Wednesday, November 26, 2008

SUPER REAL NOTES: Wolves in stores today!

Ease on down to your local comic shop and check out the latest Super Real Graphics offering, SRG PRESENTS: THE WOLVES OF ODIN!

The latest creator-owned OGN is by Grant Gould and features VIKINGS VS WEREWOLVES... huh! wha? Oh my!?! :o

If you don't score a copy, get your retailer to order one post haste via the handy dandy Diamond order code SEP084260

Or, if you live in the boonies, or some undeveloped corner of the globe, use this here Internet thing and make it yours instantly!!!

Either via the SRG store (a trusted source in SRG ware since ought five) HERE

Or the online retail giant, HERE

And then HERE's where you can learn all about our tale of Norse mythology turned Lycan...

No excuses!
I want full reports back to me in the morning!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Steve Gerber tribute

Earlier this year we lost a voice that influenced many, and had a giant impact on the landscape of our industry, and more specifically, creators’ rights, Steve Gerber.

For those who were fans of his work, his characters, or his actions, I can't recommend the latest issue of BACK ISSUE magazine enough... issue number 31, the Steve Gerber tribute issue that came out this week.

It covers his career in depth, from Howard, to Thundarr (yes, Thundarr the Barbarian, god I loved that show), to his more recent work, with many industry friends and collaborators contributing. It's a can't miss, and a solid tribute to a king of comics, who truly changed the game, in a myriad of ways.

Check out the magazine HERE

And Howard fans, waddle on over to for a walk down memory lane.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

SUPER REAL NOTES: Making comics

So, want to be a part of the glamorous world of comic book publishing?

You might have heard me talk about a book I'm publishing, Super Real Graphics Presents: The Wolves of Odin? It's due out later this month.

As it's full color, and perfect bound (i.e. it has a spine) the books are printed overseas (so that the price is affordable). With it printed on another continent (you know, like Africa, as in not a country, not actually Africa either, but a different continent folks) that means the books must ship to our part of the world, and since we're doing this all in the effort of cost, that means by boat.

So, you're printing overseas, and shipping the books back to America (which also means longer lead times btw), you don't just need to get the books to the US, but to you and your distributor specifically. Being located on the west coast, Portland Oregon, you'd think they could ship the books to you, but no dice. Seattle is as close as they can boat the freight, it then has to move by land to you (or Diamond). Well, when I first used an overseas printer, moving the freight 175 miles south from Seattle to Portland was only a small extra amount, but when I printed SRG Presents Gnome this spring, the prices had gone up, drastically. So, it was an extra $600 to move the freight to me (and then, again, I still have to ship copies to Diamond on top of that). So, that means I have to drive up to Seattle, in my Jeep Cherokee, and pick up the books myself, and save about $500. A tank or so of gas, and about 6 hours work, makes it all worth it.

So, after chasing down the freight for days (once it gets' to the states, it then has to clear customs, and that requires the printer and freight companies all working together, and sharing proper documentation etc, which, in this case, they didn't) today was the first I could get to the books, and since they're due in shops this month, and have to ship to Diamond, and then move to their proper distribution centers, before shipping to shops, time is of the essence. Well, it just happened that today we were in the midst of 2 days of rain storms...
Yes, it rains allot in the Northwest, and especially on that stretch of I-5, but our rain is normally of the lighter variety, so monsoon downpours were just a nice touch :)

Here's my Jeep, with the full thousand pound, 31 case, pallet loaded inside, straight from the forklift...
Just a glimpse into the fabulous life of comic publishing.
Any way, the good news is, Wolves of Odin is on it's way!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Monday, November 03, 2008


Alright folks, let's get political, po-li-ti-cal, I wanna get poli-ti-cal, let's get into party talk, party talk (to the tune of Olivia Newton John's Physical baby!)...

I'm not going to say who I voted for (go on guess), but I think we can all agree our country is in dire need, and this is a muy important time, so hopefully you all registered, and did your duty!

If not, here's a little somethin somethin to help ya motivate!

And, oh yeah, I love me some Deee-Lite and Lady Miss Kier!!

Saturday, November 01, 2008


A tag team midget luchador Dirk Diggler...
A vengeful bad ass twin biker queen...
Monster on cat beastiality...
Monster farting, spewing, spooging dissection orgies...
Group vomiting...
Baby tossing...
Decomposing grandma catapulting...
Feast 2 is truly a feast of foulness and depravity, and god damn I love it!
Give me the craziest shit you can think up, any day of the week.
Does it cross the line? Or every line? Yes. Okay by me, if you tell a fun story, and although Feast 2 (and the original) revel in the taboo, they've got a hell of a lot more going for them.

I absolutely loved the first film, the Project Greenlight season 3 winner was a ballsy in your face send up of the survival horror genre, mixing 2 parts Tremors with equal parts Tarantino and Truama films. Mysterious beastial creatures cornering a dozen or so desert drifters in a hole in the wall bar, and literally fucking with them. Sprinkle in a couple oddball cameos and supporting actors, like Jason Mewes (Jay of Jay and Silent Bob fame), Trech (of OPP fame), Judah Friedlander (of VH1 trucker hat video/Best Week Ever pseudo fame), along with Henry Rollins to kick some ass in pink sweat pants, and the quirk ratchets up a few notches.Feast quickly establishes that it will mercilessly fuck with any and all survival horror formulas, and constantly use that to it's advantage. With the sequel literally picking up from the final frames of the first, we're fairly certain we're in for more of the same. And while the sequel breaks new ground, like taking the production outside the walls of the only bar setting of the first for instance, it mostly suffers for it. The opening act is a bit manic, and not near up to par with what's come before, but once things come together, and the setting gets dark again, it really hits it's stride.
This time out we have an entirely new cast of misfits (mostly, a couple familiar faces do welcomely return), and a broader scope, along with more monsters, but the trademark bat shit crazy characters and situations are very in keeping with the first film! And again, Feast 2 Sloppy Seconds is daringly nasty, so if you can't throw down with no holds barred cinema, don't bother. If however, like me, you're overjoyed at the prospect, Feast 2 is an instant classic, just like the first. And while the original was a buzzer to buzzer success, the second does falter a bit as I said at the start, and also have some spotty effects at times, but in the end I could care less, it's still a hell of a good time.So, if you didn't see the first film, and somehow missed my mad joyous ravings about it, here's a sloppy second chance to throw in on the Feast bandwagon... because with this one's ending, the creative forces behind this franchise (the original director and scriptwriters returned for the sequel) are clearly down for more!



HELL RIDE - Tarantino produces what seemed like it could've been a "Grindhouse" feature, but you quickly realize why it's not... All the elements of a Tarantino work are there, Michael Madsen, desert setting, soundtrack, jump cut timeline, but all the substance is lacking. It's a confusing mess with a questionable cast, but shot really nice, and is cool to look at...