Friday, October 03, 2014

TEE DESIGN: new shirts on TeePublic!

Just added a couple previous designs, and one that I hadn't made available online yet to my TeePbulic t-shirt store!

Now you can finally get my Breaking Bad HEISENDEVIL design on a shirt...
Plus you can get my Tyrion/Dinklage/Game of Thrones design pIMP too...
Or the classic FROG BROS. as well!!

Head on over and check out all the designs HERE

Thursday, October 02, 2014

ZOMBIE TRAMP: more samples

As I've mentioned before, I'm currently working on Zombie Tramp, the new ongoing monthly series that we're publishing at Action Lab: Danger Zone (for which I am the publisher). The creator Dan Mendoza is still writing the series, but I am now co-writing it with him, as well as coloring the book.

I've shared some samples here, and continue to do so on my DeviantArt gallery, but thought I'd show some more color samples here on the blog.

Here are some pages from the recently released issue 2
And issue 3 is due out shortly, so here's some work from that.
I'm currently finishing up colors on issue 4, which is the completion of our first story arc. All of the samples you've seen here so far are from our main series artist TMChu, but after issue 4 we have a few guest artists lined up, who are all also amazing, and I look forward to working on their art too!
Also, with issue 5, the next few issues feature my writing more prominently, with the stories being fully scripted by me, with Dan's input (mainly on Zombie Tramps dialogue and behavior). It's been an interesting give and take so far with our partnership on sharing these creative duties (the writing). With a natural ebb and flow to things depending on the issue/story/circumstance. Its definitely not a pre-determined formula, but its served the book really well so far, as its been a lot of fun to write, and we've come up with some really great stuff.

The breakdown on the next few issues is:
Issue 5 - "ROADSIDE ATTRACTION": Motorcycles, werewolf truckers, zombie bikers, and death proof big rigs! - Artwork by Dennis Budd
Issue 6 - "ILLEGAL FIGHT CLUB": Zombie Tramp pulls into an Arizona truck stop with a secret fight club that forces Mexican illegals to fight to the death! - Artwork by Anna Lencioni
Issue 7 - "'FAST' FOOD": Stopping in the wrong Southwest chicken joint lands Janey in the nugget grinder! - Artwork by Winston Young

 Covers for issue 5-7, by Dennis Budd, and TMChu (all with my colors)

 As you'll see, we've got some truly talented artists lined up on the book (be sure to click the links on their names). And I can tell you, they are doing some amazing work! Its all very exciting.

I'm currently scripting the 8th issue, and Dan has finished issue 9 and working on issue 10... so we're already working into April 2015! So stay tuned into my social for updates, and here as well.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014


I'm loving the new season of DR WHO, and also quite like the new 12th Doctor as played by Peter Capaldi.

Earlier this year, during the 50th anniversary celebration, I started a fan art cast lineup of all 12 Doctors, but got pulled away and only ever finished the first Doctor. Upon returning to work on it just recently, I decided it was best to work my way from the most current Doctors back in time. So, I've recently completed my take on number 12, the new Peter Capaldi Doctor...
And also Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor.
I'd watched a little bit of Doctor Who when it was on PBS in my youth, with the 4th Doctor, Tom Baker (he of the frizz fro and the impossibly long scarf). And I tried to watch it when the new series began several years ago and it was airing on Sci-Fi (back before it was SYFY)... but couldn't get into it. As the show went on however, I kept hearing folks rave about it, so when they rebooted with the new Matt Smith 11th Doctor regeneration I decided to give it another shot, and absolutely fell in love. It's truly a quirky, and very British, treat of a show, and Matt Smith was incredible in the role. That said, its great how the show reboots itself and casts new actors in the role, so I'm fine with the companions, and even the Doctor himself changing.

At any rate, here are the two I have fully finished, and I hope to get to the rest of the Doctors farily soon (David Tennant is already on his way)!