Tuesday, October 27, 2009

SUPER REAL NOTES: Super Real Graphic Novel rescheduled, new issue out now

Okay folks, time for some updates on the overdue release of the Super Real Graphic novel (and final issue special). As you may know, the GN was solicited for July via Diamond distribution and comic shops, then rescheduled to September, which came and went almost a month ago... with no GN, or special issue released.

Well, turns out the production ran long. In addition to retouching the existing material, and coloring the black and white special, production of the new content, the final issue special that completes the first story arc, and closes out the GN, that was planned as 48 pages, shaped up to be closer to 80 pages. So, being unable to complete that in time for the September schedule with Diamond, I opted to resolicit the GN, not wanting to rush the new pages, or leave them out of the book altogether. The new schedule has the GN being offered to comic shops for this January via the new November Previews catalog.

If you originally ordered a copy via your comic shop, please be sure they reorder the book from the new Previews catalog. The book is listed in the comics and graphic novels section, page 260, now via Diamond order code NOV09 0909.

The graphic novel will now contain an additional 30 pages of story, in one 250 plus page, full color volume, for the same original $18.99 price point. Yep, 30 extra pages for free!!

As for the new special issue, for those looking to pick up the story in single issue/comic book format, with the climax running an extra 30 pages, it will now be released in two parts. Part 1 will now be issue number 6, with 56 pages, and full color, for the same cover price as the special issue, of $6.99. That's 8 extra pages, and now in color instead of black and white, for the same price. Issue 6 is available now, via the SRG.com STORE both in print and digital, as well as comic shops via Haven Distribution (order code SUPRSUP101).

Part 2, the series conclusion, will be released as a 32 page issue 7 this December.

As always, thanks for all the support!
With the book's hiatus, and now delays in the GN and new issue release, it's been almost 2 years between issues!! But, the massive 56 page new issue is here, with the some big revelations in our story, and plenty of action, carnage, and more shocks and surprises to come!
So grab your copy now, or wait a couple months for the whole thing in the graphic novel!

You can of course find more info, previews, and everything at the book's site.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

ARTWORK: Dead@17 Afterbirth TPB pinup

Fans of Josh Howard's Dead@17 series keep your eyes peeled for the first Image series, Dead@17 Afterbirth, the 4 issue trade paperback collection due this December (pre-order now).

I'll have a pinup in the book, done in a faux old school cover style, and here's a peek at that, minus the graphics

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Out this week on DVD and Blu Ray, be sure and pick up Land of the Lost, as no one went and saw this in theaters. Which was a shame. Land of the Lost was an amazing visual treat, packed with fun and humor. And while not for everyone, if you ever watched 70's kid shows, dig Farrell or McBride, or enjoy sci-fi and/or dinosaurs, what are you waiting for?

But don't just take my word for it, here's Harry's latest plug for it...

Also, here's my original post from the movie release, with plenty of screen grabs, and even some fan art...