up the latex creatures screen time you'd come up to under five minutes). The scenes with Frog-g-g in them are mostly funny cause this is one creature that behaves out of the norm, you see, he's a mutated species that must mate with human females, and fast, and a lot. There's only ever really one sex scene with Frog-g-g though, but it's a treasure.

I'd like to say don't bother, but I'm going to go ahead and mildly recommend you put Frog-g-g at the bottom of your QUEUE

and no, I'm not biased...

This has been a great year for movies, already with at least two added to my all time favorites list - Sin City, and Life Aquatic. Kung Fu Hustle may just be another.

Hustle is filled to the brim with energy, wit, and style. It zips along and crafts one amazing scene, or sequence after the next. As with the aforementioned Sin City, it's a lot like a comic book come to life. A merging of live action directing, with CG effects that's nearly seamless, and makes the impossible come to life. However, this film is not based on a comic book, but writer/producer/director/star (yes, really) Steven Chow (he wears more hats than even Rodriguez) would make a fantastic choice for such a film (but then, Ang Lee didn't exactly succeed in that department...).

Hustle has a lot in common with Crouching Tiger, Hero, and the Eastern wire work films, but where those are mostly emotional, or deeply spiritual, Hustle is pure fun and spectacle. It simply must be seen.

Make sure Kung Fu Hustle is at the top, number one spot on your QUEUE

Just like the title suggests, Layer Cake is dense - as in heavy on plot. It's also one of the best films of the year, and an impressive directorial debut for Matthew Vaughn (no wonder he was tapped to direct X-men 3 initially).

The directing here is what you'd expect or hope for from this type of underworld UK character/caper piece, very stylish, and very cool. It's also filled with great performances from an ensemble cast. The only thing I found too challenging was that the dialects and sound at times were hard to hear or follow, and the plot was very intricate. There is simply a ton of angles being played in this film, and it's hard to tell if it's good ol American laziness that makes it too much, and warranting repeated views, or if those repeated views would start to shine holes in the plot/story.

Layer Cake belongs up there with the other landmark, quality British films of similar ilk, like Trainspotting, Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, and Snatch. It may even score better than some of those. The soundtrack is also very good, and very well suited, just as with Trainspotting.

Be sure and put Layer Cake at the top of your QUEUE, push play and enjoy.

Hey Vin Diesel in a Disney-flick is genius. Undoubtedly the film is not.

The Pacifier does come close to succeeding, really only stumbling towards the middle (and when things fizzle in the middle of short, 90 minute movie, you know you're in trouble), and making what would've been a high recommendation, a mild one.

Had they trimmed a few minutes in the middle, or reworked it a touch this would've been a top queue, but instead I'll go with a middle QUEUE for Pacifier.

Okay, so Steamboy is the long in production, hopeful anime masterpiece, with some of the creators from Akira, and maybe other landmark animes. Thing is, most of the movie animes, that see a domestic release, are all hyped as being from one of the creators of Akira, whether it's the director, editor, writer, I don't know, they make it kind of hard to care at this point.

As I'd heard, Steamboy is a visual accomplishment, it's one of the strongest works of animation put to film. It's not all that vibrant, or imaginative, but it's full of technical renderings done to perfection. The character designs aren't particularly striking either, but also still very solid.

This is a good movie though. It's a solid story, with some incredible visuals. You just don't ever get too swept up in it, or grow to really care for any of the characters, except for the perfectly magical chihuahua that gets introduced and then disappears... (it's the kind of character Miyazaki, another legendary anime director, is renowned for, and part of why his films, don't often miss the mark)

I still say Steamboy belongs at the top of your QUEUE

Thursday, August 25, 2005


As I noticed in yesterday's new edition of Previews (featuring the world debut of Super Real, wink wink), Brian Wood has a new series through Vertigo titled DMZ.

Not only is Brian one of the few comic book writers that I follow, as opposed to artists (but hey, he's an artist too, and his Channel Zero is must read stuff kids), but the artwork shown in Previews looked AMAZING! Freaking, oh my god, FUCKING, cooool! Apparently by Italian newcomer Riccardo Burchielli (or is he a newcomer? anyone?).

Well, I see today that has a preview for it HERE
Check this out folks.

Looks amazing!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Super Real trailer online!

Since the current edition of Previews catalog hits comic shops today with a listing for my comic, Super Real, I've updated my website with more info on the series.

Including an all new "trailer" for the book.
Check it out HERE

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

HEY DJ! - Mucho Maas por favor!

Timo Maas' second disc, Pictures, proves him to be the lord and master of dark progressive trance.

More understated, and darker than his first effort, Portrait is a must have for any fan of the electronic scene. I'm glad I was able to score a download (legal) since the disc is yet to release domestically (there's not even a release date yet).

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for this one, it's maassive!

Monday, August 22, 2005


Tales From Netflix are DVD reviews, where I tell you if a DVD is worth putting in your Netflix rental queue, moving it to the top, burying it at the bottom, or not even bothering in the first place.


XXX PART DEUS is a lot like watching XXX if it were an ICE CUBE remix. Take all the parts from the first movie, which was okay at best, and dub in Cube in the starring role, adjusting the beats, or in this case scenes, accordingly. Add to that the fact that you have Willem Dafoe as the villain, playing Green Goblin with only slightly less hysteria, and you've seen it all before. Even the rap girl run chop shop straight out of Outkast's I like the way you move video.

XXX theft auto gets a mild bottom QUEUE rating from me... mildly enticing D.C. based dumb fun, as witnessed just months ago in National Treasure.

ALEXANDER: Director's Cut

Not sure what the difference is between this and the regular version. I'd heard rumblings of different context through some changes in terms of Alexander's sexuality, and I assume the length and/or rating may be extended...

From all the negative talk I'd heard around this film though, I have to tell you I was pleasantly surprised. While not without it's problems, I thought the film, and Alexander's epic quest to answer life's questions through his unrelenting march of domination, engrossing. Oliver Stone can still weave intoxicating imagery into twisted epic tales, as he did so enjoyably with The Doors or U-Turn, two Stone films that readily come to mind. You really get a sense that Alexander, though questionably cast as Farrell, is journeying to the ends of the Earth. Kilmer also turns in another great performance for Stone as Alexander's father, King Phillip.

Having just watched the Alexander anime by Peter Chung last year, I was familiar with the story, but as I know both are unique takes on it (at least the anime was), there was enough difference between the two. The homosexuality found in the Stone version being the most striking change. That may have been alluded to in the anime, but here it's at the forefront. Dunno if that's part of the original story or not, but it worked well here. I also thought the flashbacks to the crowning of Alexander worked well to drive the story. The one mis-step that comes to mind is the big "first" battle early on in the film where we're treated to the protagonists clever strategy, but then as it plays out, you wish you would've paid closer attention because the presentation is confusing.

I recommend you put Alexander to the top of your queue. Though if you've watched Stone before and found his films not to your liking, I suspect you'd find this the same.

Friday, August 19, 2005


If you're a child of the 70's, or if you dig on TV, movies, or B movies from that era, then you need to check out!

I stumbled on the site (which sounds familiar) while searching for images of space on Google, and came across good ol' Rom the Space Knight!!

There are several pages of some of the more obscure sci-fi related toys from that era, as well as features on B movie DVDs, wallpapers, and such. A fun site to play around!

If anyone wants to find me an original Alien toy, I'd sure be appreciative!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Kirkman shares...'s got the best comics columns on the internet, bar none.
No really.
There's the long running, and often enlightening Permanent Damage by Steven Grant.
The uber-informative Comic's Pimp that ran from progressive retailer James Sime.
Joe Casey and Matt Fraction volley questions each week.
The list goes on and on...

Well add a couple Image creators to that list, Eric Larsen, and Robert Kirkman are the latest to get their own columns on CBR.

Kirkman's column, Buy My Books, looks to give an inside look at the milieu of things that float by a prolific comic book scribe, while also highlighting why one should indeed "Buy My Books".
The latest, and second, installment shares further how Kirkman broke in, this time with Image specifically, and there are some nuggets to be found in there for new and aspiring creators. Such as:
Up and Comer Advice #2: To make it in comics you have to not suck. But if you don't suck you're really only half way there. It helps to get to know everyone you can. You never know who will be able to offer you that gig that's going to make your career, so get out there and mingle... but most of all, don't suck. It doesn't matter how many people you know if you suck.

Indeed. Seems pretty straightforward, but good advice nonetheless. For more advice, and the full column, go HERE

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Super Real Webcomic

The SUPER REAL webcomic returns to it's weekly Wednesday installments on beginning today!

Look for issue two to resume running until it's completion, with perhaps some extras along the way!

Tune in, and stop by the forum to share your thoughts!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Comics formula for success?

The current edition of Komic Sutra on caught my eye, it's a whimsical list of twelve "Things You Need To Make a Comic Great".

The full report can be found HERE, but I thought it'd be swell to check the list against my book, Super Real!

So, here we go:

1)Violence - Oh yes. This book doesn't have a "Matureness Required" on the covers for nothing. An hey, just so ya know, Tarantino's a personal creative inspiration... nuff said.
2)Boobies - Yes please, I mean, that is, we have 3 pair of these prominently featured, as well as some very chiseled man chest too (just in case).
3)Monkeys - Nobody really like monkeys in comics, or apes. I just don't get this. There damn sure aren't any apes in this book! Fuck apes in comics, that's just weird fetish shit right there...
4)Deaths - How can I answer this without spoiling anything? bout YES!
5)Celebrity writers - I am neither a writer, nor a celebrity, but I'll do my best to get some washed up reality stars to pimp the book!
6)Tacos - They're just messing around on this one, but perhaps I can work in a scene or two with "tacos".
7)Religion - No, don't think so. But we will play around a touch with politics, and everyone knows that's just as combustible!
8)Parody an Existing character/team - Sort of. Oh, and wait till you see it, it's Super Real's "secret weapon"!!!
9)Family Matters - There are some themes involving family here, but not in the way they suggest...
10)Variant covers - Of course! Did I mention we have Josh Howard for issue one? And wait till you see who I'm lining up for more!!!
11)80's Properties - No thanks. The 80's are so 90's!
12)Mentors - Yes, I think. I've come up with a great little "mentor" character or two.

Now we know this isn't an actual list right? It's just for fun. For instance, important things like good writing and good artwork, are left off the list, those are assumed, I mean it's comic books, writing and art... duh.

So, how'd I score?
Well, for starters, out of 12 items, I only agree with 9, so of those 9 I hit 6, with a couple maybes thrown in there too. Not bad. Good thing it's not an actual test though, but encouraging enough to know I'm on the right track (wink)!

Monday, August 15, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Super F*ckers rock the mp3

Yes, as if the insanely fun Super F*ckers comic from James Kochalka wasn't enough, now there's the Super F*ckers themesong by James Kochalka Superstar (courtesy of Rykodisc)!!

Go HERE and download the theme song for your very own. It's raucus, fun, and in bad taste just like the book!!!


Clicked a banner ad for a webcomic called Hold My Life, it had a striking graphic that caught my eye. Once I started the comic I was really blown away. The whole thing is executed in a very unique and stylish graphic vibe, and even though the dialogue is mostly text, it meshed really well with the amazing visuals.

The story picks up with a young girl on a random bus trip to parts unknown, in search of a wi-fi connection... The artist, Dale Ingram, really uses lots of tools and tricks to perfectly execute the story, and I can't wait to read more.

Have a look for yourself. Check it out HERE

Friday, August 12, 2005

MEANWHILE AT THE MOVIES... Aeon Flux previewed!

Have yet to see any live footage from the movie, even though they had a booth at the SDCC, so I'm excited to peek.


As I've said, the movie should be animated/anime, but I'll settle for anything.
Here's the LINK to the official site. Not much there yet...

Can't believe Peter Chung was at the SDCC and I missed him!
Woe is me!!!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Okay, since I still have books I picked up at San Diego Comic-Con I wanted to share, and I've already gone to and come back from Wizard World Chicago, what I'll be doing is featuring them under the CON SWAG title for the next short time...

The first books to feature are from my neighbor at the SDCC, David Montoya of YUME COMICS.
MOHO issue number 1 and 2 ASHCAN
Issue 1 - full size, 24 pages, black and white

Issue 2 - full size, 48 pages, black and white

David is currently selling the first two issues of the series in black and white at cons, but will release them in full color upon distribution. As an added bonus, he's taking the names of everyone who buys the early b&w versions for a tribute page in the color books.

Moho, can be summed up best in one word, imaginative. After spending the better part of a week hearing his pitch for the title, I can tell you, Dave has created a fully realized fantasy/science fiction story for this title, and it shows in the books. Reading them is like entering another world, or in this case a future Earth, where society uses technology, or the restriction of it, to control the masses. The world of Moho is one of semi-primitive tribal communities, where one family is plotting to overthrow their technologically oppressive masters.

In the first issues we get a glimpse of the story David's created, as the family struggles to keep their secret technology, the Moho (a synthetic-human weapon), safe, and in play for the rebellion's plans to challenge the technology-hoarding Xenling. Moho is filled with terms, language, creatures, technologies, and social structures all of original creation. Perfect for fans of Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, or manga/anime, where original universes or worlds are par for the course.

The story is engrossing and moves along well. We meet and become interested in each character and their struggles. Also, David's artwork is unique and fun, plus having seen the color pages, I can tell you, they add quite a lot!

Do yourself a favor and check out Moho. You can purchase copies directly from the Yume Comics website HERE, or learn more about the book in general HERE

It's a wild WIZARD WORLD...

The current PIPELINE column from CBR columnist Augie De Blieck is up, and it's his summary of the big Chi-town Wizard con... but Augie gets a little buck wild on Wizard...

Check it, HERE
Go for the con insights, stay for the seething rant!

IN CASE U MISSED IT: News and notes

So, while I was away in the heartland, pimping my upcoming book to Wizard World Chicago attendees, celebrating my one year anniversary, and visiting family, there were quite a few news items that came from and during the con. Here's a rundown of the cool stuff...
Josh Howard gets his next book set up with Devil's Due, more HERE
Good for Josh, the new book looks/sounds cool! (course, I'm a Josh fan...)
More Danger Girl coming, with some cool Nick Bradshaw art, HERE
Saw Bradshaw's pencils on Army of Darkness, and thought he'd be great on the right title, this should be it!
Okay, like you need me to tell you Joe Mad is coming back to comics...

GEN13 gets another reboot, and from the sound of it, a better one, with Gail Simone and Talent Caldwell, HERE
Congrats to Wildstorm for getting a fun, good, hot writer and "cool" artist, THE formula for GEN13! YES PLEASE!!
Someone point me to some samples...

That should about do it!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Wizard World Chicago gets Super Real!

I'm off for Wizard World Chicago, and that means TSL will likely be "off" for a few days too. Perhaps I'll have time to dibble the blog dabble, but it's doubtable...

Here's the Chi-Con info for any in the area...

August 4th-7th

Artist Alley table 9169

See you soon!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: SDCC never dies!!!

Speaking of exhaustive SDCC con photo galleries...

Check out for what must be the biggest of them all. Tons, hundreds even, of pics from the show, er, or mostly of the costumes, but hey, there's a pic of me, and I'm not in costume!


Monday, August 01, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: SDCC from me to you 6

Been too busy to update lately, but just talked to my neighbor from San Diego Comic-Con (David Montoya of Yume Comics), and he's got a GREAT photo gallery of the con. Probably the best I've seen, especially of the show floor.

Go HERE now and check it out!