Friday, April 29, 2005

TALES FROM NETFLIX: Take some time to blow your mind
Weebles, the key to time travel

Okay, Tales From Netflix are DVD reviews, where I tell you if a DVD is worth putting in your Netflix rental queue, moving it to the top, burying it at the bottom, or not even bothering in the first place.

Today's movie is:

So I just got done watching Primer, the well received indy sci-fi time travel flick. Without giving anything away, I'll just say that the film was very well done, accross the board (especially on such a low budget), and challenging but worth it. Perfect for anyone who enjoyed The Cube, Memento, or films of that nature. More speculative science than science fiction. Primer merely opens the doors in your mind, and asks the questions, but leaves things for you to sort out.

Move this one to the top of your Netflix queue!

INDUSTRY RANT: Manga's TRUE formula for success at last revealed!!

One of the regular columns over on Newsarama is Troy Brownfield's YOUR MANGA MINUTE, where Troy covers the world of manga on a regular basis.

Today in the column Troy posed some interesting questions, kind of the staple of manga talking points, and among them was the question:
The Ultimate Selling Point:
We’ve talked off and on about the pros and cons of manga vs. the American mainstream, and I’m ready to set my Cubs hat on one opinion. I believe that the ultimate selling point is one simple thing: finality. The grand majority of manga offers stories that end by a single creator or team, and I think that there’s something compelling about seeing that coherent vision realized. Granted, this isn’t an epiphany on the same level at that in James Joyce’s Araby, but I do believe that’s my final answer.

To which I respond:
I don’t agree that finality is the key either. I know personally, I’m aware that the finite nature of manga is appealing, but more in a rewarding sense, not a conscious one. That is to say, I didn’t first start reading manga because I’d heard there were stories with actual resolution, that payoff is what kept me coming back for more. Even though they’re finite, manga are still serial in nature.

Besides, I simply can’t envision the generation of young manga readers delving into the bookstores after hearing about these comic stories that have finite arcs. Nope, that’s not the key selling point.

I really believe manga’s selling point to the new market is it’s name. It has much more to do with it being called “manga”, and not “comics”. It’s uniqueness, or newness., the different format, styles, vibe, approach. Everything about manga is different from traditional US comics. That’s the key component, and that’s why it’s able to find this new success that comics lost decades ago.

That said, there are many other reasons that have contributed. Attributes or factors that have allowed the success to happen. It’s really the chicken vs the egg, but I think if you ask about the ultimate selling point, it comes down to marketing, and manga by it’s very nature, has marketed itself to the US marketplace better than mainstream US comics have in decades (the name, the format, the model, the content, etc, etc.).

What’s in a name? Everything!

This is huge for me, and relates back to some of what I feel most strongly about the comics medium. I'll just leave it at that for now, but suffice it say comics need a new name.

Check out the column HERE

UPDATE (4/29):

Okay, so after posting my comments earlier, and posing that manga’s namesake, or marketing uniqueness (name, format, style) was it’s ultimate selling point, I got to thinking as I was away at work…

And ya know what?
The name is key, the fact that manga differentiates itself from comics, in every way, right down to the name, that’s huge. And admittadley, there are a lot of other factors, with creative drive/ownership and finite/complete storytelling (thus allowing true character growth, as others have mentioned) a huge part of it (that must also be there). But none of that matters without something else, manga’s x-factor. It’s synergy with other media, namely anime.

Manga and anime are much more associated than comics and cartoons or comics and movies. For example, if you see an anime, and look to a major outlet for it’s manga counterpart, you’ll find a concise offering. Sure something like Dragonball may have scores of volumes, but they all relate very well to the anime. Not the case at all with US product. Not only does the US product differ wildly, there’s an avalanche of different versions (as mentioned), formats, etc. Take a look at how Marvel sets up properties that hit the big screens, they dump a wide assortment of material on the market to coincide with the film. For FF, you’ll have; regular, MK, Ultimate, Adventures, FF Foes, and oh yeah, the adaptation (just off the top of my head). It’s suicide. Not only does the market not have the ability, or need, to support this product, virtually none of it relates well to the movie property. Not to mention (as others have), it's confusing as hell. If this were an anime, kids could walk to the bookstore manga section and find one, or maybe a couple runs of manga that is very similar to the source, and any number of straightforward volumes per each, all in the same format and style (similar in style even to the anime). Try the same for comics.

That’s your formula, that’s the key. It’s synergy. Having other media that directly corresponds to your print material, and having concise offerings in print, that don’t vary from wildly from the interpretations, is what drives the audience to your product, or warms them up to it. Today’s youth wouldn’t be crazy for manga’s artistic sensibilities if they didn’t have reason to from exposure to the various anime…

Other media synergy (anime/cards) + marketing (name, format/price point, distribution) + content (creator driven, style, finite, etc.)

I submit, it’s those three keys, in that order, that have made manga successful. The penetration of anime and related merchandising, have opened the doors for manga. The way the Japanese system works, allows this to happen. Which is a key difference from how the US industry works, or rather doesn’t.

A perfect example where the US industry, or comics, got it right (and what a surprise, it’s not one of the big 2) is Sin City. Not only is the movie very much in line with the source material, the source material is very straightforward. Why? Cause it’s creator driven, just like manga. Just like manga across the board, and shock-o-shito, the Sin City trades are doing very well.

Other media synergy + marketing + content = success

Memo to the US industry:

Thursday, April 28, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Corporate comics, now more corporate than ever!

As reported on Newsarama, Marvel has set themselves up in the production of it’s film properties, linking to Paramount for distribution, thus allowing them more creative control of their licenses through film.

What jumped out at me was the mention of all the films being rated PG to PG13, for widest potential audience share.

Now, I may be off base here, as I’m no expert, but the bottom line here seems to be that Marvel has more focus and clout in the movie biz, which means the comics or print division will become even more corporate/editorial driven, even more of a feeder line for the movie properties. Which is a bad thing for the comics, and the move of titles from Max to Marvel Knights, only further illustrates this. Titles who’s very nature were in telling more mature stories, are being toned down to fit into the movie production, PG-13, family-friendly mold.

Good for Marvel. Bad for comics readers.

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Local boy makes it big
Yay Jim!

As just announced on Newsarama, Jim Demonakos has been named the new public relations and marketing coordinator for Image Comics.

You may be thinking Jim who?
Or, what's the big deal about a new marketing guy??

Well, Jim was the head of the Emerald City Comicon, and Seattle area reatailer. He made a huge mark on the NW convention scene is just a couple years, bringing the largest show the area's ever seen, and doubling it's attendence three years running. I've met the man, dealt with him, he's aces. Good people. If he can even bring a fraction of his success to Image, they're in good hands.

So, look out. Image has a hot new talent in their stable...
You've been warned!


After peeping the full page ad in the new Wizard Magazine, and seeing the impressive line-up of creators attached with columns, I had to check out this latest comics news website,

Turns out it's a collaboration between, a premier online retailer, and the former pop culture site (I'd tooled around a time or two there before). Together they've formed an impressive comics and pop culture based site, that looks to challenge for a piece of the online comics and pop culture pie...

Have a look.

I'm eager for columns from some of the names mentioned in the ad to start up. Outside of ComicBookResources, and to an extent Newsarama, I've yet to find a site with a line up of columns I enjoy on a regular basis... perhaps BuzzScope will be the place...

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Wizard notes

The new issue of Wizard hit the stands, and these are the bits that jump out at me...

The Luna Brothers get some serious love (that oughta help propel their already rising careers I'd think)...

I'm glad I don't read Teen Titans...

Looks like Supreme Power will be moving from Max to Marvel Knights...
Great, more fucking neutered comics!

Midtown Comics drops a full page ad on a new comic news site launch, with some very impressive creators listed as having columns:
Oeming, Jimemez, Josh Howard, Lesean Thomas, Rick Spears & Rob G, Rey, and more!
Most of that list reads like a who's who of my favorite creators!!
Click on over to and see what it's all about!

Street Angel gets the coveted Secret Stash this month (Wizard's highlighted small press book)! Good for them, they deserve it! But, uh, maybe they could've run this before the series completed? Perhaps there's a trade collection on the way...

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Click on over to Diamond Comics website for the complete list of comics due in stores tomorrow.

Highlights include issue 5 of The New Avengers (and it's variant, by Hitch I believe), as well as the much touted Red Sonja issue 0.

IN CASE U MISSED IT: The future is STILL here!

Newsarama has a follow up to last weeks feature on Seven Seas Manga and their PSP downloads.


Seven Seas Entertainment announced today that there have been an astonishing 12,000 downloads from their web site,, since last week, when they first made manga previews available in Sony PSP format. Seven Seas has become the first manga publisher to release free downloadable manga content for the Sony PSP and plans to continue the trend by releasing further chapters in coming months.

Clearly, just as I've felt in my gut, there is an opportunity to be had with digital comics on the PSP. I've yet to sample this myself as the PSP's are spendy little units, but it feels like the next big step in the digital revolution, bringing print comics to digital media...

I already converted the first chapter of Super Real to PSP format, I just need to figure out the details on setting it up for download, and whether to make it free, or how to charge a nominal fee.

Any PSP savvy people out there are welcome to share info. Otherwise, I'm still looking to make some time for this, I don't want to let this opportunity pass me by.

Monday, April 25, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: J Campbell goes WILD on Newsarama!

Okay, J Scott Campbell is one of my all time favorite artist/creators, and in this I am not alone...
but cue the LL Cool J, cause the J-man's about to attempt a comics comeback with Wildsiderz, his first all new project since the 90's!!!

To get you warmed up for the June debuting issue zero that will include 8 story pages and countless sketches/character pieces, and the series that follows in August, Newsarama had a little chat with the superstar artist about the book, Danger Girl, Gen 13 and everything inbetween.

Check it out HERE

If you're still jonesing for some more J Scott, then hit up his website, HERE


Okay, so when I wrote this post this morning, I had no idea how appropriate the title would be, "J Campbell goes WILD on Newsarama". Because as it turns out J Scott is being rather active with the comments to the interview in the forums. Now he's not exactly going wild, but he is trying to keep the sourpusses at Newsarama in check. It makes for some good fun!

Check out the action HERE


That's right, everyone has the power to comment on TSL!
So let me hear ya!!

Like something covered on TSL?
Let us know!

Think my industry rants are just that?
Let me know!

Been wanting to comment, but weren't a Blogger member?
That's okay, I recently discovered that my settings were for Blogger members only, by mistake, so TSL is now open to the public. Anyone should be able to, and is welcome to comment! (just click the "Other" or "Anonymous" options under "Choose an identity")

Let's talk some sh!t!

Sunday, April 24, 2005


The third issue of Livewires just came out this week, and it's another strong, fun, solid effort from the creative team of Adam Warren (writing/layouts), Rick Mays, Jason Martin (no, not me), and Guru FX.

This book really pops, from the artwork to the writing, it's zingy, and that's all Warren. It's loaded with his trademark psuedo-science themes and sexy lines. It's understandable that Warren's art is not for everyone, however, I've found in recent years, it's his writing that's deserving of more attention. Livewires is a perfect showcase for this, and it's a shame more people aren't catching on.

This is my favorite book going right now!

If you don't beleive me, see how much the guys over at comics main review site,, rave about it:

Randy Lander
- Livewires #1
"It's a strong concept, and it's supported by really fun characters, snappy writing and beautiful art. 8/10"
Livewires #2
"Livewires is something that the comics industry could use a lot more: new and fun. 9/10"
- Livewires #3
"Livewires is fun, fresh and fast-paced, and it's one of the best books Marvel is producing right now. 10/10"

Don MacPherson
- "Livewires #1
I hope readers sit up and take notice of this fun and intense series. 9/10"

So check this one out in the stores, go on eBay, or buy it online, if you haven't! .


It’s not that the book is bad, or that Brian Vaughan isn’t an incredible writer, but his run on Ultimate X-Men has been pretty pedestrian. The latest issue, where he’s teamed with Steve Dillon for a one-shot story, very much illustrates the style Vaughan has used for his run so far. It seems Vaughan has really embraced the drive of Ultimate Marvel (modern contemporary, real world takes on the classic creations), and has made strides to tell stories featuring grounded antagonists, who often wear blue jeans and t-shirts instead of costumes. Now I’m all for more real world takes on super heroes, but what we’ve wound up with in Ultimate X-Men is more of a syndicated TV show, than comic. All of the stories he’s told so far feel like standard TV fare, something one could see any random Sunday afternoon, buried on some obscure cable channel.

Like I said Vaughan’s a truly talented guy, I loved his first real Marvel effort, the Max mini-series The Hood, and absolutely love his Vertigo book, Y the Last Man, but for me his take on Ultimate X-Men is just too mundane. You can tell true to life super hero stories, but there should be something that takes advantage of the comic book medium, and that seems to be lacking in his run to date. It’s not the artwork either, he’s had Andy Kubert, and Stuart Immonen, among others. It just doesn’t embrace the medium enough. There’s just something missing.

So what you wind up with is another X-book that really only succeeds on the success of the concept, or property. I mean, to me, The X-Men is such a strong concept, it’s never really that bad, even when the stories are lacking. As is the case all to often these days…

If you wanna see what I mean, or prove me wrong, feel free to pick up the latest batch of Ultimate X-Men from me on eBay, HERE

Saturday, April 23, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Cannon bustin' out!

Play Magazine is my favorite game magazine because they feature anime, manga, comics, and movies on top of the entire game industry. Not only that, it's an oversized format, heavy on artwork. The current May 2005 issue features none other than the latest Udon comic, Cannon Busters, by creator LeSean Thomas in the comics section.

LeSean has been stradling comics and animation the last few years, poised to hit it big in comics, and Cannon Busters is his shot at the big time. The recent number 1 issue has just sold out, and now Cannon Busters gets a nice 3 page spread in Play, full of sample artwork from the visually stunning book, and an interview with the mad creator himself.

I suspect the Capcom/Udon tie-in is what led to the coverage, as the comics section usually highlights comics with direct video game tie ins, but it's great to see comics get mainstream media love in any capacity.

Check out Play Magazine if you haven't, it's perfect for TSL readers/pop culture junkies. Especially if you like anime, they always have several pages each issue devoted to that.

Friday, April 22, 2005


The May Previews Catalog for new comics shipping in July, a quick wrap-up:

Dark Horse and DC un-impress…
Aside from DC’s solicit of All-star Batman & Robin, the highest ordered book of the year no doubt, but is anyone else scared that it’s the first issue and DC already has to use preliminary art for the solicits. Jim’s great, but the man is not as fast as his recent schedule. Couldn’t DC wait till this was further along?
Oh yeah, and Silent Dragon by Diggle and Yu looks cool...

Image kicks ass this month, well really, overall.
They’ve added promising new (and re-mastered) product like:
- Body Bags re-mastered – the stunning Jason Pearson mini-series (recently covered here)
- Bone Rest – the US debut of the critically acclaimed Italian series from Guiseppe Camuncoli (The Intimates)
- Guncandy
- The Silencers – one of my favorite small press books of recent years makes the move to Image
- Wildguard: Fool’s Gold – Todd Nauck’s back for another round of reality TV heroes
- Freshman – the somewhat intriguing four color foray of Seth Green (co-creator).

This is all on top of recent promising new books still early in their runs offered here too; Flak Riot, Girls, Godland, Hero Camp, and NYC Mech: Beta Love (recently featured on TSL as well). Not to mention the other half dozen or so books I’d like to see closer. Impressive!

Marvel has some more House of M one-shots. Re-imagined characters are fun, but it sure seems like we’ve had more than enough in recent years. Do we really need Iron-Man as a Pat Lee Transformer? Ultimate starts looks to be cool; Ultimate Moon Knight (the Sienkiewicz series from the 80’s was my fave), Ultimate Polaris (have I ever mentioned I really dig chicks with green hair?), and Ultimate FF #1, no wait, it’s not, oh #21, the first issue by Mark Millar and Greg Land (is it just me, or does this creative team make Ult FF feel like a different book altogether? Not to mention, way too many creative team changes on this book in general. The recent Millar interview on Newsarama was interesting so I’m looking forward to it any way).

There are a lot more questions raised from the Marvel stuff, such as:
- Dave Lapham does DD vs Punisher? What the?
- Uh, what’s Hulk Destruction #1? Did they totally piss away all the readers from the Jones run and have to grab at a new #1 already (the mini-series in place of the regular series thing?)?
- Is anyone under the age of 35 a fan of the Giffen, DeMatteis, Maguire trifecta, or am I off base here?
- Machine Teen, where to begin? Why’s he naked, but ya know not like totally? Is the Machine Teen's dark secret that he's not anatomically correct? And why do they need to force me to ask that?!?
- Livewires #6, WHY THE HELL AREN’T MORE PEOPLE BUYING THIS FUCKING BOOK?!? Adam Warren rocks! Dammit!
- Mark Pannacia? You come from Tokyopop, why do you put Leonard Kirk on the new Scorpion? Why?? Kirk's a great guy, but he’s a million miles from the right artist for this book/character… (James Jean sure is good though…)

Small Press Mash-Up
Hip Flask: Mystery City – Ladronn is a master, a freaking comics master!
Seal Team Seven – WOW! Lar knows how to use a splash page ad! (Pun intended mother-fuckers!)
Alias Comics – Uh, too much guys, too much. Avalanche-like in your releases, hope that works out for you…
Darkwood – YAY! More Darkwood!
The Lexian Chronicles – Wow, look at that cover! I’m looking forward to this one…
Red Sonja #2 – gotta love that Art Adams variant
GI Joe – Joe Casey with artists Stefano Caselli & Sunder Raj, okay I’ll bite. Dig the group shot too!
Smoke #3 – Can’t wait for #1 to hit… looks/sounds really good!
The Silencers: Black Kiss TP – Hey look, it’s the original Silencers run, grab it!
Sharknife volume 1 offered again – I’m still waiting for my copy from the first offering, can’t wait! Sharknife is going to kick so much boo-tay!
Blame volume 1 – Creator Tsutomu Nihei’s (Wolverine Snikt) creation finally hits US shores!
Middleman – A writer from Lost, and an artist from one of my favorite small press books, sounds good to me.
The Art of Josh Howard volume 1 – Ooh, ahhh, oh…

In conclusion - There’s way too much stuff guys!

From the big companies, to the onslaught of new small press publishers, all dumping multitudes of new titles on the market. Some argue there’s no such thing as too many comics, but how can anyone possibly give all this new stuff a chance? That means quality stuff will never find it’s audience. You simply can not argue that true guality stuff will find it's audiecne in this market, there's too much stuff. I mean look how long my quick wrap-up is…

I WATCH ANIME: Arjuna gonna watch or aren't choo?

Okay, so a recent addition to Adult Swim on demand is a really unique anime called Arjuna. Arjuna is a well produced, atmospheric, introspective tale about a girl that may possibly save mother earth from man's harmful ways. It's a delight to look at, from the cool, and different from the norm (in terms of anime), character designs, to the lush colors and moods splashed accross the screen. Not to mention, the production values seem to be fairly strong throughout. Arjuna is not your typical anime, and I really like it.

I don't think it actually runs on Cartoon Network proper, just on digital cable on demand, as there's no mention of it on the Adult Swim site. I think it's a couple years old, so perhaps it ran on the network some time ago...

I was able to find this page after Google-ing, but the content links up top of the page all seem to be broken, so stick to the no-nonsense ones at the bottom...

Any way, give this one a look if you get the chance...

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Graphic Novels VS Comic Books... FIGHT!!

I’m all for a name change for “comic books”, I think the name is one of the biggest hurdles the industry faces (though admittedly, one of many, and also a rant for another day), but this is just plain silly…

Over on The Beat, Heidi pulls from an interview with upcoming X3 director, Matthew Vaughn, and he has this to say about comic books:
"I like comic books, but I don't read them like I used to," he told us. "I quite like graphic novels more than comic books.”
Among other silly things…

Then from the comments section, we get a response that sums it up nicely:
“Oh dear. This reminds me of an anecdote that Neil Gaiman tells about a conversation he once had with a journalist. When Gaiman mentioned that he wrote comics for a living the journalist began to lose interest, but on learning that he was the author of *Sandman*, the journalist got excited and said "You're Neil Gaiman! My God man, you don't write comics. You write *graphic novels*!"
Gaiman says that he realised the journalist intended it as a compliment, but it made him feel like someone who has just been told that she isn't a hooker but a "lady of the evening".”

Heidi’s piece, with links to the original piece can be found HERE

Thursday, April 21, 2005

I SAW IT ON TV: Survivor surprise a-go-go

Survivor Palu continues to be a fun watch.

Janu, the beanpole of a showgirl, amped up her manic behavior, but was left from the chopping block for strategic reasons... but when talk of "putting down her torch" (a damn corny new Survivor-ism coined, or at least newly abused, tonight) arose, she obliged. I'm sure afterwards she danced for joy, before crying herself to sleep in her room...

Coo-Coo for Coco Puffs!!

Hopefully things shake up next week, so we don't end up right back where we were tonight, with the whole tribe voting for Stephenie... as that would be rather uneventful.

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Pearson keeps pimpin'

Newsarama's back with another feature on the upcoming Body Bags re-release. This time it's an interview with it's creator, Jason Pearson.

I'll say this again for those who missed my last posting, Body Bags was ahead of it's time, and holds up very well. If for some reason you didn't see it the first time, you must at least check out this book when it hits again. It's perfect for fans of amazing art, twisted characters, or ultra-violence (similar to Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, and Sin City)! As witnessed here:

Check out the interview, HERE, though it would've been nice if Newsarama had asked some tougher, more pertinent questions... Like why exactly is Redbird cancelled?

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Gorillaz invade comics!

You don't even have to be a fan of music to love the Gorillaz!
Why's that?
Jamie Hewlett of course!
The mega artist behind the face of the cartoon band got his start in a little comic called Tank Girl, and now he's come full circle with the Gorillaz comic (sort of)!
Check it!

God damn! I love the way he works it!

Thanks to the cool folks at for facilitating not only the comic, but the excellent video for the first single, Feel Good Inc., off the May 29th releasing CD Demon Days.


Over on they've got a couple features on the Aeon Flux movie that I recently stumbled into on the web.

Included are some screen shots of Charlize as Aeon
and a bit on the video game tie-ins

Still not sure what I think about a live action Aeon, or Charlize as her, but I'm all for any form of Flux!

I've seen the FUTURE... and it's DIGITAL

Don't believe me?
Ask Seven Seas Manga, they've just sent a press release entitled:
Which you can view over on NEWSARAMA

The PSP (Playstation portable for you neophytes) is the latest weapon in the war for digital media, because it's got some steam behind it as a portable device, and it can be used for viewing pictures. Savvy users are downloading manga scanslations available online to read comics on their gear, and now savvy publishers, like Seven Seas are jumping in.

As soon as I read the Newsarama article a couple weeks back, that swiped from, the story on PSP manga reading, I too become excited about getting in on the ground floor of PSP comics. However, I don't own a PSP (not that I don't want to, they're spendy, and I'm an artist, do the math) so there's a bit of a learning curve. That didn't stop me from boning up about the device and transferring some of my comic's files to the PSP screen format... and this new news adds fuel to my quest.

If anyone out there knows a resource on how to set up downloads for the PSP, hook me up. In the meantime I'll go see what I can find, as I have time...

The digital revolution is coming, all it takes is a device, perhaps the PSP, that makes viewing comparable to print (or at least palpable). The cost difference and distribution hurdles of print make this a given. Just try this analogy on for size, if you had exponentially cheaper fuel available from a device in your home for your car, would you still schlep it to the gas station at upwards of $3 per gallon (sound familiar?)? No way in hell. That's print. Outdated. Overpriced. Broken distribution channels. Granted it will perhaps always serve a niche, but it will never compete with digital media, once digital comics/books get some legs.

Check out what Seven Seas has going on HERE

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: While poking around

I found this piece on Sin City, HERE
Some screen shots comparing the movie to the comics...
Worth a look, just like the film itself.

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Speaking of Entertainment Weekly...

The recent issue also featured some comics love in the BOOK section. A nice write up on 3 different books; Mage by Matt Wagner, Black Widow from Marvel, and of course Star Wars (or Star Wars Tales to be exact). A bit of an odd mix, but it's great to see EW continue to feature the industry.

Anyone out there care to re-up my subscription? It lapsed many moons ago...

MEANWHILE AT THE MOVIES: I sense a disturbance in the force...

As we near in on SWday...
May 19th, or T-minus 30 days!!
(Yes, Revenge of the Sith really is only one month away!)

Paid a visit to the official Star Wars site, and you should too...
Grab yourself some wallpaper, view the ads, plug into the licensing juggernaut that is Lucasfilm.

It's the last new Star Wars film ever!!
At least until 2007, when George Lucas starts to re-release each film, one per year, in digital 3D!!! (As reported in the recent Star Wars filled issue of Entertainment Weekly and can be seen HERE.)

Monday, April 18, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: The fabulous return of NYC Mech!

One of my favorite books to come out from Image, or in general, last year has to be NYC Mech. The book has a bold, solid, creative lineup that tell some unique and resonate stories in an offbeat, made for comics kind of way.
The crew is poised to release a new volume next month (they've even brought Eric Canete along with them), and Newsarama has a feature to get you warmed up.
Click on over NOW


Okay, we're talking about Ghost In the Shell - Stand Alone Complex: volume 5, in case you couldn't decode the abbreviations... This of course, is the recent Production I.G Japanese television series released stateside on DVD (and also airing on Cartoon Network).

I've been watching this one via Netflix, and just got the fifth volume, which collects episodes 17-20, even though it'd been out for a little while now.
As with volume 4, I thought this was the final volume in the first series, but it turns out there's actually a sixth. Because of this, I kept expecting the discs to focus on "The Laughing Man" storyline, the back-story, or only continual major plot that carries through the season. With volume five, we do get the final episode delving into that storyline, and a fine cliffhanger at that.

Another truly solid set of stand alone episodes otherwise. The stories are always dense and intelligent, a detailed exploration into this near future world. Even though the animation is top notch throughout, it does vary at times.

Great series, can't wait for the next/last volume.
I do understand there's a new run to follow this though...

Check out more about the show HERE

Saturday, April 16, 2005

INDUSTRY RANT: It's the new style
Your art sux dude

The recent avalanche of comments on the New Warriors piece at Newsarama (seen HERE and featured on TSL yesterday) is filled with flames regarding Skottie Young’s artistic ability. A common occurrence these days, when an artist exhibits ability and control over a more contemporary style of line work. You then tend to get the peanut gallery making lots of crude comments about how untalented said artist is, simply because they don’t care at all for their type of style.

Here’s my take:
There is a very vocal disapproval to manga, graffiti, and cartoon/anime inspired art within the comic book community (and especially the online community), even though these are massively accepted styles in today's culture. Which, when you really think about it, makes sense. The comic book market has dwindled to the point where most of the fans are old guard, and when that is the case, they’re going to be predispositioned to find more traditional styles appealing, in terms of art. Just take a look at the types of books that find success in today’s market, they all cater to mainstream/traditional superhero fans.

Everyone’s entitled to their opinions, but that doesn’t mean it’s not problematic. If the market continues to reject the newer artists, with varied, more contemporary styles, we’re just perpetuating the demise of the market. If only realistic/traditional style artists, and decades old concepts find success, you have nothing to appeal to new fans. Sure, those other new styles and things still exist, and will, but it’s signal to noise. If the bulk of the US industry is old school superheroes, drawn by old school artists. Well, you’re only appealing to old school fans, and manga kids, and anyone else you could bring into the market isn’t going to touch your product.

A healthy comics market can not be so incestuous. That can only lead to bad things. It’s been a longggg time since comics fandom has embraced a HOT new artist. Sure, we prop up our Hitch’s and Cassaday’s, and rightfully so, but there’s been no real superstar artist for ages now. No artist to come along and turn the heads of comicdom as a whole, no one to find the level of success and appeal like McFarlane, Lee, Campbell, or Joe Mad once did. And it’s not that there haven’t been artists to come along capable of doing that, there have, but they fail to. Why? Because the majority of the market is made up of old school fans, there’s a lack of new blood, a younger audience that’s more receptive to more contemporary styles. That’s a problem.

So instead of moaning painfully about your dislike of someone’s artistic style, can’t you instead accept that it’s simply not for you, and that it’s quite possibly good for the medium as a whole? Sure, you’d like to see a different, more traditional style on the revamp of your beloved group of old, and rather this new, more aggressive style was matched to an equally new aggressive property, but the reality of today’s comic market is that for whatever reason, the big publishers continually trot out updates of existing properties, instead of creating new ones.

New styles are not for everyone, but if you keep chasing them away, you’re just chasing away potential new blood, something the industry badly needs.


Retailer Larry Doherty knows his shit when it comes to comics.
Don't believe me?
Larry picked Super Real as a book to watch, he even flew me out to Chelmsford Mass. to guest at his show.
Not good enough?
Well, Larry is a retailer advisor for Wizard Magazine.
Plus he runs a mega-cool shop in Lowell MA, and has started his own New England area con circuit.

Here's his latest market report, straight from the con floor:
Jason Todd is on FIRE!! Batman 635-636-637-638 WERE IN DEMAND $3-6 EA right now key books are
BATMAN 366 1st Jason Todd in Robin Costume $25

GREEN GOBLIN IN DA HOUSE!!..Runaways #1 vol 2 by in "Brian" we trust Vaughan is an instant sellout #1 $6 #1 second printing is awesome much needed and selling fast..!! Back issues of the regular first series are a smoking…$4-#12 I was WRONG!! Excelcior debuts in the sold out #1 they are in costume in #2…and their first full costumed appearance will be #3 itts gonna be a Gem!! …YES Darkhawk #1 will be a key book!! YES Power Pack #1 will be a key book!! YES New Warriors #27 will be a key book!! YES… Spectacular Spiderman #225 will be a key book(FIRST PHIL URICH…THE GOOD GREEN GOBLIN)!! YES GREEN GOBLIN #1 will be a key book!! YES Generation-X #1 will be a key book!! YES…Ricochet #1 will be a Key Book!!

Ed Benes on Superman is gonna be HUUUUGE!!! His birds of prey run sell for $4-$6 ea

We sold out of COUNTDOWN TO INFINITE CRISIS this week.It was a $5 item AT THE SHOW this weekend. I predict that Blue Beetle will be back by the end of this story jacked with power from the Beetle amulet and the Wizard Shazam…Blue Beetle #1 and Booster Gold #1 become $7 items…SHHHAAAZZZZZAAAAAMMMM!!!.

Seven Soldiers #0 is sold out…it is a $5 ITEM

Wachowski Bros of MATRIX…gomic geeks with the cake to take-over the world Doc Frankenstein #1 is SOLD OUT…it is $7...#2 variant $25 this book is going to go Atomic hot…it is sooooooo good!! Shaolin Cowboy #1 has sold out, a new printing is on the way…#1 $7 #2 Variant $15

V for Vandetta Back Issues are going to become a hot commodity based on the sales of the TPB. News of the new film has fans seeking out this 80s classic $6-$7 ea

Lex Luthor #1 is a $6 book and it is SOLD OUT at DC!!

Deathstroke is a major DC villan and his first appearance in Teern Titans #2 is becoming a $50 item fast.?? He is a major player in Infinite Crisis and I predict it will be a $100 item soon. CCG guys are scouring the shows for this bad boy!!

Book of the year is Avengers. Bendis and Finch top everyones must read list #1 $5 #1 variant $70 its insane..this book has really spiked recently
Spiderwoman #1 is a $15 book
!! Recent spillover is the book everyone at shows is digging for…Marvel Spotlight #32 first spiderwoman…it will be a$100 item soon

Little goth kids Loooove Johan Vasquez…Filler Bunny was Huge Mover for us. Retailors better bag this nasty treat…its pretty gross and not for kiddies.

Age of Apocalipse completists are searching for the uber tough to get obscure books from the mega crossover…they are X-MAN minus 1 55,56 , what if #75 #81 both tales from the age one shots…all are $12 items

JOSH WHEDON IS SO HOT FRAY IS SELLING LIKE HOTCAKES…everyone wants to check out his first comic work!!..Colossus is back and kiddies late to the parade want Uncanny X-Men 388-390, Cable 87, Bishop 16, and X-Men 108-110. Dreams- End storyline where our lovable ruskie bites it..…of particular note are Cable #87 and Bishop #16…both are $15 books.

All of marvels "limited Editions" are being purchased like fine wines…THE LATEST AND GREATEST WERE RUNAWAYS #1 AND ULTIMATE IRON MAN#1

Its no secret that Green Lantern continues to spark up the ole ring of readers. BUT .recent spillover…green arrow #96 Hal Appearance $10

Jla storyarc with Kurt Busiek an Ron Garney #107-#110 is heating up and sold out $4-$6 ea!!
Crime Sindicate of America is HOT!!!

THE MOVIE HAS LIT sin city back issues are on fire...

hottest are the original are YELLOW BASTARD issues next are the one shots... theese all pertain to the movie and hardcovers are insanne also...prices are volitile and will level out at about double what they are going for now..
#1 DHP Fifth Anniversary special - Sin City $75

Manhunter #5 remains the holy grail for IDENTITY CRISIS completists $25

Simpsons Comics and stories #1 is the first appearance of the SIMPSONS in comics and we sell it regularly for $25

The guy knows his stuff, and for all you collector types out there, heed his words...

For Larry's full con report, and details about his shows, click HERE

MANGA MINUTES: TPop gives the DL on MBQ

Making the rounds on comic news wires the other day was a release from Tokyopop regarding their upcoming title, MBQ by Rising Stars of Manga winner Felipe Smith.

Felipe won a runner up spot (I believe) in one of the recent Tpop RSOM contests, and now has his own manga series coming this July from the publisher. I've seen Felipe's stuff online, and it is very impressive. I can't wait for this to come out. Felipe's art oozes energy and style, two of my favorite artistic ingredients!

Click on over to for a copy of the release.

The man also has a website in his name, for more info.

Friday, April 15, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: The competion mounts...

One of the drawbacks to working on your own self-published creator-owned property is the length of time it can take to get off the ground, especially if your creation is tied into pop culture. Back when I came up with the idea for Super Real, it was novel and new, untapped by comics. In the subsequent years, my story and ideas have developed so much so, that even though the concept itself is no longer unique, the series has enough going for it own it’s own merits that it's not an issue.

The latest reality TV comic book creation comes from Marvel, The New Warriors, and to be honest I don’t know much at all about it. I know it’s written by Zeb Wells, and has some fabulous looking art and designs by rising star Skottie Young, but apart from that all I know is they take The New Warriors and apply them to some kind of reality TV setup. I’m on board to check it out when it arrives, and really look forward to it the more I see of Skottie’s art. I know from what I have seen, as with other reality TV-centric comics, it’s more akin to straightforward super heroes with reality TV themes (similar to Todd Nauck’s Wildgaurd), as opposed to Super Real’s more reality based approach (one that still hasn’t been played out in comics to my knowledge). So, it’s no big cause for alarm I suppose.

Newsarama just ran a feature on it, check that out HERE

Thursday, April 14, 2005

I SAW IT ON TV: Million Dollar Donuts

The latest episode of Survivor Palu was fun, but unremarkable.
Stephanie's solo tribe exile lasted all of one night as the merge was on. Leading to an individual immunity that no one wanted to pass up for junk food, except drunken Tom. Yes, it seemed everyone wanted cookies, donuts and pizza, except for the guy with a wicked hang-over, go figure...
Now we get to see the once eternally immune tribe wrangle it's way through the unrelenting countdown to the final four. Should be good.

If you missed the shenanigans, tune into

IN CASE U MISSED IT: GraphicSmash and Athena Voltaire get Eisner nod!

Super Real Friend Steve Bryant's fellow GraphicSmash webcomic, Athena Voltaire, is up for a Best Digital Comic nod in this years Eisners.

Athena Voltaire is a kick ass webcomic that harkens back to pulp heroes and Sunday strips of old by the creative team of Paul Daly, Steve Bryant and Chad Fidler.

Not only did I meet Steve at last years San Diego Comic Con, but we now share the same home for our webcomics, I couldn't be happier to see a top notch strip like Athena get the nod for the first ever digital Eisner, and wish the whole crew luck in the voting!

Check out the latest installment of Athena Voltaire HERE and see what all the buzz is about!

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Double up on the Body Bags, one more time!

Yeah Yeah!

In case you weren't tuned into comics about 10 years ago, or, sin of all sins, you missed it the first time around...
Body Bags will be making it's return to comic shelves courtesy of 12 Gauge Comics and Image.

Body Bags was the breakout book by one of my biggest artistic inspirations, Jason Pearson, and 12 Gauge is set to reprint the 4 issue mini, in two 48 page installments (with new Pearson covers), in hopes of turning folks on to a new run of the series.

Do yourself a favor and check out this ahead of it's time book this time around. The artwork, story, and designs all still hold up very well.

Here's the feature from Newsarama with all the details and links you could need to learn more.

Saturday, April 09, 2005


Amidst the wasteland that is radio, a trembling could be heard, Nine Inch Nails have returned. Yep, caught the end of the new NIN track, The Hand That Feeds, yesterday, and again today. I've yet to hear it all the way through, but it sounds more akin to the Downward Spiral than the last Reznor effort from 5 years back, which is a good thing. I like the last album mind you, it just wasn't the work of brilliance the previous two were. Of course Trent could release an album of him programming his keyboards and tuning his guitars and I'd buy it and like it!

A quick check on AMAZON reveals the new album, With Teeth, drops on May 3rd.

May's shaping up to be a good month, new NIN and Star Wars. I seem to recall the last NIN album was out around the time of the first Star Wars prequel...

UPDATE: Go to the NIN homepage HERE, and check out CURRENT section, the 3/17 entry has a download of the new video!

Friday, April 08, 2005


So I was doing a search on Peter Chung -the kick-ass animator/character-designer do jour, famous for creating Aeon Flux, and a massive personal inspiration- and found an Aeon Flux movie website...
Nothing there, just a landing page and a newsletter sign up.
So of course I signed up.
The google listing mentioned Charlize Theron, and I thought I'd heard something somewhere previously about this.
Not sure what to think of a live action film, but anything Aeon can't be all bad...
Here's the site.
I'll be sure and share any info received.
Or if anyone out there knows any details...

HEY DJ! - The Space Monkeys return!

Okay, so first I find out Nine Inch Nails are set to return in May, and now this...

The Gorillaz new cd, Demon Days, hits May 24.
I've yet to hear anything off it.
Has anyone out there heard anything?
I'll see if I can find their website...
(30 minutes pass)
Okay I'm back.
Here's the website.
Heard some of the first single, sounds good.
Hadn't been to their site since I bought the first album, it's all new, and all cool. Plenty of 1st person exploring and activity to be had!

I SAW IT ON TV: Survivor sumthin-er-other
French Fried Baluters

Billy-Bob-Jesus, aka Bobby Jo, got the boot.
Survivor's the only reality show I'm currently watching, I always enjoy it, even when I don't particularly enjoy it.
This season's highlight has been the great challenges put forth by the show, a marked improvement. Though last night's batch were standard fare, including a half formed Balut duck egg eat off.
The other thing of note on this version of Survivor is the lack of a merge, no doubt due to the fact that one tribe has never won an immunity challenge.
They've left Stephanie to dangle as a tribe of one.
I'm pretty sure we'll get to see here solitary tribe win it's first immunity challenge next week...

Get the rundown over on

Thursday, April 07, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Big 2 marketing secrets exposed!
Mutant rapes BAD, Seven Soldiers GOOD

CBR.CC is home to Permanent Damage the weekly comics, politics, movie, and TV column by Steven Grant. One of my favorite weekly spots.

Within this week's peanut gallery, we have the following:

"Comics simply aren't "too expensive." Take two people to an NFL game or a NASCAR race or, hell, even the movies with a couple of popcorns and drinks if you want really outrageously priced entertainment options.

Mediocre comics are too expensive. As a retailer, I had/have absolutely no trouble selling massive numbers of something like 1602 or LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN despite the fact that (at the time) they were 20-30% more expensive that 'comparable' comics. The important take-home is that they sold like they did because there were significant numbers of people we had never seen before coming in to buy them, and, being one of those 'bookstore'-type stores, we took the opportunity to turn them onto other stuff they might like.
As someone who makes his living on comics, it may be perverse of me to say this, but I think one of the industry's major problems is that there are still too many people who buy bad comics sheerly out of habit. Until the hardcore fanboys whither away completely, Marvel and DC can still squeak by with just adding another X-MEN or BATMAN book to the roster. In their misguided minds (and you've talked about the same problem with TV) the "risk" of trying new things somehow looms massively larger than the equally dangerous probability that what worked once may not (will not, more likely) work a sixth time. (I'm waiting for CSI BANGOR, starring a salty midlist actor as the 'mentor' and a patrician-sounding Brahmin detective as the relentless crime-bot... their first case involves a body that's been mostly consumed by... wait for it... lobsters!) If you build your whole business model around retelling the same stories with a few different sequins glued on, you're going to eventually fail just as soundly as if you took a "big risk" and flamed out. It'll just be way less interesting to watch.

So, bottom line: MUTANT RAPE TEAM OF THE BAT is too expensive at a dime. SEVEN SOLDIERS #0 is a steal at $2.95. It's not a calculation that can be made across the board with comics any more than it can with, say, food."

Thanks. Couldn't have said it any better myself.

And it can't be said enough, your dollars going to gluttonous corporate license franchises directly impact the bottom lines of all us smaller guys. Nothing wrong with that, just need to keep that in mind when you're coasting on book x, or whatever, even though it's not really that good...
Cut that deadweight and try something different.
I know even I'm guilty of this, so I imagine most of us are.

Check out Steven's fine column HERE if you don't already...

Oh yes, and I concur, Seven Soldiers is the funky freshest!

IN CASE U MISSED IT: T51 + 1 = Free!

Circulating the comic news feeds is a press release from Super Real Friend, Law Dog Comics, announcing the release of the Territory 51 trade paperback. As seen HERE on Newsarama for example.

I was impressed with the debut issue of T51, and you can be too...
Just click HERE to get a free look-see at the entire first issue! The story is a downright fun mix of area 51, aliens, and cowboys(?!), and Fidler's colors are very impressive!

Others have asked about the jump from a single issue, number one, to the trade, due April 13th. I'll se if I can't get the skinny from the LD Posse...

No sooner than publishing this bit (simultaneous-like), Posse leader Mr Heffron posted an explanation of the publishing move:
First off we apologize to you and our existing readership, but the
realities of the comic marketplace dictated that plans for issue two be scrapped due to lower than expected orders. Subsequently the whole story and additional material will be contained in the trade edition.

Now, under no circumstances would we want an existing reader to feel cheated by this move, so here's our offer: You send us a check (you
have the address because you bought issue one) for $3.00 to cover
postage and we'll send you the trade. Your readership means more to us
than any other, because you took a chance on us. This is the least we
can do. Best, J Heffron

Case closed, and a downright generous offer!
Round 'em up and move 'em out!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I SAW IT ON TV: Sniff... Sniff... Lost... Sniff Sniff

Lost is one of the few shows I actually watch, and I rather enjoy it. Tonight's episode, Do No Harm, had an actual tragedy on the island...
Not one of the "red shirts", or extras, but an actual cast member bit the dust.

Bye-bye Boone.

Okay, so it was sad to see him go, but all I could think was, "How much more powerful would this had been if he wasn't the first and only death to the main cast? What if Charlie had died, how much more tragic and epic would the show seem?" But hey, at least they let someone die, kudos on that. Perhaps there's more carnage to come in the closing weeks of season one...

I SAW IT ON TV: Wonder Showzen Ruulez!

Wonder Showzen is to cable television, what Deep Fried is to comics.

Kick ass?!

Downright rude?!

Spewing from every orifice?!

MTV2 are the proud purveyors of comedic filth know as Wonder Showzen, the mad cap comedy half hour filled with children, cartoons, and puppets... evil, demented, crass, and downright laugh out loud fun children, cartoons, and puppets!!!
I love it!

Wonder Showzen is not for everyone, but after all, you are reading The Sh!t List, so there's no fucking disclaimer necessary.

I especially liked the Hobo Ops cartoon, a crack team of G.I Joe-esque marine vets who run missions on the corner liquor store from their base camp, the trash can.

MTV2 has a Wonder Showzen page of course, and there's a nifty cartoon to be had HERE

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


BrokenFrontier ran a piece on the upcoming line-up from Viper Comics, and is it just me, or are these guys really lining up some stellar looking books?!

I'm looking forward to the first issue of Random Encounter, and now they've got three more books due out this summer that look really nice.

1) Josh Howard Art Book Volume 1 (pictured above) - this one's a natch. I love Josh's stuff, and hey, he's the kick ass variant artist for the first issue of my book!
2) Karma Incorporated - sounds like a neat concept
3) The Middleman - also sounds cool, and has a writer from Lost, and former artist/creator of one of my faves from a few years back, Les McClaine (of Slave Labor's Highway 13)!

Go to BrokenFrontier for more details and links HERE

Monday, April 04, 2005

Comics on TV... guide that is

The new issue of TVguide just hit, and besides the "Greg and Sara share a shower on CSI" front page story, other points of interest include comics. Yes, a comic book section in the TVguide. Oh wait, it's a fake comic, created for the O.C. (of course)...

But hey, it's comics, on the cover no less. Inside we find, on page 22, a 3 page "THE O.C. COMIC EXCLUSIVE!", The Atomic County! Upon reading we're treated to the cast of the show assembling to thwart a pool party gone bad. Giant red devil water polo man must be stopped!

Camp it up boys, camp it up.

Urgen splurgen!

I SAW IT ON TV: Deadwood (or I guess not TV, cause it's HBO)

You have to love on demand TV, one of the best digital cable perks. Once we got the free week of HBO we got to watch CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM's fourth season, and to try DEADWOOD.

The second season is just underway, about four episodes in now. Deadwood's a great show, a bit weighed down at times by it's cast and some more tv-esque writing. Like the start of season two for example, it came in with a blaze of gunfire and then settled into a steady build, but there's always a payoff, and that's what it's all about. Last nights episode, Complications, took all the treading water of the last 3 or so episodes and started to give us some results. It was a darn tootin' good time, and figures to continue into the next episode or two. It's two central stars, Timothy Olyphant and Ian McShane (pictured above) continue to mesmerize with their stellar performances, you really feel Al Swearengen's pain... every last drippy drip drop of it.

Pick up the Deadwood first season DVD's if you don't have HBO, or haven't checked out the show yet. It's thoroughly entertaining stuff.

More about Deadwood can be found HERE

Sunday, April 03, 2005

AC/DC rocks, comics?
Killer Stunts will “flash” you!

Super Real Friend Scott Kinney has gone and made a “killer” flash preview for his imminently pending book, Killer Stunts.

I’m jealous, I want a flash preview, I’ve even got my kick ass “preview” written, a real crowd pleaser. Now if I just had time to draw it, and knew someone who knew flash for free exposure (online and at the media/htown mecha that is San Diego Comic Con)…

Any way, please check it out HERE

I WATCH ANIME: Gotta getta Gantz

The latest addition to Anime Network on demand, is Gantz. I’d read good things about this series and was intrigued by the premise, so when I heard it would be on Anime Network, but hadn’t seen it make its way to on demand (as our Comcast digital cable only includes Anime Network on demand), I was concerned. The other day I noticed it appeared there, and viewed it late last evening.

I found the story with a surprisingly jaded protagonist getting pressured into saving a homeless man from subway tracks to end up decapitated but reappearing, trapped, in a room with other recently somewhat deceased men and a giant black orb where a naked woman appears and almost gets raped by a Yakuza very intriguing indeed. Assuredly it sounds more graphic than it actually is, however it is clearly focused on the darker nature of life.

I’ll surely tune in for more, and highly recommend you check it out if you can.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Because no one demanded it!!
8teen reasons to read this blog!!!

Okay, so, it's another blog...
but hey, it's a SUPER REAL blog.

I'm sure that I'm a lot more excited to have my own blog than anyone else. In fact, I doubt that anyone even cares that I have a blog...
at this point.

But check back if you like the following:

  • comic books
  • movies
  • dvds
  • tv
  • music
  • anime
  • manga
  • video games
  • Chihuahuas

Or anything in-between (or possibly things involving all of the above)!!

Plus hey, I'm creating my own self published comic/webcomic, Super Real. So you know, I've years of insights and experience to draw from.

Friday, April 01, 2005

MEANWHILE AT THE MOVIES... More trenchcoats than you can point a wind machine at.

The wait is over, and the movie lived up to the hype.
The hype?
Yes, it is "ultra-violent".
Yes, it is dark (duh).
Yes, Mickey Rourke IS Marv.
Yes, it is Frank Miller's vision come to life.
Yes, it is the blueprint for comics to film. Living breathing digital proof that if htown sticks to the creative vision found in the source material of comic books, they can achieve incredible things.

It was no April Fools joke.
See this movie!!

CBR.CC have a nice section of Sin City coverage on their homepage right now HERE

An' man, were there a lot of nice coats!

The OC gets Hogwarts!
From Comics to Film, and Back Again!

The second of the two panels I covered for at the big Wizard World LA convention a couple weeks back.

Allan Heinberg: On Writing for TV and Comics

Not only was Allan a great speaker, but he shared some good insights into writing. Like for instance, there may come a time when you have to write a Ru Paul John Goodman body swapping picture, along with such classics as, "Who the fuck are the Young Avengers?!”

Fun and informative!

Top Cow Tacos!
Wanna Publish a Comic?!

The good folks at asked if I could cover some panels for them at the recent Wizard World LA convention, so I covered two. The first panel review: Matt Hawkings Marketing 101 can be found HERE

This was an information overload for self publishers looking to break in, or increase their bottom line. It was a treasure trove of marketing nuggets, most known, but some shiny and new to me too. If you publish, or plan to, it's worth a look. (But I'm not sharing any of the Witchblade fish tacos I received!)