Thursday, June 30, 2005

It's a dead man's party...

Well, I couldn't make the swanky LA party (stupid giant Earth!), but I did hit the now live message boards...
There was talk of tacos and enpanadas.

The bottom line?
Check out the cool new website home of El Muerto, Aztec Zombie goodness, now on the internets!

Click the pic for some Muerto madness!

IN CASE U MISSED IT: PSPcmx taking over? today has a feature on, the recent website that offers comics for the Playstation Portable.

The write up doesn't really offer anything beyond cursory information for the startup, or any insights into the emerging format, but it is good to hear more on the topic. I'm not a PSP owner, nor do I run in circles of those who are (yet?), so it's hard for my to gauge if this is even something that community is more than passively aware of (comics for the PSP). It's hard to deny the potential though, and that's mainly what this piece touches on.

Check it out HERE

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Aphrodite IX anime trailer recently added a cool new news feature, a daily roundup of comic happenings from the web, with extra insights and pics.

One of the items they touched on yesterday was an Aphrodite IX trailer up on the Top Cow site. Go HERE to view the anime trailer for the Top Cow property. It's pretty cool. Hopefully this is a full length anime coming soon...


It's that special day once again...
Click HERE for the complete list of what's due in stores today from Diamond Comics Distributors!
Or check out these highlights:
PREVIEWS VOL XV #7 - Preorder, all the cool kids do it!
YOUNG AVENGERS #5 - Good stuff, Heinberg's crafting a great story and solid new characters
GI JOE AMERICAS ELITE #1 - The new #0 taste was pretty good, I'll check this out a little more...
MR T #1 - Oh boy, I'll rubberneck this one...
SHAUN OF THE DEAD #1 - Not sure we need a comic for this, but I'll peek...

I WATCH ANIME: Champloo, watch, repeat?

Samurai Champloo is a stylish anime to be certain. From the concept, mixing classic Japanese samurai legends with modern hip hop, to the animation, which is always rendered with quality and flair. It's also got legions of fans, and quite a strong buzz.

I'm now through the second volume of the series on DVD, and I'm a bit unsure what all the hooplah's about though... It's a solid show, and a fresh concept, but just as with Cowboy Bebop (from the same creator), I don't really get the fascination? For me it's good stuff, just not the best, like so many others make it out to be. As with Bebop, the characters don't really draw me in, and I suspect that's my main problem. I just find them to be mildly interesting.

Overall though, Samurai Champloo is a great anime, you can't go wrong. Catch it either on DVD or Cartoon Network and see for yourself, maybe you'll join the legions of Champloo worshipers...

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Tales From Netflix are DVD reviews, where I tell you if a DVD is worth putting in your Netflix rental queue, moving it to the top, burying it at the bottom, or not even bothering in the first place.

First off, it was really hard to actually watch this movie, I wanted to see it, but it was still hard to talk myself into actively plugging the DVD into the machine. Once I got over that hang up, I found Hitch to be a very well written, fun movie. With Will Smith finally back in a role that allows him to shine. Though the movie got a bit caught up in itself towards the end, it was still an enjoyable experience.

Add Hitch to the middle of your queue.

Sunday, June 26, 2005


Batman Begins was released with a lot of favorable industry and critical buzz, as well as being helmed by a successful director and featuring a cast of solid actors, so expectations were a bit high. That said, I always know it's dangerous to have high expectations, because with Hollywood, it's all too easy to be let down. It's much better to have low expectations, and be pleasantly surprised. In this case, the movie did not live up to the hype, at all.

That's not to say it wasn't a good movie, or that I didn't enjoy it. I just had more problems with it than I would've liked, to make it a movie I really favor.

To me, Batman Begins is probably my third favorite Batman film, behind Batman Forever, and the original Tim Burton. While Tim Burton's original was a bit too slow and long overall, the spirit and approach was magical, really capturing, or creating it's own Bat mythos, and while Schumacher's take on the caped crusader was widely panned (and deservedly so with Batman and Robin), I thought his Batman Forever was a fun comic romp, that's cast really took flight.

Batman Begins strength is in it's faithful, more serious approach, but I think that's also what kept the film from ever really clicking for me. In fact, much of the movie missed it's mark for me. From the cast; Christian Bale is a great actor, but he seemed to be a bit too subdued in his portrayal (then at times spot on, like when he goes all out, and his Batman was howling at criminals), and Katie Holmes is a genuinely likeable actress, that is a bit robbed of that in her thinner frame. To the Bat suit, I really think they really should've taken this new direction in the film series to come up with a different approach, the rubber muscles and cowl just don't work for me, every time Batman's on screen, I find myself taken out of the film, staring at the eye-makeup under the cowl and such. Then there's the quotes the movie drops and picks up through-out, at times painfully trite, and others fabulously successful, if the screenwriters would've just limited trimmed down on those, they would have been a great success (like when Bruce quotes back something to Rutger Hower's character at the end).

Then there's the action/fighting sequences, with the same problem as Star Wars Episode III, they're filmed too tight and blurry to follow. Which for me, kind of sums up the movie, there was a lot good going on in the film, but just as much that detracted from that, so that I couldn't ever get fully engaged.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

I WATCH ANIME: Tenjho Tenge

After all the uproar online about the editing of the CMX version of this manga, I'd hesitated to check it out in that format, but after seeing the favorable review for the anime in the recent issue of Play Magazine, I decided to give that version a try.

At first, I wasn't particularly drawn into the anime. The first episode was decent enough, featuring some great animation and kinetic action, but also featruing some run of the mil anime-type characters and situations. However, after finishing off the rest of the volume one DVD, four episodes, the series really starts to take shape and I found myself buying in more to the cast and situations. The animation and style is pretty strong throughout.

While there's nothing groundbreaking here, there is a lot of fun to be had in the moments of battle between the classmates the story's centered around, and I can certainly see that escalating as the story goes on. Tenjho Tenge is worth another view for volume two, from there we'll see.

You can learn more about the series HERE

Friday, June 24, 2005

I SAW IT ON TV: The Real World VS Austin TX... FIGHT!

Oh yeah, I watched the season debut of THE REAL WORLD the other day, and forgot to blog about it...

It's like season 16 or whatever, I lost track, and also of late for the first time, stopped following every episode. Any more, a bunch of kids locked in an Ikea loft is hit or miss for me, I must be getting old. I mean shit, I exceeded the age cut-off for application going on a decade ago...

But I digress...
This season, Austin, got off to a crazy start. Not only is there like a love sextet (that's six as opposed to the usual triangle of three), there's beat downs in the street! This cast is about as combustible as any ever assembled from the looks of things, so this season might be a keeper.

Tune in Tuesdays at 10 on the Mtv, and then come by TSL for my rundown (if the show stays watchable, either way, gots ta do my research!).

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Click on over to Diamond for the full LIST of comics hitting shops today.

Here are the highlights:
HOUSE OF M #2 - We can only hope this is an improvement over last issue...
LIVEWIRES #5 (OF 6) - My favorite book right now, AGAIN, PLEASE TRY THIS ONE IF YOU HAVEN'T!
NEW AVENGERS #6 - I'm enjoying this one so far...
BATTLE ROYALE VOL 13 GN - Great, twisted, manga...
DOC FRANKENSTEIN #3 - Skroce is a comics master
KILLER STUNTS INC #2 - High octane fun
LEXIAN CHRONICLES FULL CIRCLE #1 - The art on this series looked phenom
MBQ - Felipe Smith is a rising manga talent, and this is his firt full length

Big week!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Ultimate perm

Marvel released preview pages from the upcoming first issue of Ultimate Fantastic Four by Mark Millar and Greg Land today. The pages looked really good, but the panels with Johnny Storm, aka The Human Torch, stood out, for obvious reasons...

Not only is Johnny rocking a lame new hairdo, but it's the opposite of the one featured in the movie due out next month...
So much for synergy.
But hey, when you can throw a golden perm on a character, to make them more "ultimate", why pass that up?

Monday, June 20, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Tears for the clown...

Veteran comics scribe and long time industry insider, not to mention self-proclaimed manly man, Beau Smith has a column over on called Busted Knuckles. Today's installment muses on the state of comic book writing, specifically focusing on humor, or the lack thereof in today's books. He even goes so far as to put out a call to arms of sorts, for readers to really think twice about their purchases, as Beau says,
"Do this for me. Here in the next couple of weeks really read what you've bought. Forget the web hype and the Top Ten writers lists. Try not to think of the character as one you've known for 30 years. Is the writing giving you characters you like. Characters you care about. Characters you want to invest your time with."

His point being, so often collectors put their buying habits on cruise control, and pick up books just because they've followed them so long, or have fond memories for tales gone by. As a self-publisher, I can tell you, spending your dollars on books that you don't really like, only hurts the little guys. There is such a wealth of diverse comics product out there right now, you really can't afford to spend your dollars on dead weight. So, are you man enough to take his challenge?

Pop on over to his column and check it out HERE
It's good, thoughtful, and I think appropriate, stuff. I'm very much drawn to characters and story that infuse a sense of humor into the mix, and Super Real is created with this forefront in my mind.

Friday, June 17, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Super Real reviewed!

Just in today, has a review up for the advance copy of SUPER REAL number 1, from renowned online comic book critic Randy Lander!

Randy gives a very favorable review that can be found HERE

We've still got some review copies out without reviews turned in, so stay tuned, but it's very exciting to see the favorable response back so far!

For links to more reviews, just check the NEWS page of the website!

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Tilting at Windmills

A regular column over on Newsarama, is bay area retailer Brian Hibbs' Tilting at Windmills. Brian is a noted leader in the comics retailing community, and his column is an always insightful look at how to improve the industry.

By it's very nature, the column rubs some readers the wrong way, with them just seeing it is a bunch of hot air, but if you really look at the columns, you'll see information, often backed up by data, regarding potential ways to improve the industry. In short, Brian really cares about the industry, and it's health.

Today's column looks at the big two's latest round of mega cash cows, sorry, mega cross-overs. From the column, in regards to his take on these event stunts:

And it doesnÂ’t bring in genuinely new readers. Despite the hype and hyperbole and the spin the majors like to throw out about sales figures and market share and all of the meaningless nonsense we discuss ad nauseum, weÂ’re not bringing in significant numbers of new customers to American comics.


The comics industry has a distressing habit of marginalizing its lifers. Of chasing short term goals, and ignoring long-term planning. And year after year we watch as the number of people reading American comics shrinks and contracts. Could it be that those two actions are intertwined? Could it be that those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it?

So, Brian's theorizing that, just as they did in the early 90's, and times before, these big stunts will not yield any real growth, just potential loss. And moreover, he suggests that maybe these events, and publishing mindsets, are at the heart of what's bringing the industry down. Don't know about the latter, I think it's much bigger than that, but certainly, as I've said, the big two's increasingly corporate approach is a scary situation.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Click HERE to see Diamond's list of comics due in shops today.

Here are some of the highlights:
VIMANARAMA #3 - This has been a great little series, with Morrison writing, and Bond on art, it doesn't get much better for me...
WILDSIDERZ #0 - The triumphant return of J Scott Campbell, one of the big creators that helped pull me back into comics.
NYC MECH BETA LOVE #2 - NYC Mech is good comics, check it out if you haven't...
GIANT SIZE X-MEN #3 - What exactly is this all about?
ULTIMATE MARVEL FLIP MAGAZINE #1 & ULTIMATE TALES FLIP MAGAZINE #1 - I assume these are the direct market versions of the latest attempts at mis-managed Marvel mainstream marketing, the flip books for 7-11's that have umpteen different versions of the same Marvel characters. Synergy people, I'm tellin ya, say it with me, s-y-n-e-r-g-y... I knew you could.
BLACK DIAMOND ON RAMP - Give this one a peep, it looks good, and it's overshipped for free, so you store might actually have one!
STREET ANGEL VOL 1 TP - If you missed the series in comics, check out the trade!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Tales From Netflix are DVD reviews, where I tell you if a DVD is worth putting in your Netflix rental queue, moving it to the top, burying it at the bottom, or not even bothering in the first place.

The latest Marvel Comic turned film?
No, not Elektra.
No, not Fantastic Four.
It's Man-Thing!
Man-Thing not only skipped the theatres, it also skipped DVD and released straight to the SCI-FI channel. Kind of makes you scared to watch it...
But it was recently released on DVD, and you know what? It wasn't all that bad.

The story starts off well enough, and the characters could all be considered stereotypical, or goofy, but the cast make them work (except for the fact that they have what seem to be weird ever changing accents, from bad southern at times, to nothing, to Australian). Even the special effects are okay (well, they aren't totally laughable). Where the movie really falls apart is the plot, it doesn't really have much to it. By mid point of the movie you stop having much fun, and that's before you even see Man-Thing, I suspect that was supposed to save the finish, but it didn't.

All that said, I still liked the movie over all. I'm really not sure why, that's a head scratcher, but I can't write it off as a complete waste.

Go ahead and put MAN-THING towards the bottom of your queue.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

I WATCH ANIME: Ghost in the Shell SAC concludes

As mentioned here before, I've been watching the first series of Shirow's Production I.G television version of Ghost in the Shell, Stand Alone Complex.

Just like the title suggests, the series is rather complex. The core plot running through it, is perhaps even denser than the side episodes, and the sixth and final DVD collection from the first series is 3 episodes completely focused on that "Laughing Man" plot thread.

And just as the themes of this sci-fi series are cerebral in nature, we're treated to an almost entirely cerebral wrap-up. There is a bit of mechanized action and fighting tossed in, but it's really a sidebar to the situations built over the series playing out and coming to somewhat of a resolution.

And just as I've commented before, in regards to the animation, the quality in the final episodes is the same. At it's core, it's incredibly solid, and richly detailed, but at times the characters loosen up a bit too much, and even our main character, female cyborg Major Motoko Kusanagi, can range in depiction and quality too much. That's really my only qualm with the series at all. If the animation weren't so crisp and striking at times, I wouldn't even mention it, but I'd really like them to focus more effort on depicting at least the main character consistently.

Ghost in the Shell SAC is a phenomenal series, and beyond appealing to sci-fi or anime fans, it has such a strong focus on story, and complex ideas and situations, that it can really appeal to fans of police procedurals, or action TV. A very wide cross-section of folks. Try the first disc if you haven't, you're in for a treat!

Check out more HERE


Tales From Netflix are DVD reviews, where I tell you if a DVD is worth putting in your Netflix rental queue, moving it to the top, burying it at the bottom, or not even bothering in the first place.

So in answer to the question, is Be Cool cool?
Well, yes and no.
It is a fun movie, with a great cast and some cool roles (Travolta's in his element, Vince Vaughn's a laugh, and The Rock almost steals the show), but cool, it may try a little too hard to qualify for that (it certainly didn't try too hard in the plot department, that is skeletal at best)...

Go ahead and put Be cool towards the top of your queue though. Just plug it in and have a good time.

Friday, June 10, 2005

TALES FROM NETFLIX: Batman Begins, on DVD?!

Tales From Netflix are DVD reviews, where I tell you if a DVD is worth putting in your Netflix rental queue, moving it to the top, burying it at the bottom, or not even bothering in the first place.

Okay, so it's not Batman Begins, that comes out next week in theatres (and is getting some damn good buzz), it's actually a new DVD release called The Machinist.

The Machinist you see, stars Christian Bale, the new Batman, and is very similar to Memento, the indy suspense thriller that put Christopher Nolan on the map, and he's the director of Batman Begins. Now do you see what I'm saying?

All that aside, the comparison to Memento is not only appropriate, for the style and genre it shares with The Machinist, but both films also happen to be quite excellent. I might even go so far as to say The Machinist is better. Actually, now that I'm actively comparing the two films, I'm starting to think the Machinist is perhaps quite derivative in several ways, but it's such a solid film, I don't care if it is...

Be warned, Christian Bale is known for throwing himself into his roles, and this one is a physically alarming turn. You'd almost wonder if he survived the production. The man is a walking skeleton. But he's also a damn fine actor! I'm looking forward even more to his go at the caped crusader. And if you haven't seen him in American Psycho, you should give that one a look (it's also very disturbing though).

The Machinist is definitely a DVD to put at the top of your queue, it has some great acting, and is suspensefull and dreamlike (very much in the spirit of the late great Hitchcock)!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

I SAW IT ON TV: The MTV Movie Awards a classy event?

Well, almost.
The 2005 MTV Movie Awards ran this evening, and MTV award shows can be hit or miss, ranging from infectous overloads of energy, to flat marathons of queue cards and lame jokes. This was one of the better ones.

From the host, Jimmy Falon, to the elaborate, fun, imaginitve stage, with giant letters spelling movie, each with multiple sets within, full of performances...

Even the music was pretty solid.
Well, Eminem did cut his decent new track short to blab on about his daughter, and Mariah Carey performed as well, but the Foo Fighters rocked solid...

and Yellowcard turned in a surprisingly cool reworking of the Breakfast Club staple, Don't Forget About Me, during the tribute (but where were Emilo and Judd?).
Tarantino was crazy red (or just plain crazy)...

Dustin Hoffman brought the wacky energy from Meet the Fockers to his golden corn acceptance, and some of the MTV movie spoof/productions were top rate, such as opening the show with a thrill ride in the new Bat-suv.

Even the pre-show was fun, with Nicole Richie, and Fat Joe turning in surprisingly good guest host performances.

Yeah, it was good. Oh, the awards? Who cares. Same as usual, the MTV movies cleaned up, but they were mostly deserving, sort of...

Catch one of the 24/7 reruns if you missed it!
Or make with the CLICK

And now some more pics!

Ultimate Fantastic Four?

This one speaks for itself...

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Batman soars into the NY Post

Over on Newsarama, there's a quick note confirming a DC Comics, Batman promotion, through the NY POST. It seems DC will distribute 750,000 copies of Batman number 608, the kickoff of the top selling "Hush" storyline, with the newspaper to tie in a promotion with the Batman Begins film releasing next week.

For the full details, go HERE

This is a great marketing attempt by DC, and exactly the kind of thing the big publishers need to do more of, to bring new readers into the market. I especially like the fact that they chose a story/issue that features themes that work for mature, and younger audiences, rather than material aimed strictly at kids. One can argue either way in regards to targeting kids with these types of promotions, but since the market is not geared for them, a product that appeals on all levels is, I think, the best choice.


Thought I'd throw a quick spotlight on the Should it be a Movie? review column by Marc Mason, that runs on MoviePoopShoot, because I'm not sure how widely known it is.

I travel quite a bit in internet comic sites, and I'd never heard of it til he bought a copy of my SDCC preview book for review from my wife at the con last year. He was kind enough to review my book, and I've since kept tabs on his column.

He gives brief but insightful reviews to a healthy cross-section of books, as opposed to the sometimes too faithful pandering of bigger publishers found in other columns. Hell, we all read the bigger stuff, so I'm not knocking that, just saying his reviews are a welcome change up.

Check out his current line-up, if you want to sample a good mix small press HERE
Or the current column can always be found at this link HERE

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: LITG gets corporate

Lying in the Gutters, in it's new journalistic form, has a great rundown of the current climate of our big two comics companies. Summing up where they've been, where they're at now, and how they got there. A good overview of thier current, increasingly corporate, directions.

From his comments about Marvel:
As for content, recent comics look in many ways to continue along the lines of the sea change Joe and Bill brought to the company, but increasingly in content the nostalgia has been creeping in again. While Icon gives limited scope to experimentation, and titles like "Omega the Unknown" emerge, overall there seems a more conservative and nostalgic slant. Even "House Of M" has its roots in Avengers plotlines over a decade old. And the large amount of off-the-wall titles are suddenly rarer.

At Marvel, modernization won, saved the company and revitalized the comics, but nostalgia has managed to grab onto its neck at the last minute.

And then on DC:
The company is changing to a multi-media business model, as Warner Brothers pay it more attention in the light of successful film and TV franchises emerging.

As I've stated here previously, I'm leary of these new corporate directions, but hope for the best.

For the full scoop from Rich, go HERE

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

TSL links section updated

I went ahead and added the RECOMMENDED COMICS CREATORS section to the links on the side. It's filled with creators and companies that were previously featured in my BOOKS YOU SHOULD READ section of the old Super Real links page.

So go ahead and check out some of the folks there if you haven't heard of them, you might find something you like!

I also pointed the Super Real links to the blog, since all the material found there is now here...


Click HERE to see Diamond's list of comics due in shops tomorrow.

Here are some of the highlights:
GRAVITY #1 - Marvel comics releasing a brand new hero/concept/property? Who'd'a thunk... too bad the art is so stale (like most all of their new concepts, Livewires and Runaway's excluded)...
FLAK RIOT #1 - Saw the crew for this book in the artist alley at WWLA, the book looks good, great pencils. Looking forward to seeing the story.
STRANGE GIRL #1 - The page samples and words from creator Rick Remender in the Comic's Pimp feature made this one look great, a real potential favorite...

Monday, June 06, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Vincent Chase to star as Aquaman!

As seen on last night's Entourage, the HBO show that goes inside Hollywood, actor Vincent Chase is set to star in the movie version of DC Comic's Aquaman.

Chase, fresh off of the indy film Queens Boulevard, will play the title role.

No word yet on whether he'll be dying his hair yellow, and donning the trademark orange and green swimwear...

For more on this story, go to the Entourage episode guide HERE

Sunday, June 05, 2005

I WATCH ANIME: Metropolis

I'd seen this in the theatres when it originally released stateside, a couple years ago, but just watched it again on DVD.

Metropolis is the anime adaptation of the Tezuka manga interpretation of the classic film. When I originally saw it, it was breathtaking in it's scope and achievement, in terms of animation, and that still holds true, though, of course, scaled down in the home theatre... However, my first time through I was a bit let down, and even laughed out loud (along with about half the theatre) at the absurd use of Ray Charles during the climax, different cultures and all that. Now the main let down for me the first time I think had to do with the pacing, and the direction the story went. I originally came in hoping for more of a cutting edge anime (in terms of content), being somewhat not as savvy with anime at the time. This is not that type of anime. It's more in the vein of the theatrical animes, like Miyazaki (Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle). So, the second time through, I enjoyed it quite a bit more.

Metropolis is worth the viewing for the animation production alone. The hallmark Tezuka designs, meshed with lavishly painted and fully realized CG cityscapes, it's a treat for the eyes, and senses. The story is solid too, a bit complex, playing on many levels, as more serious animes often do. A movie not so much to watch, but to experience...
Give this one a view if you haven't.

Friday, June 03, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Dude, I'm like, in Wizard...

So I'm digging through the back, price guide, pages of the recent Wizard, July #165, where I do all my Wizard reading, in the john, and if you strain your eyes real hard...
you'll see this

Yes, on the bottom right hand of that list you'll see "Super Real Preview #1 ....5.00". That's right kids, Super Real is listed in Wizard Magazine, we're big time now. Oh, never mind that it's a retailer exclusive price guide, or that it's tiny print buried on page 138 of 152... It's Super Real in Wizard Magazine (and valued at $5 dollars, $2 over cover price, no less)!!

Okay geek moment over, you can resume your regularly scheduled blog...


Marvel's big cross-over event gets off to a shaky start.

It's not that the writing is bad, Bendis has some spot on character moments, his voice for Spidey that carried over from Ultimate to New Avengers shines here too, and there's a couple great lines from Wolvie. And it's not that the art is lacking, Oliver Coipel is one of the top artists in the game, and he shows that here too. But this book read very light, speaking of light, and reading light, we're treated to a 2 page sequence that features a growing glob of distortion. A rather ugly, unartistic, boring, confusing glob of light effects sprawled across what appear to be meant as key, epic, pages at the end, that are in result, laughable in their failure. Also, there were times I thought I'd skipped a page or two, only to find out I hadn't. Not sure if that's me, the writing, or the intent. Are things jumbled and disjointed, within the framework of the story, and in the telling? I don't know. The way things were presented, I don't particularly care.

I think this lead-off would've benefited from some extra length. It's just too short to really set things up, and for an event book, a limited series, you can't really lead off with a partial story like this, unless this thing is shipping weekly.

I'd hope for better with this.

IN CASE U MISSED IT: El Muerto gets the love...

Super Real friend Javier Hernandez's El Muerto gets big time love on

With the movie adaptation of Javier's self-published LA latino zombie hero moving through post production, JoBlo gave not only a great review of the comic and it's movie potential HERE
but also had a top notch interview with Javier HERE, where you'll find such nuggets as this,
I didn't necessarily seek out a speaking role, but it was in the perfect spot in the film. I remembered Todd McFarlane climbing out of a pile of garbage in Spawn and thought I should have a more dignified cameo!

where Javier muses about the chance to cameo in the film! Too funny!

On top of that, the all-seeing, all-knowing, coimics blog THE BEAT linked up to it too...

Can the rest of the comics world be far behind?

Thursday, June 02, 2005


For the complete list of comics due in shops today, go HERE

Here are my highlights:
SEVEN SOLDIERS ZATANNA #2 - Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers endeavor has him at the top of his game.
SON OF VULCAN #1 (OF 6) - Can anyone say "Keron Grant"? I knew you could! Can't wait for some more sequentials from one of the most stylish artists working in the biz today...
VILLAINS UNITED #2 - I actually picked up the first issue, now I'm hooked...
WE 3 TP - More Morrision, at the top of his game (when is he not?), joined by Quitely. W-O-W
Y THE LAST MAN #34 - One of the best books going...
HOUSE OF M #1 - It seems like I've heard something about this book somewhere...
SHANNA THE SHE DEVIL #5 - My current guilty pleasure...
BLEACH VOL 7 TP - Tite Kubo can flat out draw...
SMOKE #1 - This one could be amazing...
SUPER FUCKERS #1 - Could be the first Kochalka book I purchase, looks fun...

That's quite a list this week, and those are just the highlights!