Friday, September 30, 2005

HEY DJ! - Depeche video

In case you're a fan of the DM, you can catch the latest video for PRECIOUS over on HERE

It's a cool video, with some nice, seamless, CG effects spinning the band into their own little world. Very nice, and timed well with the tune. Good stuff!

MEANWHILE AT THE MOVIES... Serenity is so gonna kick booty!

If you didn't see the show Firefly, or catch it on DVD, shame on you.
You don't need to be a fan of "Buffy" or sci-fi to dig on Joss Whedon's space western, it's that good. Luckily, even though FOX screwed the pooch and prematurely dumped the show 3 years back, it lives on now as SERENITY on the big screen, starting, well, now!

Reviews are already starting to come in, and they're good... for example, HERE

I hope to see the movie this evening!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Correction, Eric Larsen calls you out!!

Okay, so I read Kirkman's column first, as it was the newest entry, but one notch lower reveals that Eric Larsen's column ONE FAN'S OPINION truly does call people out this go-around. In this case, comic creators. Specifically those working exclusively for the big 2.

From the column:

Are you ready to confess that those "old hacks" that you look down on really had more going on than you do? Are you willing to confess that you're devoid of ideas? Are you going to fall back on the tried-and-true "all the good characters have been created" or "I'd just end up ripping off some existing character-- and who needs another Batman knock off?"

The thing is-- people like new stuff. That's why Clorox Bleach keeps saying that they're new and improved. People want something new. They want something that's theirs. Sure, there is a nostalgic pull to the comfort characters of the past, which is while they'll forever be rebooting the Dukes of Hazard, Scooby Doo, James Bond and Charlie's Angels and every other garbage TV show from the '60s, '70s and '80s, but given the choice of Scooby Doo and something new-- they'll want to try something new. They may go back to something tried and true if that new thing isn't to their liking, but they'll try something new. That's part of the reason that readers respond to Manga. They can start at the start and get in on the ground floor of something new and exciting.

These aren't their parents' characters or their grandparents' characters with a fresh coat of shellac on them to make them look new and shiny-- these are new characters. These are their characters.

And we can do that.

Check out the full, spot-on rant HERE

So come on people, fuck corporate comics! This medium is languishing domestically, we need more original, creator-owned content. We need more PENG, more GODLAND, more MBQ, more creators doing exciting original things in a medium that is limitless in it's potential. FUCK BATMAN, FUCK SPIDER-MAN, how fucking boring.

Eric's right, take a chance, show us what you've got! Because if smaller publishers can't break the stranglehold of the big companies, perhaps a new creator-owned uprising could. There's no reason an industry this small should have multiple versions of anything, we don't need 20 fucking x-books. We don't. It's bad creatively (watered down product), and more importantly, it's bad for the industry as a whole.

SIDE NOTE – Look, I've been creating my book over the course of 3 to 4 years now, and time was, I wouldn't even consider taking it to Image, there just was no perceived value to it. I could release a new book myself and get canceled within 1 to 5 issues just as easily myself, thank you very much. Sure, Image used to be a viable competitor to the big two, but they had a run there of about five plus years where they didn't have any kind of track record, any new successful books to speak of. However, that's changed in recent years, and having a figurehead like Larsen, taking a stand like this is a big step in the right direction. They need to stir things up, they need to build on what they've got going. And the industry needs it too. With the direction they’re heading now, I'd be honored to throw in with the folks there. I’ll just keep striving to create new and exciting things, and raise my game to their level, so that some day, perhaps they could say the same thing about me.

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Kirkman calls you out!

Robert Kirkman has a fine column that's been running on for a little while now, and in this weeks installment he poses some questions concerning the online behavior of the fan community.

I personally, link back to my website with all my online postings, so I try to keep it civil and positive whenever I post on a message board. Others, not so much.

And having had a feature on a comic news site recently (HERE), I can tell you firsthand, I got some flame-throwin drive-bys. But as Robert points out, that's par for the course. It does make you wonder though...

Check out the full BUY MY BOOKS column from Kirkman HERE

Just cause...

Buck Rodgers is cool!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Tales From Netflix are DVD reviews, where I tell you where you should put a disc in your Netflix rental queue - placing it at the top, burying it at the bottom, or not even bothering in the first place.

It's a big week, and a good one, so let's get to it!


This low budget horror send up, equal parts Evil Dead and Michael Jackson's Thriller, is sure to be a cult classic!
You must see this movie! It's utterly silly, and awesomely cheesy. It's Shaun of the Dead's distant cousin.
This movie ROCKS, put it at the top of your QUEUE!


Matt Dillon, Steve Zahn, and Christina Applegate in a twisted little tale. Never heard of it, but it's good stuff.
Put EotM at the top of your QUEUE


I really liked this movie, but everything just seemed a bit off... the acting, the timing of the lines, just off. A lot of jokes seem to be just on the other side of actually funny, but a charming movie none-the-less.
Put Guide at the top of your QUEUE


Interesting premise, and decent watch.
Put this in the middle of your QUEUE


Sandler's hit or miss for me, and this one's a hit.
Good stuff, and good times. A fun watch. Put this one at the top of your QUEUE as well.


Never heard of it, not sure why my wife got it (she must have a thing for Wesley Snipes), but I fell-the-damn-asleep...
Don't put this one in your QUEUE

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Livewires shouldn't fizzle!

In the current installment of the Pipeline column on, Augie De Blieck joins the chorus of reviewers (and myself) singing the praises of the under-appreciated Marvel mini-series, Livewires.

From the column:

Either way, the damage is done. Sales on the mini were low, and the only hope for its return is in the digest-sized trade paperback coming out next month. I'm making it my job today to explain to you why I think buying the book would be a very good idea.
All in all, LIVEWIRES is a lively trip through the Marvel Universe, filled with lighter moments, surprising levels of characterization, and a slick script and appearance. It's far better than its initial sales might indicate. Hopefully, this can rise above the level of "cult classic" with the collection in October.

You can read the full review HERE

Folks, I've said it before, and I'll say it again.
This series rocked.
Adam Warren rocks.
What are you waiting for?
Buy the damn book!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I SAW IT ON TV: Don't call it a comeback...

it's the return of LOST.

Okay, so the first ep of season 2 has come...
The good -
Things moved forward, we get to see inside the hatch/hole
I liked the beginning, I thought it was a flashback, but was surprised to see it was indeed the hatch occupant

The maybe not-so-good -

Speaking of flashbacks, do we really need them now? Season one they served a purpose, telling the story of the cast, how they got to where they were, etc. All very necessary and worthwhile. But now? It just seems that continuing to tell every episode in that fashion would either require the writers to stretch plausibility to keep them relevant, or have them just be endless filler with backstory that's not really necessary. We'll see...

The weird (cause it wouldn't be LOST without the weird) -What's up with Desmond being the dude in the hatch? In Jack's flashback we went back a few years, give or take, but all the items shown in the opening sequence were circa late 70's, early 80's, how does that work out??

Take a spin 'round the Lost forums on and see what's buzzin HERE

Monday, September 19, 2005


Over on, there's a sneak peek at some character designs for the Fantastic Four cartoon, due next year.

I'm really diggin' on it...
Should be better then that lame-ass movie!

Go HERE for the full bevy of pics.

Sunday, September 18, 2005


Tales From Netflix are DVD reviews, where I tell you where you should put a disc in your Netflix rental queue - placing it at the top, burying it at the bottom, or not even bothering in the first place.


Preposterously poignant, but still a good watch that makes you think a bit about important stuff... when you're not busy thinking "How on earth do you expect me to believe this?"

Add Crash to the middle of your queue

FIREFLY: Disc 3 and 4

As I said with my review of discs 1 and 2, I'm really enjoying this a second time through, it reminds me of why I (and so many others) absolutely loved this show the first time around. It would be very bittersweet if there wasn't a Serenity feature film on the immediate horizon though, so all the better.

These discs had many episodes I hadn't seen too, both one's I'd missed on air, and some that weren't aired. So that was a real treat! 'Trash', which featured the return of Mal's "wife" stood out, along with 'Objects in Space' which was one of my favorites from the first go-around.

Put these at spots 3 and 4 at the top of your queue, just below discs 1 and 2. Hurry! The movie comes out September 30th!!


So, there's been a bunch of Hellraiser flicks on DVD lately, and they've been marginally okay. As I've mentioned, aside from the actual films, I dug that the tone was psychological, more akin to an episode of the outer limits than a horror movie. This one is just plain bad though.

Don't add it to your queue!


This is a Korean film, but it does have an English dub.
Old Boy can best be described as Kill Bill meets Saw. The setup is a nasty dilemma that drives our protagonist to seek revenge. Along the way one sick and twisted tale unfolds.

It's an excellent movie, but not for the faint of heart.

Put Old Boy at the top of your queue, if you're up for it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Check this out!

Edward Pun is a really nice man, and a super talented artist. Want proof?
Just take a look at this...


Go check out his site for more goodies (peek in the gallery section for some cool Battlestar Galactica and T3 fan art among many more)

Monday, September 12, 2005

MEANWHILE AT THE MOVIES... It was worth the wait!

So, I absolutely loved Sin City. What a fucking movie!

It's been really hard not to buy the no frills, vanilla, lame-ass, bare bones regular edition of the DVD when it was released...
but the wait just got a lot easier.
It was announced that not only is the special edition coming out December 13th, but it's the mother of all editions, including an extended un-cut version, as well as the original theatrical release. This of course, on top of a plethora of bonus features. But the cous des gras? Every copy comes with a complete copy of the Sin City graphic novel, “The Hard Goodbye”.
Which, is too cool, cause I've never even read any of the books (just one or two singles back in the day).

For more info, go HERE

Sunday, September 11, 2005

I WATCH ANIME: The movie promised in earlier days?


The Place Promised In Our Early Days is the full-length, original, anime movie follow-up to the critically hailed 30 minute short feature, Voices of a Distant Star, from director Makoto Shinkai. Voices was a haunting, deeply emotional sci-fi story centered around the connection of a young couple separated by space and time, that made everyone who saw it, long for more from this emerging talent. Place Promised is the answer to that.

As the film gets underway, it's almost derivative of the previous short, in-so-much that it relies heavily on exquisite mood and setting from perfectly framed skyscapes and background detail and sound. Scenes are more a work of art, paintings brought to life, than perhaps most other anime/animation. The story also feels familiar to Voices in that it's centered on three youngsters this time, their inter-personal connections, and a vague sci-fi backdrop. From there though, Place Promised tells it's own tale, and very much succeeds at it.

The plot however is dense and a bit hard to follow at times. Adding to that, the character designs make it a challenge to differentiate who's who from scene to scene, but things piece together as you go along. Those things aside, Place Promised is a thought provoking and often-times beautiful work of animation that is somewhat mature in it's aim, not through violence, sex or language, but in it's pacing or appeal. That is to say, watch it for a strong film, not a flashy anime.

For more information on this excellent anime, visit the ADV website HERE or the Japanese site HERE


Tales From Netflix are DVD reviews, where I tell you where you should put a disc in your Netflix rental queue - placing it at the top, burying it at the bottom, or not even bothering in the first place.


Overall, I did enjoy this, it's just that by the end, as with so many movies, I couldn't swallow the many plot holes and ludicrous events that get thrown together along the way.
It was also surprisingly dark, I thought.
It was a fun setup and a decent watch, if you can look past the horrendous shortcomings.
I'd give Precinct a lower QUEUE rating.

FIREFLY - Disc One and Two

For more on Firefly, see the upcoming words in it's own piece here soon...
For now you just need to know Firefly, if you didn't get a chance to watch it on TV, is must see in any format, and as this is my second time through and it's still a hoot, it should definitely be on the top of your QUEUE!


The Jacket was a fun little watch. Adrian Brody was engaging and believable in this trip through the darker side of phychiatric hospitalization.
It never really manages to impress too much though, but is just genrally interesting enough to rate a mid QUEUE rating.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Battle on, Alita, the newer manga upstart site run by that also runs features on the SilverBullet homesite (a smart move on their part I think, as it didn't originally to my knowledge), has a recent review for a volume from the long running and popular manga series, Battle Angel Alita.

You can find the review HERE

I bring it up not only because Battle Angel Alita is one of my all time fave mangas (and comics period, for that matter), and it influenced me greatly when creating my own comics, but because Alita came and went domestically, before the big manga boom. So I suspect there are a good amount of newly converted manga fans who've yet to try this masterful tale (at least the original, I know VIZ is currently releasing a follow up series of sorts, but I've yet to read it).

Yukito Kishiro weaves a long, and complex tale about Alita's journey from motor-ball fighter, to spiritual transcendence, that's filled with astounding and masterful artwork. If you're a fan of manga and haven't checked Alita out yet, or even if you normally avoid manga, Alita has enough to offer for just about anyone to give it a shot. Not to mention, James Cameron was to be working on a live action/CG/digital-3D theatrical version for 2007, and there's already an Anime movie out there...

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

COMICS REVIEW: Necromancer

Necromancer is one of the new ongoing books from Top Cow, and from what I'd heard and seen I thought it looked worth checking out. Bearing in mind, there have been scores of Top Cow titles that have interested me over the years, but nothing ever really clicked. Top Cow is know for a certain house style, and a penchant for cheesecake, two things I'm not necessarily opposed to, but for whatever reason, they just haven't had anything beyond that appeal to me.

Necromancer also teams newcomer comic scribe Joshua Ortega with penciller Francis Manapul, who's work I'd noticed here and there, but mostly on Witchblade (again a book I've just never been able to get into).

So, I finally sat down with my copy of Necromancer and peeled the pages, weeks after it's release, and almost immediately I was pleasantly rewarded. I guess the bits of concept and story I'd heard about, and the artwork from Manapul were both hitting all the right buttons I'd hoped for. I was going to say especially the writing, because it really stands out - taking a mostly expository issue (similar to what I'm doing with Super Real), and making it sing - but that would be a disservice to Manapul, as I really enjoyed not just his lines, but the fabulous camera work and attention to detail.

Necromancer truly is off to a fantastic start. The climax and cliffhanger of the first issue were brutal and a whole lot of fun. I can't wait to see more from this series, and this pair of creators. Check out this book if you haven't, it's got a lot going for it, and it just may surprise folks who don't normally pick up the Cow, like it did me!
Click HERE to go to the and learn more.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

HEY DJ! - Depeche-load has links to the download of the new single, Precious.
The track, which just hit radio, is a solid mix of current Depeche Mode stylings with a synth hook reminisent of their pre-"Masses" days.
You can link to the download HERE from Itunes
Good stuff.

Looks like we'll have to wait another month or so for the album, Playing the Angel, which hits October 18th.

Friday, September 02, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Speaking of G0dland...

If you haven't had a chance to check out G0dland yet, now you can look at the entire first issue for free on

Just go HERE
And if you like what you see, just know that issue two is even better!