Thursday, November 30, 2006


Okay, another late week... so it's again past time for my COMIC PICK OF THE WEEK, a weekly rundown of new comics, where I pick the best of the bunch. Then everyone is invited to join in and post their favorites for the week in the comments!

My shop missed quite a few books on 11/22 (a multi shop mix up, they're a local chain), so I didn't get a couple books til yesterday, and my copy of Godland is still MIA (and it was a pick of the week last time)...

Each week, I should mention, quite a few books go unread, mostly stuff I like to read in chunks, or things I missed an issue on, or am behind on. Books like Noble Causes, Snakewoman, Street Fighter II, Uncle Sam, and Ultimate Spider-Man this week.

Lots of Image books this week too...
DRAIN #1 - I'd high hopes for this one, and it was just okay. The art was solid, but not as good as I thought, and the story/concept was pretty weak. Not bad (but the Finch cover I got was, I like his stuff, but not this cover)...
PIRATES OF CONEY ISLAND #1 - Another solid issue, both in story and art. Still not on the level of Spears' Teenagers From Mars, but really good. TFM though still an ode to punk lifestyle, like POCI, had more story and heart, at least so far. Great getaway scene though (multiple gears in reverse, what an idea)!
CASANOVA #6 - This continues to be one of my favorites. Smart stories built around real world event/ideas, and phenomenal art from Gabriel Ba!! Spy comics done perfectly!!
HEROES FOR HIRE #4 - I'm still riding this out because it continues threads from Daughters of the Dragon, a mini from earlier this year that I loved...
WONDER WOMAN #3 - Never been a Wonder Woman fan, but enjoyed Heinberg's Young Avengers, and Dodson's art is gorgeous (cept for the Hughes inspired man-faced women). This issue though, was a really fun read, and amazingly rendered! Almost made pick of the week!
DEAD @17 #2 - Read this a week ago, and know I liked it, but can't remember much now. It does however sport a Super Real ad, so you know you should pick it up! Josh's stuff is always great.


As soon as I heard about Planet Hulk, the Hulk thrown out to the stars and landing on a world where he's made to fight gladiator style, and that it was scripted by Greg Pak, I knew I'd want in on it. I signed up for it, but my shop missed the first part, issue 92, so I'd been stacking these up, waiting for that issue!

Well, last week they found me a copy of 92, so I read the first two 4 part storylines, Exile, and Anarchy.

In Exile (issues 92-95) the Hulk touches down and is thrown into combat, joins with a group of other combatants, and eventually squares off against the Silver Surfer. Awesome!

In Anarchy (issues 96-99) the Hulk's crew is on the run from the ruling cast on the planet and flirting with a full scale rebelion. Pretty cool.

So far, Planet Hulk lives up to the great high concept, with occasional missteps or scenes on the cheesey side, but overall solid plotting. The artwork here is also good overall. Pagulayan on the first arc, and Lopresti on the second. I prefer Pagulayan, as I've always found Lopresti's stuff capable, if a little stiff, but here he's improved and very similar in style to Pagulayan (whom I've never heard of before this). There are great moments of raw Hulk power, often in explosive splash pages, that are a blast to see. Hulk does seem a bit out of character at times, but I haven't followed him regularly, except for a brief time with Jones and Romita JR's run, for 20 plus years.

It's a fun storyline, and one I look forward to following (eventually leading up to World War Hulk or whatever, next year). Pick this up if you're a fan of the Hulk, or epic science fiction!

How about you, what's your pick this week???

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

INDUSTRY RANT: Comics activism

CBR links to a rant from Bomb Queen creator, Jimmie Robinson, over on I guess, their blog... HERE

In the post, Jimmie rants about doing more for comics than just reading them, in an attempt to stir things up, and get folks thinking (if they haven't already), about doing more for comics yourself. Spreading the word for the benefit of all. It's an interesting topic, and thre are some really great thoughts in the comments. Most of the replies take things too personally, and miss the point, but still make valid points of their own.

Look, I'm not saying these posters are wrong in there comments, or feelings, or that the article in question was brilliantly conceived, but to openly wail against it seems counterproductive, and perhaps misses the point. Admittedly though, any discusion is a good thing.

Comics, though recently more successful than they were, are still a niche market, and even though things are going great in terms of exposure and acceptance, or even recognition, in the outside market, they're still not reaching new audiences in any big number.

Jimmie's saying, do your part, if you truly care, do something besides just buying what you like. Think about what you buy, offer books to friends, talk about comics outside the comics community. Be an activist, be outspoken, etc.

Sure, it's not the only way comics can reach more people, perhaps it's not even the right way, but at least it's doing something. Anything.
Besides, ya know, reading Civil War, or Mouse Guard, and tucking it away in your closet, and repeating...

and I'm part of the problem.
In the beginning, before I launched Super Real, I was filled with the desire to creatively offer my book, via new channels, and methods, to seek out the widest audience, and help bring a new golden age to comics.
As time moves on, and as I've gotten the book set up in the main (and virtually only) distribution system, Diamond, my focus has moved away from breaking the system, to beating it, or more so, playing along with it.
I tried my hand at some things outside the direct market, to no affect. And sure, maybe those failures, limited in scope as they were, were failures of the book, or my own, but the bottom line is, a couple years into this thing, and I'm only focusing on the direct market, and making Diamond a success. I've become so consumed with just that, I've taken my focus away from other outlets almost completely. Which is a failure on my part, but the reality is I'm only one man, and have x amount of time and energy to spend (to say nothing of finances).
In the back of my mind however, it's been that, I can go back to trying innovation, and finding new markets, once I have a substantial offering, a trade collection. Because, realistically, a monthly format comic is not much to offer outside the direct market, and lord knows my schedule is anything but monthly.

I guess the other reason my passion, and focus, for moving the medium forward, and out of the direct market tar pit it's in (ya know, besides the fact that it is a viable market of it's own if you can crack it), is I've grown to see a light at the end of the tunnel. A change in format. To digital, cheap, accessible content, and books (or new format periodicals). The pamphlet will die, it's inevitable. Once digital media can be viewed more readily, beyond the current generation of formats it is today (monitors, PSP's, Ipod's, eReader's) there will be nothing holding us to print. Coupling the advancements in technology with the utter and complete reduction of costs insures this will happen (to say nothing of the potential for market outreach digital can provide). It's not a question of if, but when. Comics can once again become the cheap entertainment alternative that built the medium, industry, and genres. Because let's face it, they have something to offer, that no other medium can, but concurrently, they have limitations that other medias do not. To get people to read static images, as opposed to viewing live ones with sound, or hey, interactive ones, you have to position yourself as cheaper, or you'll forever be a niche (and well, you'll still be a niche, but potentially a much larger one).

A good example, or parallel, might be radio. Radio was king, in terms of entertainment, until the creation of television. Then it was relegated to a source for music, until TV took that mantle as well, relegating it to only being something chosen in a captive environment, mostly cars. But now, with growing internet prevalence and technology, you're seeing the renaissance of radio, the podcast. That is until the internet can more readily provide video content.

So, similar to radio, comics have a new chance via the digital world/marketplace (but also an advantage over radio in that they offer more).

Until we reach these crossroads however, comics are positioned well enough in the mindset of the mainstream, that we should be able to make some inroads outside the direct market, or that is, take bigger steps in growth. Sure, it's not just the fans or readers who have to bear this out, it's everyone. Creators, publishers, distributors, and retailers as well. I sure as hell wish the industry leaders were blazing the path here...

To Jimmie's point, and countless others before him, or any genuinely caring comics fan who takes the time to truly assess the industry, it is up to us all to do something, anything to help the industry. Because if you love and care for the medium, and you do nothing to help it, you've no one to blame but yourself if it collapses.

Many of the responses seem to suggest that they are doing these things, and believe many more do as well, but whether this is true or not, the numbers don't bear it out. The industry is maintaining, not growing by any large amount.

Let me clarify again, I can see why many have taken offense to his rant, it's offensive in nature, by design, and it's bound to receive knee jerk reactions (especially on the web). Many have brought up his resume, or called into question his current book, and quite a few take offense to a creator suggesting fans do more in support of their books. Irregardless of his work, or his views, the core message is do something for the industry if you really care. If you've already done something, great, the message isn't for you. If you take offense at his work, that's beside the point, at least in terms of the big picture that the core of the piece speaks to. And if you as a reader, and fan of comics, question a creator calling for more help spreading the word of a book, have you yourself published a comic book in today's market? Do you yourself understand what it's like to try and get attention for something new, outside the mainstream, in today's market? Well, then you probably don't know where he's coming from in that regard...

Let me just tell you, as someone who is publishing a new book in today's market, it's not easy, and you can use all the help you can get. It's easy to dismiss that viewpoint, claiming enough isn't spent on marketing, or that the material in question isn't good to begin with are a couple points that easily come to mind, but really understanding it takes a more intimate knowledge. For instance, one could easily spend vast amounts of money to get a book some attention in the market, but they would only see the smallest fraction returned in sales if successful. There are no easy answers. The best I've found is, create the best work you can, and try to inspire those who enjoy it, to help spread the word.

That's all Jimmie's really doing here. To be hypercritical of it is to miss the point, I think. And I plan to keep devoting time and energy to doing what I can to help. If you don't want to, that's fine, but perhaps just talking about it will inspire some, and there's nothing wrong with that.

What do you think?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I SAW IT ON TV: Rundown

Haven't posted about TV in a while, so here's a rundown of recent viewing...

Let's start with network TV...

HEROES continues to be one of the better shows on TV. It's not perfect, and some episodes and plots can be worse than others, but it's a great watch, and good TV viewing.

Last night we got to finally see the powered serial killer Sylar, and it turns out he's Tory's gay friend from So Notorious!! Woo hoo. Otherwise, we got the cool backstories on all our cast, in what could have easily felt forced, or lame, but was done well. Memo to the Heroes writing staff, don't follow the Lost formula and go back to the flashback well repeatedly, that would suck.

Some of last night's developments really bother me as they're very similar to some of the things I'm working towards with Super Real, but what can you do...

AMAZING RACE is great reality television. Although this is only my second season watching, as we reach the final four, I find myself again more engaged with the show just as things ramp up, in addition to thoroughly enjoying the full throttle trek around the globe...

SURVIVOR continues to add enough new variables to keep things entertaining. And though I've wondered if casting is lacking, I'm not sure it isn't just the fact we've been there done this so many times...

JERICHO has survived to become a regular show for me, unlike The Nine (yuck), or Studio 60 (boring). While it's far from perfect, at times its sappy, goofy, or downright dopey, its got a great concept and storyline. Not everything can achieve the quality of the better HBO programs (especially on network television), but Jericho has enough going for it to be a fun watch. Like any decent serialized show, you want to see where it's going.
Fit this one into your viewing if you've got the time.

LOST may have finished it's "fall season", but I'm anxious for more. I'm glad they broke it up (as many others are also now doing) into two uninterrupted chunks, I can't wait for 16 episodes in a row. As long as we're not left with as many doubts about the show as we are now by season end, and that this thing won't end up going the way of X-Files...

DAY BREAK which replaces Lost during it's hiatus, has been pretty good so far. At least enough to keep me watching. Diggs is a great lead, the supporting cast is solid, and the production is top notch (I love HD shows). We'll see if they can continue to skate the fine line the concept provides, or if they fall down trying...

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS is a surprise watch for me. I didn't want to watch it, but heard good things, and I'm very glad I did. Due to the elections a couple weeks back, I missed an episode, so I haven't yet skipped past that and continued on... But this has a great cast (Kyle Chandler is great as the coach/lead), stellar production, and rich storylines. Give this one a shot if you haven't.

And now cable...

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA maintains it's high quality level now in the third season. Even while making bold moves and changes, picking up where season 2 left off, but now restoring things to status quo while also moving things forward considerably. Best show on TV.

MASTERS OF HORROR began it's second season, and while season one was a fun mix of quality horror based/themed offerings, season two seems weaker both in quality, and horror. It's still a fun series, like a twighlight zone, where you never know what you'll get, or where they'll take you.

And finally, Animation...

LEGION OF SUPERHEROES was a new cartoon I talked up a few weeks back, and while I still think it's a great cartoon, recent episodes have focused more on juvenile fun, than superheroic storytelling. This is shaping up to be less engaging for any age than I originally thought, and more just for a younger demographic (a Saturday morning cartoon just for kids, imagine that).

This was one of the stronger animated treatments of a comic I've seen. Definitely more mature than Saturday morning fare, but not too mature as to be for adults only, a good mix. The production and animation was superb throughout, and the designs by Sean Galloway were great, very much along the lines of Jeff Matsuda (current Batman Animated). The story also had very imaginative touches for a basic hero's journey setup, with really creative foes for Hellboy to square off against (a hallmark of the comic), yet being completely new for the movie (I believe). The third act was probably the biggest let down of the production though, not that it was bad, but things resolved in a very straightforward and predictable fashion, especially compared to the rest of the outing.
I myself don't really dig the Hellboy franchise, I think it's creative and fun, but I'm not too engaged with the main character or the core concept of the BPRD. That said, I'd recommended this to any fan of animation, comics, or Hellboy. It's a well done, fun, animated film!

Saturday, November 25, 2006


Whoops! Got behind; holidays, work, marketing... So it's past time for the COMIC PICK OF THE WEEK, my weekly rundown of new comics, where I pick the best of the bunch. Then everyone is invited to join in and post their favorites for the week in the comments!

I'll make this quick this time...

Supergirl 11 had pretty art by Joe Benitez, loved that, the story though... eh
Bomb Queen II 2 was good, more over the top shenanigans from Jimmie Robinson...
Girls 19, things keep progressing, slowly, but the ride is quite enjoyable...
Day of the Dead: The Rising of Bub 1 was mostly cool, like how it weaved into the actual movie, and the art was pretty nice, but the colors and story were a bit confusing...
X-Men First Class 3 of 8 was another solid old school x-team yarn...
New Avengers 25 continued the Civil War theme where we focus on one team member dealing with the event... yawn, I've reemed these enough so I won't again this week... good art though...
Civil War 5, since it was a slow week, I wanted to make it my pick, but it was really just a string of "cool" moments, not much actually going on. I really dig Millar's stories, until the final act, where he always seems to let down, and here, even if he delivers on that, he's still off considerably with characterization. And, what the hell?!? Isn't this supposed to showcase the heavy hitters of the Marvel U?!?! If so, they've got a pretty lame bunch of C list characters to offer up...


Well, I had to pick something... so this gets it. It really wasn't that great, but the series is fun, and I like how the first lead up and into this new series. It's solid zombie storytelling, both in words and pictures, and I love zombies, but there's not much "new" and exciting going on here.

Worth a read if you're into zombies, or followed the first run.

How about you, what's your pick this week???

Wednesday, November 22, 2006



Hitting comic shops today is the brand new December edition of the Previews catalog, with solicitation and ordering information for the Super Real Special: SUPER REAL VS. THE COMIC BOOK INDUSTRY, in shops this coming February.

The listing is in the comics section, on page 320.

From the solicitation:
The critically acclaimed cult hit series takes on the comic book industry itself in this first-ever special. This tale features five brand new stories showcasing a genetically-enhanced reality show cast throwing down with familiar faces from various comic industry genres. Features four guest artists, including featured creator Jim Mahfood!
This special issue is also a great jumping on point for new readers!

The book is 32 pages (30 action packed story pages), black and white, matureness requested, and $3.50

Features two covers, a regular and a 1 in 5 Jim Mahfood variant.

Diamond Order Code DEC06 3864

This one is gonna be a real blast, promise!!
It's full throttle action and the entire cast using their enhancements for the first time (including the first Tool in action)!

Order now!

Pop on over to the main site for more information, and preview pages HERE

Tuesday, November 21, 2006



Another great review for the recent third issue HERE

Columnist Dan Head writes, "Jason Martin is a man who isn't afraid to delve into the ridiculous." You can't get much better than that!! :)
(But he does go on to say more favorable things...)

Tomorrow's a big day!

Make sure and go down to your local comic shop tomorrow and pick up a copy of the December Previews Catalog for comics shipping in February!!!
Well because the first ever Super Real Special: SUPER REAL VS THE COMIC BOOK INDUSTRY will be listed for preorders...
stay tuned for more details tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Time again for the COMIC PICK OF THE WEEK, my weekly rundown of new comics, where I pick the best of the bunch. Then everyone is invited to join in and post their favorites for the week in the comments!

This was a pretty solid week...

Each week now I'm getting something from Wildstorm, as I've mentioned in the column, though I was a huge fan of the Wildstorm universe, the relaunch has just been good, not great. This week we had the Gen13 #2, which predictably followed the "Gail Simone Talent Caldwell new spin" on the classic story, to very lukewarm affect. Again, this may play better to someone not familiar to the original title, but as a fan of the original, it pales in comparison all around. Then we have Stormwatch #1, which was also prequeled in the Worldstorm special a few weeks back. The original run of Stormwatch took off about 10 years ago once Warren Ellis came on board and turned the franchise in a new direction, eventually spinning it into The Authority. After Ellis left, the series relaunched to great affect again, but was canceled mid run, and I've missed it ever since. This new version shows promise, and while it's a new direction again for the series, it builds on the previous volumes, while taking the concept and characters forward. Bonus points for that, and also, Mahnke is a GREAT artist. The first issue was a bit thick in setup/dialogue, but low on fun. So no picks here.

This week's X-book intake for me was Ultimate X-Men #76. Kirkman's run on the title has been lackluster, just as Vaughn before him. Both writers turning in low key, denim clad scripts that took a Saturday afternoon syndicated sci-fi/drama tv show vibe, playing well below the range of what comic book storytelling is capable of, and well below the quality the Ultimate line used to stand for. Part of that comes from the editorial missteps in the art department, and while the amazingly talented Ben Oliver returns on pencils here, his stuff is way too dry for the material. I can see the Marvel staffers thinking he's the next Bryan Hitch, and thus a great fit for the Ultimate line, and while he captures the skill of Hitch, his treatments just aren't bold or dynamic enough to reach that level. However, 2 issues into this 4 part Cable arc, this has been the best run from Kirkman yet on the title, and this issue was a lot of fun. It almost made the pick of the week...

Also in the stack this week was another good issue of Brian Vaughn's Doctor Strange: The Oath, issue 2 of 5. So far Vaughn is capturing the best of the sorcerer supreme in a tale that hasn't yet picked up a full head of steam, but the writing and artwork from Marcos Martin make it a joy.

This week also brought another great issue of Battlestar Galacticia, issue 3, from Dynamite Entertainment. So far their adaptations, with Greg Pak writing, and Nigel Raynor on art, have perfectly captured the spirit and voice of the phenomenal tv show, while operating in a limited framework between moments of in show continuity. This storyline has been full of fun moments and great ideas, but at times it's a bit hard to follow, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who doesn't already follow the show, as things would only be further compounded by not having a grasp on the characters and situations.

So what's the pick this week?

PICK OF THE WEEK: Rokkin #5 of 6

With the penultimate issue of the series, Rokkin has finally gone from good to really good. All of the characters introduced so far, the growing stash of acquired mystical artifacts, and overall arc of the story start to pay off. This was a great issue, filled with action galore (as always), creative fantasy, passion, and yes, even love. Looking forward to the big finale next month!

Check out this series if you haven't. Writer Andy Hartnell of Danger Girl fame has a penchant for 80's style sci-fi/action blockbuster storytelling, and artist Nick Bradshaw is incredibly talented, with awesome animation inspired visuals that are a sheer treat to take in.

So there you have it, another week, another pick.

How about you, what's your pick this week???

Friday, November 10, 2006

HEY DJ! - October catch up!

Haven't updated my new music playlist in a while, and have picked up some great stuff recently, so here we go...
(as always, just click the pics to explore discs further on

TV ON THE RADIO - Return to Cookie Mountain (rock/alternative/electronic)
Dense, deep, and challenging sound and lyrics. Unique and full of new moments to experience further with each listen.

BECK - The Information (rock/alternative)

Beck continues his return to form that started with last year's Guero, which sparkled with a new found creative energy (thanks in no small part to a return of Odelay producers, the awesome Dust Brothers). This time though, whereas Guero stood on the success of several stellar tracks, The Information shines from the overall quality of the entire set (and the production of Nigel Godrich - OK Computer).
Really fuckin good!

TEDDYBEARS - Soft Machine (electronic/rock/pop)

Another electronic group you know, but don't know it. Tracks from Soft Machine can be found in commercials and TV shows all across your subconscious... with Cobrastyle, an infectious party anthem, being the main culprit (currently featured in Fox TV's BONES promos) and standout of the disc. Teddybears create another great wrinkle in the soundscape tapestry of electronic music, blending in "Krautrock" and live instrumentation.
This one could appeal to a large cross section of listeners, good stuff!

BASEMENT JAXX - Crazy Itch Radio (electronic/pop/funk)

Each new disc from the Jaxx takes me the further in the opposite direction I'd like to see them go, but I still come back for more. Crazy Itch is probably my least favorite, but they're still a fun inventive electronic group unafraid of creating their own funked out sound.

GOLDFRAPP - We Are Glitter (electronic/dance)

This remix CD of their 2006 release Supernature features choice mixes from the band themselves. I'd hopes that the remix outing would give the Goldfrapp follow up I'd originally anticipated after the incredible Black Cherry, infusing Supernature with that extra oompf it was missing, but no such luck here either. The remixes are mostly extended dance versions, with a few standout reworkings, but not the overall achievement I know they could bring.

JET - Shine On (rock)

I wasn't going to pick this up, but I did. I should've passed. I really like their previous release, Get Born, but the first couple tracks here are solid, and then the rest seemed very forgettable. Haven't had the desire to give it further listens...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006



Doin this comic book thing just got a hell of a lot more fun!
I've published my own book, and with the upcoming (and uber super) special issue, I'll have had my first collaborative work published. It's one thing to write an draw and then pester a printer and distributor into doin up your books, that's awesome, but it's quite another thing to write a script, and have a different artist bring it to life for you.
With the Super Real special, that's exactly what I got to do, and it just seems to have come together so well. I was fortunate enough to come up with a roster of crazy talented artist doods, and also fortunate enough through, well fate to put it simply, to wind up also working with one all-star pro artist! Hey, I'm not saying the other 3 guys working on this special aren't just as talented, but what I am saying, that as cool as it was to work with them, and they did some awesome fucking pages, it's another level of cool to have an artist you've been a fan of, for like ever, to draw up your crazy comic concoctions.
Jim Mahfood.
Jim MotherF'n-Food!
I've dug his stuff since way back, and he's drawing pages for me!
Okay, geek moment over. (Thanks for indulging me :)

Reason I'm geeking on some 'Food?
Well, I got my first look at his pages for the special.
I'm on cloud nine.
Really, they're awesome.
He brings such a unique vibe, and it's so cool to collab, with him, and these others, and write stories that not only spin Super Real in the direction I want it to go, but to cater them for each unique artist.
For Jim, he brings the funk, so I did the goofiest of the five stories in the special, and sat back and waited.
I keep saying this, but let me say it again, this special is all kinds of fun. All kinds of cool. If this mother fucker doesn't turn some heads, well, I'll be bummed... I'm easy going.
But hey, I don't think I'll be bummed. I think everyone else will be just as stoked (okay, check that, no one can be as stoked as me, I know, but you know what I mean).

So, once again, stay tuned on this special issue, it's gonna be a good one!

Super Real Special #1: Super Real VS The Comic Book Industry
29 pages, 5 stories, 5 artists, black and white graphic goodness, $3.50 and out in comic shops worldwide February 2007 (the future you dig)!!

Watch the upcoming December Previews Catalog, dropping in shops 11/22 for the preorder lowdown. Sign up. Tell a friend.
Hype this shit!


Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Alright, I'm getting back on track with my weekly faves, and last week we had our first comments to this INTERACTIVE feature (hey H.C!)...

In case you've missed it, the COMIC PICK OF THE WEEK is where I rundown my weekly intake of new comics, and pick the best of the bunch, then, and this is the interactive part, you post your comments on your favorites for the week!

Let's go:

First off, let me just say that nothing really stood out this week.

There were a couple X-books (for the record, I don't get close to all of them)... Uncanny X-Men #480, the latest in the excellent 12 part Brubaker run, but another of the Vulcan solo/fill-in art issues. It was okay at best... X-Men Phoenix Warsong #3 - I loved the first Pak Phoenix mini, but this one is mostly suffering from some terrible Kirkham artwork. His stuff's not bad, but he's stretched pretty thin here (which is odd for a Marvel showcase of Top Cow talent), and that makes for some bad comics...

Irredeemable Ant-Man #2 is fun, and I'm still onboard, but I'll need some further convincing to continue following this one...

The latest Wildstorm re-launch is Midnighter #1 by Ennis and Sprouse. Solid, but not great. Midnighter, who was a contemporary cool version of Batman when Ellis created him, is starting to look kind of silly 10 years in. A nice update to the costume here would've coincided nicely with his debut series...

Street Fighter Legends: Sakura #3 - this one was fun at first, and it still is, but it's also coming across pretty pointless. It ends soon right?

Local #7 - a couple issues in I realized there wasn't much more to this than the vignettes of Megan's wandering the country issue to issue, and while it's an interesting experiment, it only maintains interest via the strong, resonant writing of Wood, and the incredible work of Kelly on art (this issues was particularly nice)...

No picks there, so here we are...

PICK OF THE WEEK: Justice League of America 0-3

Another book I thought I'd signed up for, but missed issue 0 and 1, and started picking up with number 2. Since I'm a fool for team heroes, I try most any version offered, at least try. I've never followed JLA, I've sampled it from time to time, but I usually leave, I'm just not a big DC guy, but I thought I'd give Meltzer another shot since Benes was on art. Benes, whom in my first experience was a stiff T n A rip off of Campbell has matured into a nice Jim Lee influenced artist, his work is continually improving, and he looks great here with Sandra Hope on inks.

Anyway, I picked up issue 0 and 1, so I sat down and read through all 4 this week when number 3 came out. I really like it. The writing, while a bit tame, is great, and so far I'm liking the direction of the series. Many complain that it's too slow, but I've no problems with a slower pace as long as it's done well, and we get some pay off. So far it's very well done, and I suspect things will climax nicely. Count me in as long as it does!

So there you have it, that was last week in comics for me.

How about you, what was your favorite pick of the week???

Monday, November 06, 2006

I SAW IT ON TV: Legion of Superheroes

I only ever tuned in to the first episode of Justice League, saw a handful of Teen Titans, and missed Justice League Unlimited altogether (but heard plenty of good things about it), I have however caught all of the new Legion of Superheroes cartoon! Probably because I always loved the concept of Legion, and was never a big DC guy, so the notion of all their big guns in JL doesn't amp me up, and the recent Teen Titans cartoon, good as it was, was still aimed at tweens. To me, sci-fi superheroes is about as cool as it gets, I love science fiction, and love super heroes, so concepts that blend the two are perfect. As much as I love the concept, I've never much gotten into the LOSH comics, as DC editorial tastes fly against my own (particularly on this title), I did follow and love the recent Abnett and Lanning run on the title along with the fantastic art of Oliver Coipel (and was sad to see them replaced by the very vanilla, but accomplished stylings of Waid and Kitson).

Here though, the new Legion of Superheroes cartoon continues the superb legacy of DC cartoon adaptations that started in the early 90's with Batman, and though I think the driving creative forces on this new series are different than most any preceding it (I'm not entirely sure), it fits nicely in both style and tone. Classic clean animation, solid storytelling, great characterization, and a familiar house style. Only this time, it's applied to some of the coolest characters in the DC universe, with Superboy (dubbed Superman here for legal purposes) in tow.

Aside from the solid writing and production that's a hallmark of modern DC/Warner Bros. animation, what really stands out in this series is the remarkably choreographed super powered action and fisticuffs. The latest episode, featuring the evil Superman, Drax, highlights the phenomenal combat sequences that truly make the new LOSH a joy to watch for any fan of super powered action. The creators flesh the Legion members and their abilities out, and weave complex, smart, confrontations that show the real scope and impact these super abilities would afford. Coupled with the fantastic character designs and fun concept, it's really a treat to watch!

Check out this series if you haven't, it's good fun.

Friday, November 03, 2006


I'm slipping behind further, and further, but we're only a couple days into the new releases for 11/1, so I'm not too late to talk about last week!

Once again though, let me remind you all, this is an interactive feature :)
So start sharing, or I'm not going to play with you any more!!

Here we go, here's my pick of last weeks pack of comics...

Let's run it all down:

Civil War crap - New Avengers 24 continues the filler dreck, what shit, utter filler shit, oh well, at least it's got some gorgeous Pascual Ferry artwork - Civil War Choosing Sides plays out like the teaser trailer that it is for these CW spawned titles, but hey, it's got HOWARD THE FUCKING DUCK, making it a must have for me. No picks here... (oh yeah, and almost forgot about Heroes for Hire 3, what's that tell ya? Nice 1/3rd of a cover though...)

Marvel Zombie - I am a bit of one ya know? Zombie #2 from the Max imprint is fun, but a lot less going on then in the debut (especially in the unique to zomibie story 101 department)... X-Men #192 continues the cool debut of the new creative team (ya know, X-Men titles are like revolving doors, maybe we should just call em temps?), Bachalo sure does a pretty page, story's pretty good, we're almost to the climax, thumbs up... and Nextwave #9, another favorite of mine, but this issue seemed especially light. Great feed from Ellis's fucked up Marvel comics brainwaves, just hyper dumped this time. So, no winner here...

The rest -
Savage Brothers numbers 1 and 2, what can I say, scored these this week, after peeking the awesome artwork in issue 2... stories okay, it's zombies with great art, that makes it a buy, but not a pick.
Deathblow #1, almost picked this one, love D'Anda's art, and it's really nice here. Fun Azzarello story too, but the return of another book had me all extra smitten...


When Godland first came out I was really diggin it, but as the issues came month in month out, it lost some of that cosmic like wow fun that Casey and Scioli cum Kirby were dopely dolein out. I guess absence does make the heart grow fonder, cause after a couple month hiatus, this new issue had me all cosmic tingly. Yay! Think it mostly had to do with the more way out cosmic bent of this issue, but this is a fun series, especially when it goes all out in the cosmic department, and I'm glad it's back!
(This review is clearly sponsored by the word COSMIC - Coz-mick)

Pick of the week 10/25 goes to you Godland, enjoy, I did ;)

So there you have it, that was last week in comics for me.

How about you, what was your favorite pick of the week???



This time over on Marc Mason's new site TheComicsWaitingRoom

While he's still anxious to see where things are going, he's down with the focus on characterization, and along for the ride.

Mark that as another review in the plus column!

Thursday, November 02, 2006



This time reviewer Brian Germain gives the love for the series with 4 out 5 on the overall score, and plenty of nice words for the book!

Check it out HERE

So far, issue 3 is 3 for 3 on reviews!
If you know of any other reviews of the book out there, please let me know!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Halloween may be already over, but I had to share this killer Halloween pick from my buddy Thom at the Third Rail Design Lab!
Click the pic to get a full view and check out his site!