Monday, September 19, 2016

VAMPBLADE: NYCC exclusive cover art

My comic book series Vampblade continues every month, and issue 8, which is due out at the end of the September, will have a special New York Comic Con exclusive cover by yours truly!
This is only the second time I've had my art on the series (man, I gotta draw more!), so I'm pretty excited!!

You can pick it up at the show from the Action Lab booth - 3044
and I hope to be at the show too!

Monday, September 12, 2016

FAN ART: Stranger Things

We binged the show last July like everyone else... such a great mix of all things dark and 80s!

I wanted to do a fan art, but there was so much. I decided a full cast lineup was best, even though that meant drawing 11 plus people!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

PRINCE-S STARthief Kickstarter completed and non-Kickstarter version(s) available HERE now!

The Kickstarter I did last year for my new book PRINCE-S STARthief took me some time, but I've now gotten all rewards to the backers (just finished the sketch covers, the last reward to fill, last week)!

And since the backers have all been taken care of, I can now officially make the book available to everyone else.

While the deluxe version of the first book - which included many extras, and cover art exclusive to that edition - was strictly limited to the Kickstarter backers, I do have a standard edition featuring the full first story as well as some new covers, that I can offer to everyone who didn't take part in the deluxe offering.

This new standard edition / comes with 10 covers:

STANDARD cover - features a new version of the Celor cover
MARTIN variant - limited to 25 / features a cover by me
BLANK variant - limited to 25 / features a blank sketch cover

CELOR variant - limited to 50 /  features a new version of the Celor painted cover
available directly from Celor

RETAILER VARIANTS - available directly from Comic Paradise Plus
COMIC PARADISE PLUS variant - limited to 250 / features a cover by Randy "Rantz" Kintz
WV POP CULTURE CON variant - limited to 250 / features a cover by Bill McKay
  • Contact -

PINUP ARTIST VARIANTS - featuring super limited versions with cover art from the pinup artists
ELSEVILLA variant - limited to 10 
GAYLORD variant - limited to 10  
NINJAINK variant - limited to 10  

available directly from the artists

And then there will be one cover limited to backers of another Kickstarter I have planned.

I'll try and post pricing and contact info for all the books beyond the three that I have. However, you can now get my three versions from my store HERE
(Please, limit one copy to each customer for the limited to 25 books - you can get a sketch from me on the blank cover for an extra $50 for a bust sketch, or an extra $100 for a full sketch)

We will do a full release at a later point, once the book is ready for series release, but until then these are the versions available. Like the Kickstarter books, these will be the low run early versions for collectors and fans.

To stay up to date on PRINCE-S please follow her tumblr HERE
or follow my social feeds (listed up top)

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

PRINCE-S STARthief Kickstarter: almost here!

Great news… the Kickstarter books went to the printer yesterday, and the early release PDF copies are going out today!!!

 PRINCE-S STARthief is a reality! 
 Thanks to all the backers!! 

Physical rewards will start shipping as soon as next week, but stay tuned to the Kickstarter for info.

 *For those that didn’t get the book via the Kickstarter but would like a copy, there will be a scaled back version of the book available shortly. Stay tuned!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

FAN ART: Star Wars the Force Awakens

Loved the movie, especially the new cast and Harrison Ford's last ride as Han Solo! Finally finished up a fan art a little while ago.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Vampblade issue 1 is out today!

My new comic book series, Vampblade, hits stores today.

Created, written, and colored by me, with artwork by Winston Young, Vampblade is an over-the-top schlock fest of kink/gore/fun coming your way monthly if you can handle it!

In the back of the issue I talk about the character's rather long path to her own series. And for those interested, I have listed all the books that I still have from that write-up on eBay. You can see my listings HERE

Which includes the first ever appearance of the character, in Super Real VS The Comic Book Industry (2007)
And her first solo book, the 2010 SDCC Pulp Girls: Vampblade preview book (of which only about 100 were printed, and I only have a couple copies left)

You can also just hit the Vampblade tag here on this blog to see past posts with the character.

The book has been tons of fun to work on, and like everything I do, it aims to have lowbrow fun in as creative a fashion as possible. Please check it out!