Friday, March 27, 2015

Emerald City Comic Con 2015

Was the best Emerald City ever!!

Great show!

I had a few new prints, and a killer spot, but the show was as good as ever.

Look for these two as new tee designs soon...

And here's some Agent Carter fan art...

Its simply one of the best shows bar none.
They pack in an amazing crowd of comic fans every year, so here's hoping new owners Reed Pop don't change it too radically.

We stayed in the con hotel this year and got to see many of the guests, often while walking the dog (including Stan the Man), which doesn't normally happen while being behind the table at shows, so that was fun. And we got to spend time with many of our friends old and new, and sample some truly amazing restaurants to celebrate my wife's birthday in style.

The Icon Grill is always a must for us.
But we happened onto Quinn's, which is on Pike street about a mile north of the con, and it has a truly amazing offbeat pub menu, and super tasty house beverages. Highly recommend seeking them out... and you must get the spiced bacon caramel corn ;)
And of course, the Taphouse, just a block from the con is always good!

Here's some of the cooler cosplay I saw (the gender-bent Wolverine was too cool)...

And finally, here's a Rocket Raccoon sketch cover I did at the show...