Friday, June 18, 2010

ARTWORK: The Pro return cards

So here's my two "artist exclusive" return cards for THE PRO 5finity sketch card set...

It's a two card set forming one image, featuring The Pro with super powered doogooders, The League of Honor (from The Pro comic book by Ennis, Conner, and Palmiotti)!

Cards are currently up for grabs on eBay...
er, never mind, they sold :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

ARTWORK: The Pro sketch cards

I believe the set released from 5finity this week, but I did some cards for THE PRO, based on the Garth Ennis Amanda Conner superpowerd prostitute comic book...

They were fun!
Here's my bow-legged, suit-stained preview card
I'll have two return/artist exclusive cards available shortly... email if you're interested.

Mutant Girl Squad vs Norwegian Ninjas!

From the latest TWITCH rundown on AICN

Each month gives a rundown of not-to-be-missed upcoming international genre movies that are hard to come by in the states...

This installment was very well stocked (so be sure and check the full listing), here are some of the more amazing looking films:

Mutant Girl Squad - from the directors of Tokyo Gore Police, Machine Girl, and Versus!


And another Japanese must see is ALIEN VS NINJA (or AVN)...
which is just what it sounds like!

LA PANTERA NEGRA (The Black Panther) - No, it's not another Marvel comic book movie, but a Mexican noir featuring cryogenically frozen mariachi, cat suited femes, and the occasionaly UFO...

Next up is an amazing global anime we caught a glimpse of last time, REDLINE... here's another glimpse...

Now how bout a NORWEGIAN NINJA chaser?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

PULP GIRLS sketch card pre sales

Okay folks, with the release of the 5FINITY JAM sketch card series (featuring my PULP GIRLS concept) just over a month away, we are now able to start taking pre orders for the card packs!

The way it works with 5finity, is that a card pack is equal to one original artist sketch card randomly inserted, from the artist list working on the set, per "pack". The packs themselves retail for $24.95 msrp (again with each pack being a single sketch card), and I have a limited amount to offer from the already limited set run of 600, at the special price of $20 each.

Packs also include the following extras (for the 5finity Jam 1200 card series, of which Pulp Girls is one half):
75 rare artist sketch cards (1:16 packs)
75 hot packs with 2-3 sketch cards (1:16 packs)
20 prismatic holofoil sketch cards (1:60 packs)
20 commission request redemption cards (1:60 packs)
4 ruby embedded sketch cards (1:300 packs)

Plus unannounced inserts and surprises!

Odds of receiving a special pack are approximately 1 in 6!!

The release date for the card set is 7/15

PayPal $20 for each pack to my PayPal id:
Plus shipping - either $3 for single packs, or $5.50 for 2 or more packs.

Packs will ship upon release in mid July.

Here's the artist lineup for Pulp Girls (subject to change):
Aluisio Cervelle Santos
Ben Glendenning
Bryan Turner
Charles Holbert
Chris Mullins
Christian Sanhueza
Dan Mendoza
Daniel Campos
Daniel Logan
David Dwonch
David Harrigan
Dennis Budd
Deruykc Vincent
Edward Pun
Emily Martin
Frank Rapoza
Frankie B Washington
Greorge Webber
Grant Gould
Jason Martin
Javier Hernandez
Jeremy Treece
Jerry Carr
Jerry Gaylord
John Williams
Jose Jaro
Josh Howard
Justin Ridge
Justin Wayne
Lance Sawyer
Nicole Goff
Otis Frampton
Pennie Gaylord
Pete McDonough
Ralp Niese
Randy Kintz
Rashad Doucet
Remy Mokhtar
Ross Burt
Yassir Rasan

There is some AMAZING talent here, and many many many new artists doing their first ever sketch cards, along with some big name sketch card artists doing their first work for 5finity! It's very exciting.

I'll be doing 50 cards for the set myself.

For those who aren't familiar, sketch cards are 2.5 by 3.5 inch trading cards with handmade original artwork, that are completely unique, one of a kind, and highly collectible. An affordable way to collect original artwork, from a wide variety of artists, from a variety of backgrounds (comics, animation, video games, freelance, etc).

I couldn't be more proud of the sketch card set that we've put together with 5finity for Pulp Girls!

Stay tuned, soon I'll be able to show off the amazing packaging artwork we've got planned, as well as share more glimpses at the cards and the set!


PayPal purchase links:

5finity Pulp Girls sketch card pre sale single pack


5finity Pulp Girls sketch card pre sale multi pack